Monday, July 21, 2008

waterpark recovery

We are recovering from the waterpark. The trip was full of delightful things - sunny weather, a beautiful drive around the Sound, Starbucks, dippin dots, a side trip to the new Cabela's store which has a mountain in the middle of it with real stuffed wolves and polar bears and antelope and myriad other critters atop it. Wyatt and Paul loved the waterfalls and underwater viewing windows of big trout and other fish. Wow!

The boys enjoyed the new waterpark and so did we. But it's an amazing example of American excess. How do you explain to your kids that it's a blessing for Americans to have such abundance and yet it's really not okay?

I kept thinking of something our pastor said - that we're the only nation on earth that has mulitple aisles of dog/cat food. He's gone on a lot of mission trips. I think America should take more missions trips. I bet waterpark attendance would decline among other things.

So now we're back home and back to reality. Back to those books!


  1. So glad you all had a nice trip! I know the boys loved it and it was a real treat for them. We are very spoiled here in the US as everything seems to be at an arms length for us. So easy to take life for granted, and I agree.......each of us should go on a mission trip and see a third world country to deeply appreciate what we have and then realize the importance of helping out the less fortunate. We are so blessed in every way! :)

  2. Sometimes we need to look through different glasses & see what is necessary & what is excess. Truly we are blessed beyond words in America-After an interesting & delightful experience-much can be taught about what is expected of each of us in regard to our neighbor & fellowman. To be kind, to share, & give freely with quietness & love-It is more blessed to give!! A great teaching vacaction for adults & children!!
    God Bless!

  3. Yes, both comments are so true. With abundance comes responsibility. We will be held accountable for our time and resources someday. It really is better to give than receive and doing so quietly is so important and of great merit.