Sunday, November 22, 2009

the thankful week

If I wasn't writing so much I'd try to create these cookies, only I wouldn't eat them afterwards as they are too pretty:) Only mine would never look this artistic so I could consume without guilt! In honor of the season I thought I'd post my ridiculously easy cookie recipe. I made a batch when our power was restored Saturday to celebrate. And then I hid them afterwards so the boys wouldn't devour every last one of them. They're very rich and not so good for you. But they taste divine and you can't eat just one:)

Laura's Quick Holiday Cookies

1 box Devil's Food cake mix
1/2 cup butter or oil
2 large eggs
1 cup chocolate chips

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Combine cake mix, softened butter (or oil), and eggs. Mixture will be dry so keep mixing! When combined, add chocolate chips. Drop by 1 tablespoon amounts on cookie sheet. Bake 10 minutes. Let sit 2 minutes on counter before removing with spatula onto wire rack. Makes 2 dozen.

Eat one of these and you'll quickly get into a thankful frame of mine, plus they make your kitchen smell like a chocolate shoppe. If you're one of those poor souls like my mom who isn't fond of chocolate, I'm truly sorry!

One of the joys this week is planning Thanksgiving Dinner. I do miss our Kentucky Thanksgivings which include candied sweet potatoes and all the rest. Northwesterners keep it sort of simple though I refuse to serve salmon instead of turkey:) So we'll have the big roast bird, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, deviled eggs, cranberries, and rolls, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Do you have a signature dish that just has to appear on your Thanksgiving table? I'd love to hear what it is!

More things to be thankful showers, wood stoves, tacos, clean sheets, Christmas lights, autumn leaves, windstorms (the kind that leave the lights on!), healthy boys, shared recipes, wrapping gifts...


  1. Hey, I've made those cake mix cookies! Yummy and easy. At Christmas I use red velvet cake mix and frost them with cream cheese frosting and red & green sprinkles.

    Our Thanksgiving spread will include turkey, cornbread dressing, macaroni & cheese, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, tea and sparkling white grape juice.

    Glad you're power has been restored. That is definitely something to be thankful for!

  2. Oh Mary, I want to come to your house! We love mac&cheese:) Bring on the carbs, I say! And you reminded me to get some of that sparkling juice which the boys love. Thank you!
    I used to make a red velvet cake every Christmas but think those cookies will be just the thing instead as I'll have the galleys in my lap. I like the colored sprinkles as they look so festive.
    Bless you for the great ideas!

  3. The cookie are too pretty to eat must have taken a while to get decorated like that.

    I just don't have the desire to do much baking anymore since I can't have anything sweet. Oh well I have had my share in the past and maybe if I have been more careful I would never have gotten type 2 diabetics.

    May God bless, have a great Thanksgiving we are eating with out daughter and family.


  4. Yes, Edna, these cookies look like work to me! And you're wise to curb your sugar as it's so harmful even without being diabetic. I'll be thinking of you this week as you join your daughter and family for Thanksgiving. That sounds like a blessed time. Thank you for stopping and saying hello!

  5. I will definately be trying your recipe..I LOVE Chocolate but Billy doesn't care for it so that means they will be all mine :)
    I made Turkey for many years and Billy does not like Turkey but he would eat a small piece of the that we are empty nesters we have Pork Chops and since we don't eat them real often he is always thankful when I make Pork Chops...I will also do all the extras....stuffing..corn bread..cranberry sauce and all the other traditional trimmings.
    We will also have Ice Tea and coffee or a glass of milk.
    Doesn't matter what kind of pie I make for dessert he always likes pie (except Chocolate Pie) :)

  6. One of my mom's holiday recipes was a cranberry dish that had ground cranberries, grapes, mini marshmallows, pineapple bits, chopped pecans and whipped cream. My brother and I loved it and I still fix it occasionally for our Christmas meal. I always manage to make a cheeseball that is so simple...2 pkgs of cream cheese, 1 stick margarine or butter, 2 Tbs. chopped onion and 1/2 cup chopped green olives. Mix all together (cheese/butter at room temp), then refrigerate for about an hour. Then I form it into a ball and roll it in chopped pecans. It was my maternal grandmother's recipe.

  7. Nancy, I hope you like the cookies:) I'm a chocolate lover myself. I think you could probably take any cake mix and make cookies from it as this seems to be a popular recipe. Your dinner plans, pork chops and all, sound so good, especially with iced tea! I miss all that southern sweet tea. Bless you and Billy on Thanksgiving Day and always.

  8. Of course, we must have turkey. all the trimmings. No particular signatures, but we love the feast! C

  9. I love cake mix cookies when time is short. I've made some using lemon cake mix once. they were good.... i'll have to try this chocolate version.
    Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds about like ours. We usually have a ham alongside the turkey. We have some family members that prefer ham. There is always tons of food!!

    My mom makes homemade crescent rolls that are so good. ONe of these days I'll have to write down her recipe.

    We had a major windstorm here last night. Power went out about midnight and came back on about 9 am. On the way to church, we had to cross 4 trees down in the road! And debris everywhere!
    I just kept saying "Thank God for our woodstove!" At least our home was cozy warm.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  10. Patti,
    I can tell you're quite a cook:) Your cranberry dish sounds wonderful - I love everything in it. And I'm writing down your recipe for your cheese ball, right down to the roll in pecan part, with your permission. My 3 men are crazy about green olives. When I buy a giant jar of them from Costco they only last 2 days! It's especially nice that these are family recipes. Makes them even more special and delicious! Thanks so much for taking time to write!

  11. Yes, C! All the trimmings with lots of leftovers. The more the merrier! I think that's why I love this holiday so much. That big bird goes a long way. Like your blogs, BTW:)

  12. Lisa,
    I was just telling Randy I'll really miss ham this year:) Especially on those crescent rolls. My granny made rolls, too, and no one has been able to duplicate them since. With all that food we don't have to worry about cooking for several days!

    Glad to know you had a little wind down your way! But glad you have a woodstove like you said! Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family!

  13. Those cookies are so, so, so pretty!

    Yes, much to be thankful for. And I'm so glad you are in the light again! I'll have to try those chocolate cookies, I can smell them from here! Ooooh, yummy!

    Our Thanksgivings must include our special recipe for butternut squash. I mix them in the kitchenaid mixer with butter, brown sugar, and vanilla. I do the same for the sweet potatoes. This year I hope I remember the cranberry sauce, but I usually forget!

  14. Carla, Oh my, I'm getting lots of additions to my menu:) One of my favorite things is butternut squash:) I make a very fine butternut squash soup year round but am the only one who'll eat it here. My men like more manly dishes like chili:) But I bet they'd like yours whipped up with some sugar and vanilla! I hope your family has a great holiday this week! I'll be thinking of you.

  15. Wait a minute -- isn't chocolate a recognized food group now? LOL. If not, it should be. A Public Health Nurse once told me that when you can't brush your teeth after a meal, eating a piece of chocolate will neutralize the cavity-making gremlins in your mouth! Of course she did advocate brushing and flossing as better options, but in a pinch, chocolate does the trick. Funny, how often I find myself in a pinch!

    Now I have a question. How much is in a stick of butter? In Canada our measurements go by cups and our butter comes in a block that equals 2 cups. At least, I haven't noticed it sold any other way.

    That recipe sounds yummy and easy and since I volunteered to make cookies for a bizallion people for my church music night, I think it might stand me in good stead.

    As to Thanksgiving dinner -- well, we had ours in October -- and I'm a vegetarian. How does cubed tofu,carrots, parsnips and other veggies, stirred up with herbs and roasted in the oven sound? I know, I know, I usually lose people after the tofu -- bit it's really good, honest!

  16. Oh Kav, I'm glad you caught me before I flew out the door to buy that turkey! Of course you Canadians do things a bit differently:) We live near the border and listen to 106.5 so get all your good news from up there.
    I forgot momentarily that you celebrated last month.

    As for those cookies, use 1/2 cup butter (which is our 1 stick). The recipe even calls for 1/2 cup vegetable oil instead of butter (I've never used it but it might be just as good. And since one batch only makes 2 dozen and you're baking for a crowd, I'd just go crazy and throw in 4 cake mixes, a whole block of butter, 8 eggs, and 4 cups choco chips. How's that for micro-managing your baking!? Hmmm, it's suddenly sounding expensive. Maybe that's why the recipe is for a miserly 2 doz.?

    As for the chocolate-eliminating dental gremlins, I can sure handle that! And last but not least, your roasted vegie dish sounds great. I have one like that, too, where I toss eggplant, yellow squash, purple onion, and summer garden stuff with olive oil and herbs before roasting. Maybe if you were to substitute the tofu for chocolate I might be a fan:)

    Bless you at your musical evening!

  17. Thanks for sharing the wonderful sounding cookie recipe. Yes, I make a butterscotch bundt cake that everyone looks forward to on the holidays. I make the usual pies and dishes, but this cake seems to be a favorite. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Laura! Blessings,Kathleen

  18. Kathleen, I love butterscotch pie so the cake version must be terrific, too:) Your table sounds like a wonderful place to be this week. I'm thinking of you!

  19. These sound good. Glad you celebrated after the power went up!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. And happy belated Thanksgiving to you, Eileen:) BTW, I mailed your copy of TFD from Carla's contest last Friday so hope you see it soon! Bless you as you write for Him this week.

  21. Not fond of chocolate? I can't imagine. I'll probably try your recipe... after I make it through this weekend!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, Laura. You are on my list of "bethankits" this year.

  22. Lori,
    Bethankit - what a wonderful word! Likewise, my friend:) You are such a blessing to me! Now for the long weekend - that makes two of us making it through:) I will be thinking of you...