Tuesday, July 15, 2008

book bliss

Now that the deck is almost done, I think Randy should start on a book room - a little library extension. Of course this will never happen but it's fun to think about. I am living in a state of book bliss - going to the mailbox and having an Amazon order there is just like Christmas, no kidding. I am just wild about books! I've only ordered 21 since March and this is using tremendous restraint. Currently I'm on a Lewis and Clark tangent so have some more coming about the Corp of Discovery trek. I've even started reading in bed but need a little flashlight so I won't keep Randy awake. Reminds me of keeping a book under my pillow as a kid and using a little light to read by - till Mom came in.

I should hear from my publisher any day about the title for this first book. They asked for some alternate titles and I gave them six. Too bad I can't conduct a little poll for best title. I kind of hope they just come up with one that is a zinger on their own. They're better at this than I am!

Thus far I've written about 60 pages of this third book and have decided to change point of view. Usually I write using one perspective - hers. But I'm experimenting with using a his-hers point of view - one chapter is his perspective, the next chapter is hers. It is very interesting. I'm not sure if it will sink or swim but I really like it. It's kind of like going from black and white to color. And after a slow start with me scratching my head about the opening, I now have a hard time setting it aside. Always a good sign, I think. At least with writing or reading a good book.

Here's hoping you are reading a great book today - or at least trying to find one. If you need help please ask me!

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