Saturday, November 7, 2009

a very old inn

Welcome to the Meeting House B&B on Ann Street in Kentucky's capital. Sadly, these pictures don't do this very old house justice. Photographer I am not! This is my second stay in this particular room which is on the second story and right beside the library. It's 64 degrees in Frankfort today. Would love to build a fire in the antique fireplace. Love this old writing desk:)

Can you see that pewter plate in the middle of the bed filled with homemade, fudge-dipped cookies? The inn's proprietor, Rose, has a special touch. This was the master bedroom and the door you see at the head of the bed leads to a nursery. Sadly, two children died in this room way back in the 1800's. This is one of two old homes in town reputed to be haunted.

This is the Meeting House from the street. It's in the historic district and has extensive outbuildings and a garden. During the Civil War the daughter of the house brought her treasured horse into the dining room so Union troops wouldn't take it. We ate breakfast in there this morning and I swear I could smell horses and hay! But it didn't affect my appetite:)

The author reception last night was very nice and I sat with Allan Eckert, author of many incredible 18th-century books. My favorite would be The Frontiersmen. He is an amazing historian also and this was really a divine moment for me. Move over James Thom! His wife has a copy of TFD which made me smile:) Now on with the book fair...


  1. You know you're living my dream trip, or one of them? I hope you are getting majorly inspired, and come home with many novel ideas running round your head. :)

    What a beautiful place to be staying.

  2. Lori,
    I thought of you several times today:) You'll soon be on some adventures of your own, I am very certain! No concrete novel ideas yet but am thinking hard...

    I wanted to buy a certain Eckert book for you on the Iroquois League but he didn't have at his table today. I did get The Courtmartial of Daniel Boone and then his 800 page tomb entitled, That Dark and Bloody River, which I've somehow missed. But I'm not giving up on the Iroq. book for you:)

  3. Whoops, here i go again with typos. Tomb - somehthing to do with the dead. Tome - an Eckert book:) Totally unrelated!

  4. What a wonderful inn. And it sounds like you are having such a special time on your Kentucky adventure. I'm so excited for you!

  5. Nothing like stepping back in time! I'll have to put that B&B on my list of places to visit.

    Now I see how you managed to transport me back in time to an era I knew very little about before I read TFD -- you live and breath history! You made the Kentucky frontier so alive for me that it always gave me a start to find myself in the 21st century when I had to stick my nose out of the book!

  6. Carla,
    I had a hard time leaving that old inn but took all those fudge-dipped cookies with me:) Kentucky is such a beautiful place. I'm homesick already and haven't even left! Thank you for your gracious comments - they always make me smile.

  7. Kav,
    Keep those kind of comments coming:) This inn is just a dream. I actually had to move across the hall to another bedroom which was just as delightful the second night. Sigh. Good thing this doesn't happen too often or I'd be absolutely worthless. Maybe I should become a travel writer!

  8. How thrilling to stay in a place with such history! It would be a dream trip for me, too. History and books, oh my!

  9. Yes, Mary, history and books - can't get enough:) I would love to pop over to your area as it's so rich in history. I bet you have some places that would make my eyes pop open!

  10. it's like stepping back in time!! So have you met any ghosts there? I personally don't believe in that, but I guess it would be spooky for some people. Legends and Lore!
    hope you are having a great vacation.

  11. Hi Lisa!
    It's a beautiful place - much too nice for ghosts! I don't believe in them either but am always amazed at the folks who do. Great to get away for a few days but now back to work:)