Friday, August 19, 2011

more winners!

Happy Friday!

I've been getting lots of reader mail, something I love - and yes, I answer every one:) Here's a line from a reader that gave me a great chuckle:

Those of us who are avid readers can appreciate how many "frogs" one has to "kiss" to find a "prince" of a book!

Our winners today are:

Amanda and Claire R.


If you could email me at, I'll mail your signed book or non-book gifts to you.If you'd like to send a photo of TCL and you, I'm posting those as they come in and have some wonderful ones for next week.

*This just in...Seekerville, one of the most popular blogs out there, is hosting a round the clock giveaway of books today and The Colonel's Lady is on the list, along with some other great authors from Bethany House. Please stop by and say hi and enter!


  1. Hi Laura. The Bethany House Marketing Team is on my blog today and part of that includes giving away one of your books. Stop by if you get a chance and say hi. It's on Seekerville.

  2. I read your interview with Jill Kemerer, and I ordered your book from Amazon. It sounds great!

    Best wishes on it!

  3. I saw that on your FB page too, I think. I LOVE that!! And so very true. :)

  4. I started reading my copy of TCL last night. I was hooked after just a few words. Oh, man, did I hate putting it down in favor of going to bed.

    Oh, I like your new cover photo, too. You look so pretty in pink!

    Happy Friday from the Hills!


  5. Mary, Thanks so much for the heads up over at Seekerville - it's an honor to be on the list with you Bethany authors. I revised today's post to direct traffic over there - not that you need any help, from the look of things;) Bless you.

  6. Congrats Amanda and Claire!

    And so true about the books.

  7. Loree, Welcome to my blog! And thanks so much for taking time at Jill's - she is one of the most fun, caring people I've ever met - and I wish I could bottle her enthusiasm:)

    And bless you for ordering TCL from Amazon. That means so much. I hope it offers you a historical escape and blesses you, too. Your best wishes are very appreciated. Please keep in touch!

  8. Casey, I wish I could be as clever and witty as that reader with this memorable quote - but I'm SO NOT;) I wish it was the other way around and we loved every book and could crown it a prince. I do think in the CBA it's much easier to find praiseworthy things to say about fiction. I'm sure you'll agree!

  9. Britt,
    My Smoky Mt. sister:) You've been on my mind and I even snuck over to your blog to check on you earlier this week. But I often don't comment as this month is just crazy busy.

    I'm smiling all over thinking of you with Roxie and Cass:) I hope the story keeps you turning pages and blesses you in the process. I sure miss Fort Endeavor! But I say that a lot...

    And thanks for the photo compliment. Only pic I ever liked!!

    Praying this is a good day for you today. I wish I could join you for some porch time and iced tea!

  10. Adrienne, Bless you for your graciousness! It's good to see you here. It was foggy and cold this morning but the sun just came out:) My men left for 3 days of camping at the beach so I'll get some quiet time to work. Don't quite know what to do with all this sun and silence! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Back to work for me...

  11. Congrats to the winners! You lucky girls! :D

    I'm headed over to check out that link. Thank you, Laura!

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend!

    Love & Hugs,

  12. Michelle, So good to see you here this beautiful morning:) They always have such fun over there at Seekerville! Guess that's what happens when you get a bunch of crazy writers together;) Praying this weekend runneth over with blessings for you!

  13. Congrats to the winners! Wish I'd been home today to join in the fun at Seekerville. Oh, well. Have a great weekend!

  14. I just read your blog post so I "ran" over to seekerville and without looking at all the details I posted a comment!! Well, Hello!! I think I was 3 hrs too late!! Isn't that funny?!? That is my life here lately. I showed up at a graduation party last weekend with the card and my family in tow but the party was the day before. I guess I can't rely on just my memory anymore!! Either I have too much going on or turning 40 has decreased my brain cells!! I better start doing word games more often to exercise this muscle underneath this wild hair of mine!!

    Love you,

  15. Wow congrats winners you're in for a real treat. :-)

    Happy Friday everyone!!!! Woohoo!!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  16. Michelle, Not to worry - with 200 plus comments, I don't think any of us have to worry about winning;) Although there's nearly 100 in my own giveaways this month...

    Prolific reader that you are, I have a feeling you've read all the books anyway! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  17. LOL, Stacey! Wish I could have seen you the precise moment you realized you were a day late and a dollar short, so speak;) I'd like to say it gets better but I won't lie...

    Thanks for showing up nonetheless at Seekerville! It's a fun place over there and one of the most popular blogs on the web, at least the CBA. I need to wander back over and see who won TCL. Can't remember when they're announcing all that. Sound familiar;)

  18. Bless you, Renee! I can feel your Friday excitement! Woot:) I'm feeling it, too, as the sun shone all day and I got tons of work done. Bless you for your email. Just got it and you'll see those replies soon!