Tuesday, July 22, 2008

if you're ever in Washington...

If you're ever in Washington state please plan your trip around the last week in July. The weather is usually sunny and warm by then and if you wander down to the waterfront you'll be a part of the best ever summer event in Port Angeles - the Sand Sculpture Festival. Sand sculpture is big art, I guess, and the folks who sculpt fly in from as far away as Europe and South Africa to enter the competition and see who can create the best and biggest sand creations. Dump truck loads of sand are brought in to the beach downtown and then the fun begins!

Last year the winner created a massive mountain with a castle on top and a pirate lagoon at the bottom with caves and sailing ships and mermaids and other intricate things out of mere sand. This year a Kentucky sculptor will be here - actually, all the sculptors are here right now and you can watch them work all week long culminating in the festival starting this weekend. The boys and I hope to go in Friday and admire all that transitory beauty. It is a real treat for your imagination! But soon after, the local kids get to run down to the beach and demolish all that wonderful work. I always hate that part. All that work is fleeting. All that beauty is fleeting. And winning first place is also fleeting.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

This helps me handle the fleeting part. I think it's both peculiar and wonderful that the only thing we have that is not fleeting is Him. And heaven won't have one fleeting moment! Something to think about as I look at all that sand. Hallelujah.

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