Saturday, July 5, 2008

the little things

It's really all the little things in life that make it worthwhile. Like eating tacos for the 4th of July (yes, this is what the boys requested) along with a chocolate cream pie. Today I had to make a big bowl of potato salad and get the hot dogs out. Then I had to walk 3 miles! Oh well ...

As I have one foot in the 18th-century all the time, I know those colonials were often painfully thin and had little to eat. From all reports, though, dear Martha Washington might have joined Weight Watchers had she been with us today. I would have probably been right with her.

I spent the 4th working (writing) most of the day and evening and since this is never work, don't you dare feel sorry for me! I've set my 2nd book aside as I need to get some distance from it. It's finished and has been rewritten and edited (by me) several times over but is still not right in places so I'm putting it down for a month or so. I no longer see the mistakes in the manuscript at this point after going over it again and again. So I've begun the 3rd book and have 32 pages done. But the new folks peopling those pages are unfamiliar to me and I find myself missing that 2nd book. I think that's the craziest thing about writing - having to rewrite nearly everything you write and then getting so fond of the folks in your head that you can't stand to be without them! No wonder so many writers go mad!

Good news on the home front - Randy is halfway done with the deck! I'm so thankful. After 14 years of stepping onto a postage stamp size piece of wood out back, we will literally have another big outdoor room in a couple of weeks, just in time for the start of summer here. Like I said, it's the little things!

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  1. I'm so tickled for you about your new deck! You will use that more than you know. I hope you have a good grill out there for lots of bbqing! Sounds like you had a good 4th and yes, the little things in life are the best! :)