Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the ball is rolling!

Publishing is such fun! I heard from marketing this morning and they're holding two more titling meetings for Dogwood Winter starting tomorrow. It will be fun to see what they decide to do. I think of it as a kind of contest. Will it end up being Dogwood Winter or will they come up with a better one? I'm all for a different title if that happens. But I'm also curious to see if they can make up a better one!

Last week I heard from Bethany House via a questionnaire asking about titles for a nonfiction book they are doing. It was interesting to answer. The bottom line is that the sales reps who promote these books have the final say because they know the market and what sells and what doesn't. I rarely think about the business end of things and am glad to have them do it. I just like to write.

Jesse Stuart said, "Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it."

Wise words! I write what I like to read.

"Write from the soul, not from some notion what you think the marketplace wants. The market is fickle; the soul is eternal."
Jeff A. Carver

The countdown clock on the right doesn't ever appear to move! Maybe it's just me ...

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  1. I am not sure if that countdown clock is moving either! I have looked at it a few times hours apart and it does show the same time. Oh well! It won't stop the publishing of your book or time. :)