Wednesday, July 23, 2008

jumping for joy

Last year was so difficult I don't think I saw a dry day. More on that tomorrow. But this year has been one delight after another. Maybe today wouldn't be so sweet if yesterday hadn't been so sour. And speaking of things that delight my heart (coming straight from His hand) is the new website my brother, Chris, has created.

I really do believe he can add "web designer" to his list of credits. He was still working on it at 3 am this morning but here it is - Lots of folks pay to have web designers create a website for them but he did it for me and I didn't even ask him too! And I just love it!

Check out the wonderful old photo and overlay of trees! And then go on to the next two pages and you'll see my boys (Randy, too) and lots of other neat stuff. I wrote the welcome and history part but Chris did all the rest. Thank you, Chris!!! When I saw it I really was jumping for joy!

Hope you enjoy looking. Better go call Mom and tell her to log on. More tomorrow. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Loved working on it! Still more to do but for now I'm pleased!

  2. Wow, now 2 sites to look at! Chris did a nice job as usual. The family pics are great! I notice that you are getting lots of different browsers to your site. I always enjoy reading anything you write so keep up the good work! :)