Thursday, July 24, 2008

writing sacrifices

If I could give one piece of writing advice it would be this - guard your time. A few years ago I did a Bible Study by Elisabeth George in which time was treated as a gift - every minute. She actually teaches women to be organized. It was no accident that I took this study! Afterwards I began to evaluate my time and how I was spending it, just like I evaluated how we were spending our income. When you're on a budget you forego that meal out or that extra trip to town or that second Starbucks.

When I got serious about writing (well, I've always been serious about it) - but when the rubber met the road, so to speak, I began to make sacrifices. I stopped talking on the phone. I quit reading the newspaper. I became very particular about what books I read. I stopped surfing the internet. My schedule got very tight and I said no to lots of things. I even checked out books from the library online so the library staff could pull them off the shelves for me and have them waiting at the front desk which saved me the time of looking for them myself. This is available to everyone!

I'm finding this blog takes some time but perhaps it serves a purpose - mainly to help someone else. I have learned so much but have so much still to learn. I'm still wrestling with the homeschooling end of things. Homeschooling took a hit last year when I was knee-deep in this publishing journey. It's back to school for us September 2nd and I'm not sure how that will look this year with two more books to submit. But it can be done if you guard your time and get organized. And pray!

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