Saturday, August 2, 2008


I just had to share that we've found a fiddler who makes house calls! YEE-HAW! Maybe there are some advantages to living in the woods. Apparantly there are as many musicians out here as writers. He came to the house yesterday with his very personable assistant who heaved in a huge galvanized bucket with a rope and big piece of wood attached. This was used to keep time whiile he fiddled. But he didn't need the help, let me tell you. The boys found this tin tub type instrument very amusing - and one they can make themselves!

Anyway, for an hour or more we hosted Hee Haw in our very own living room and it was heavenly. I've always had a fondness for fiddlers. I even have a fiddler or two in my books. It didn't matter that he'd never heard of Renfro Valley or The Virginia Reel. He could play everything else and has been for 70 or so years. He left three of his CD's and Paul has to start practicing again. Their first piece is "Red Wing."

When he was very small, about 4, his grandfather found an old fiddle in a pile of garbage and gave it to him. This same fiddle, he said, has now been assessed at having a value in excess of $10,000 dollars. Really, one man's junk is another man's treasure. This man has been playing this same fiddle ever since and is a member of the Old Time Fiddlers Association. He plays all kinds of venues (this is a new word for me) and is performing at a festival today.

Music is such a mystery to me. I don't even understand the language but am glad Paul likes to play. The door has been kept open for him to continue and I am very thankful. Makes me wonder if Paul has a fiddling future in store. If so, it's a wonderful world.


  1. You are such a hick! Ha, ha! I remember many a saturday being forced to sit through Hee-Haw! The only redemption was was the amazing guitar playing for me.

    However I will confess that Hee-Haw ranks above Lawrence Welk for entertainment value.


  2. Yes, I need some sort of "hick" hat or t-shirt! I do have a pink baseball type cap with a Southern Belle and "GRITS" on the front - Girl Raised in the South. I found Wyatt wearing it last night!
    God bless all that good music on Hee Haw. May Roy Clark and all the gang rest in peace!