Tuesday, November 3, 2009

going home

This is my kind of front porch, compliments of Paris, Kentucky. Love that scarecrow! I won't hit Paris this trip but will be swinging through Berea, Lexington, and Frankfort:) Kentucky has had a lot of rain but it's supposed to be sunny this week.

It's always a bit of a whirlwind getting ready to go. Spent the morning in town getting library books and groceries for my men. Promised to bake them a pumpkin pie. Luckily that's just about the easiest pie you can make from scratch. Gave them haircuts yesterday. Now down to finishing laundry and cleaning a bit. The plane will be a vacation:)

I'm having novel withdrawal. Miss my characters very much and wish I could take them with me. I did buy a new journal to take along. I'm always keeping a journal of life in general and jotting things down as I go, much of which is Scripture. Plus I picked up a library book of Ann Rinaldi's, The Secret of Sarah Revere, for the plane. Need to get my hands on that Guernsey book everyone's talking about.

On the publishing front, the November issue of Kentucky Monthly magazine is out and has a very nice review of TFD on page 59. Hats off to a great magazine! Perfect timing with the book fair this weekend. If you're in the area I'd love to meet you! If not, stay tuned and I'll try to post from the Bluegrass State.

Soon after, I returned home to my family, with a determination to bring them as soon as possible to live in Kentucky, which I esteemed a second paradise, at the risk of my life and fortune. -Daniel Boone


  1. I love that scarecrow even though I don't decorate for fall living out here on the red dirt road.
    I think you have me email address Laura so please email me when you get time with an address to mail you the prize you won in my blog give away...You are the winner of the 2 tier Pin cushion that I made..Congrats to you and I hope you like it and that you can put it to good use...maybe fill it with safety pins like my friend did and then you will always have one handy when you need it :)

  2. Nancy,
    I'm thrilled as I never win much of anything!! And though I lack a sewing gene I sure like handy things like pin cushions, especially when they're made so creatively as you do. I hope readers hop over to your blog and see the lovely things you sell. You craft them with a lot of heart! I will email you, Nancy. And thank you very much!

  3. Sounds like you're leaving your men well cared for and knowing they're well loved. Pumpkin pie is my favorite. Enjoy your time in Kentucky and congrats on the good review.

  4. Yes, Carla, pumpkin pie for breakfast and then the plane, bright and early. It cheers me to think you're way over on that coast cheering me on:) I'll miss you while I'm away! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Have a wonderful time, Laura. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Can't wait to hear about the fair.

  6. Can't wait to tell you about it, Lori! Am sitting in the Port Angeles airport waiting for that tiny hopper to SeaTac, then Cinci, then Lexington:) Wish you were with me and we'd talk books the whole way!
    Have a great writing week!

  7. Have a wonderful Laura! How do you get everything done? From baking to laundry, to writing and now your off and ready! Can't wait to read all what you do! Wish you were going to be in my area, I would love to meet you! Have fun! blessings,Kathleen

  8. sounds like you need the plane trip to relax a little. Preparations are always the hardest! I'm sure your boys will miss you.

    have a safe and wonderful trip!

  9. Hi Lisa!
    I'm sure you know all about preparations with your camping trips and having so many wee ones:) Only your boys might object to that term!
    The plane was great and I had a great Rinaldi book to pass the hours. Now finally here - yeah! Thought I'd say hi before I go offline for awhile.
    Hope you are having a great day there,Lisa!

  10. Hi Kathleen,
    Wish I could fly on down your way and visit your lovely place:) I'm finally here and had a big sweet potato loaded with butter for breakfast:) The weather is sunny and beautiful. Bet it is down your way, too.
    The fun here starts tomorrow. Will try to post once I get to that old inn in Frankfort. Blessings on all you do this week!