Thursday, November 5, 2009

almost to the top

Today I went out to one of my favorite childhood haunts but only made it part way up the mountain. This is the view from the top. I just wanted to hear the crunch of leaves underfoot and smell the autumn air. It has a peculiar scent this time of year and ushers in a world of memories.

In The Frontiersman's Daughter, this is where Lael and Susanna went and stood when they had their heart to heart talk about Ian. I called it "the knob" in the book but it's the East Pinnacle in reality. You can stand on this ledge just as Lael did and you'll have one of the finest views anywhere. Ian bought this piece of land - and the lookout - for Lael as a wedding gift. I used to sit down and scoot out to the edge of this amazing rock. And I always wondered if Boone did the same:) Only he wasn't scooting, I'm sure! But I always felt him in these woods, as I did today.

On a lighter note (or is that heavier!) I had a sweet potato slathered with butter for breakfast, then coffee and pecan pie for lunch:) Now I'm heading toward garlic cheese grits, pork, deviled eggs, kale, and who knows what. It's great to be home!


  1. What a gorgeous view! It's inspiring just to look at and it makes the book's scenes even more vivid. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. There's nothing like the sights, smells, and taste of home! That view is beautiful! I used to spend many of my childhood and adult day atop Pinnacle Rock which was in the woods across the street from my childhood home in Massachusetts. You could see all the way to Boston and beyond. It's where the Wampanoag Indians wandered. I love enjoying vistas of God's creation from the heights!

    Sweet potatoes are my favorite, 2nd to Pumpkin pie.

    It's nice to hear updates on your trip.

  3. Laura, when you described autumn in The Frontiersman's Daughter, this picture is exactly what I "saw"!

    Glad you're enjoying being at home and eating your mama's good cooking! Blessings to you.

  4. Yes, Carla! Nothing like the sights and smells and tastes of home. I love your history where you are - neat to think we both enjoy a Pinnacle with an amazing view. God is so present everywhere and leaves His mark on every place.

    Now on to Frankfort and the author reception:) Will try to post again from there!

  5. Bless you right back, Mary! So glad this scene came alive to you in the novel:) Love that! And it's wonderful to be home. The only problem is going back! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  6. Thank you, Lorna! I drew so heavily from this particular area for TFD and am glad it spoke to you. The Lord sure uses a splash of color in these woods come autumn. My trouble is leaving it! Bless your writing today!

  7. Please tell me you didn't scoot out to the edge fo that rock!!!!! It kind of looks like it's just dangling there ready to topple at any moment...and that 'down' is a long way. Oy...I think I like my scenic and picturesque from a bit more of a distance. I loved seeing this glimpse into Lael's world though. It's breathtaking!

  8. Kav,
    So glad you got a peek at Lael's world. No wonder she wanted to come back to Ky, huh? Only Virginia is very beautiful also.

    Wonder if anyone has fallen off the Pinnacle?! I asked my mom and she didn't remember. I got very good at scooting over the years but as a child I would go right up to the edge. Call me chicken now!! It's one of my very favorite places in Kentucky.