Saturday, August 20, 2011

happiness is...

Somehow August is slipping away and I'm wishing it back:) Pretty soon the book buzz will die down, my boys will return to school, my next deadline will be met, and the garden will need harvesting. I'm already missing sitting in my porch swing and editing and looking out on the wildflowers in our garden and woods.

I've decided happiness is not a book but a bowl of fresh raspberries or a handful of dried lavender. Sunshine. Splashing water. Whirring fans and open windows. A trip to the beach. Dinner by candlelight. And new characters swirling in your head:)

On Monday of next week (the 29th) I hope you'll join us at Colonial Quills for a cyber tea party and book giveaway with MaryLu Tyndall, C.J. Chase, and yours truly.

All this week Amber will be having a blog party at Seasons of Humility with daily giveaways of new releases. Please join Julie Lessman, Mary Connealy, and others as we celebrate books.

Roxie is also at Romantic Times in the spotlight if you want to take a peek. Thanks so much, Patsy and RT staff!

As I begin yet another book, I'm in need a bit of creative input from you dear readers. This involves the 2nd novel in my upcoming series, The Ballantyne Legacy. Characters are jumping onstage that just plain aren't in the synopsis! I now have two heroes (sorry, you'll have to fall in love twice and then choose between them) and a heroine who is struggling to be christened. So...

For those handsome heroes, which 2 names do you like best?


For the lucky heroine?

Libby (Liberty)
Ellie (Eleanor)


If you could comment below, I'd love some help! Names are so very important to novels, just like titles. Feel free to be as creative and crazy as you want. This author truly values what makes a reader tick. Your idea might very well end up in print:) Bless you...

p.s. Heartfelt thanks to the creative, giving heart who fashioned these lovely cards and sent them to me snail mail ~ I treasure them and you!


  1. I chose the names "Daniel" and "Ellie". I have a brother named Daniel, the name means "God Is My Judge". Love that name! :)

  2. Joanna, Oh, I'm so glad you shared the meaning of Daniel. It's so strong-sounding yet beautiful and masculine. I have a nephew named Daniel. Neat to think you're brother is one, too. And I'm smiling to know you're leaning towards Ellie:) Bless you for your thoughts!

  3. Justice would be good for the hero! Would it be too corny to think Libby(Liberty) and Justice?!?

  4. No corn! Anything goes! I rather like the combo:) Seriously, my son, Wyatt, has a friend named Justus. It's actually Biblical. But your spelling works well, too. Oh, I'm just loving this! Thanks, Stacie!

  5. I'm so excited for you, Laura! And I feel like I've been so out of the loop...I was so sick this past week and thought "ok, now I can get some reading done!" and then found I couldnt concentrate through the benadryl ;)but I am now better and ready to plow through the pages!

    I'm so excited about your trilogy! I love the comfort of knowing that we wont have to say goodbye to characters after one book. As for the names, I am partial to Ellie, I just really like it. I've also met a couple of little girls who go by "elle' and its a sweet little name (also means 'girl' in french) as for the hero, I like good, strong, dependable 'Daniel.' Its so 'of the time' yet it isnt jarring or odd. Its timeless really. Oh, and did you know that when I read your name Cecily I promptly named one of my paintings after it?'s true! ;)
    I like the name Liberty but not necessarily Libbie. I think my favorite name of that type is Felicity. I considered that for Audrey, actually :)

  6. Heather, I'm so sorry you've been sick! Summer colds are the absolute worst:( I was thinking you'd been pretty quiet this week but have been snowed under with work and haven't been able to check up on you and others (just call me Dr. Frantz - lol). Prayers and good wishes to you as you recuperate.

    Don't you just love the name Cecily? It was the name of a friend of a little girl of a friend of mine who passed away. I've always loved the name. And so happy it provided some inspiration for you:) I'll have to pop in and see if you've posted about her.

    Felicity is another lovely, not so overused name. I love names that are timeless like you said but not so jarring they feel contrived or jerk you out of the story, etc. And I love knowing what Elle means in French. I'm a failed French scholar but continue to love the language. So happy to see you back online!

  7. Oh, dear, can you tell it's past my bedtime? Sorry for the typos, dear Heather. Makes me wonder which one of us is on Benadryl;)

  8. I love the name Daniel, have always thought if I had a baby boy I would name him that. =) Ellie is a pretty name but I really don't care for Eleanor, LOL! Looking forward to hearing about your next book to come.

  9. Mandy, So good to see you here again:) I think we're nearly unanimous about Daniel. And like you, I love the name Ellie but did have to grit my teeth to write Eleanor after it;) Somehow it's just not the same...

    By the way, the first lengthy story I ever wrote (novella) was when I was 12 and the setting was Old Sturbridge Village in Mass. And my heroine's name was Mandy:) I still have it. Hope your weekend is blessed.

  10. I like the names "Daniel" and "Caleb" for your heroes. For the girl I like Ellie. Just found a copy of The Frontiersman's Daughter at a used book store and it was in GREAT condition! I had read your first book from the library and was determined to find a copy of my own. I was saving up to buy it from Amazon but was delighted to find it today!! I've told a bunch of my friends about your books too and can't wait to lend it out :-)

  11. For some reason the name Jack always says hero to me. Like Capt. Jack Aubrey (Master and Commander) and Jack Ryan (Patriot Games). And I think the name Jack means "God is gracious."

    I watched a show called LOST, and the handsome, compassionate doctor who saved lives, always put others first, and led everyone to safety was Jack Shephard. If you look up the actor who played Jack on LOST, Matthew Fox, you just might end up inspired :) LOL!

  12. Well, for me it has to be Chloe (ny daughter) or Ellie (Eleanor is my mum's name)!

    I like Cullen because it is different but that would need to go with Ellie so if you go with Chloe then Daniel (as long as you don't use Dan or Danny!)

    Fussy, aren't I?!

  13. I have always liked the name Jack. It sounds so strong and would be excellent for the olden days when their accents were a little different.
    I'll decide on the rest later. I've got to go grocery shopping. Seems like you have a fun week ahead of you in the blogosphere!

  14. Sara, So good to have you here! And to hear you found Lael like you did:) I often think the Lord delights our hearts with those little things that mean so much and only He knows about:) It means a lot that you would want your own copy. That says a lot. And thanks so much for recc. my books to others. You're the best kind of reader!

    I appreciate hearing your name preferences. Ellie seems to strike a chord with everyone here - me, too. This was the name I'd chosen for the book's synopsis. Lately in the CBA there seems to be a lot of overlapping names in novels and it's fun to brainstorm and see how original we can get. Bless you for your gracious words here! I hope to see you again!!

  15. Renee Ann, I think you've just won me over with your list of heroic Jacks:) Master and Commander is one of my favorite movies. In fact, I listened to that sound track over and over while writing The Colonel's Lady as it seemed to fit my Colonel McLinn.

    My father's name was Jack so it has even more significance to me. And then, of course, my favorite literary hero this year is Admiral Jack Buchanan in Mine is the Night. Looks like Jack is gaining in stature;)

  16. Rel, You're so right - Dan or Danny just don't sound right but DANIEL is so very strong and just...well, right:) You have some beautiful female names in your family. Neat that your mom's name is Eleanor. And I just love Chloe. I think the better question here is how we came by our own names. And I'd so love to hear how you came by Rel! But you're so busy you probably won't be back to read this so I'll just keep wondering...

    Bless you for your thoughts!!

  17. Adrienne, So good to see you this morning:) You're doing one of my favorite things - grocery shopping. I've always loved it, probably because I love to eat!

    YES, Jack is sounding very good. Those Daniel-lovers among us might not agree. There's a strength to Jack and it is old fashioned like you said. For a while it seemed to have fallen out of disfavor but I'm seeing it more and more in birth announcements now.

    I'm curious to know how you came by your own name. It's so very pretty and not that common:)

  18. Well, I don't really like the name Libby, but I do like Liberty, especially since you said she is struggling to be christened. Is she finding "liberty" in Christ and He has set her free? Yes, indeed!

    I like Ellie and Eleanor both. Those are good old-fashioned names.

    Hero's name is definitely Daniel! I have always loved that name. It brings to mind strength.

    This is fun, Laura! Thanks for letting us help you out.

  19. I have always loved the names Aaron and Micah!! I think Aaron and Chloe would be a wonderful pair, but out of the names you have listed I would have to say Chloe, Daniel, and Caleb.
    Anything you choose will be amazing Laura...Happy Writing :)

  20. You can't do Jack again. ;-)

    But I will admit to loving Cullen (wow! Just see the hero now!) And Caleb. But it's not so good to have dueling first constantant names when you have two dueling heroes. ;-) But I would hope the heroine gets Cullen. Sigh.

    I LOVE Libby, (Liberty) I can just see her now, that dark headed heroine you showed us several months again. That name instantly evokes an image of a heroine you would create.


  21. Mary,
    Love your thumbs up and enthusiasm:) I love Liberty, too, and have hung onto the name ever since abandoning my Revolutionary War novel last year. It took place in Virginia and her name was very fitting to the story. I'd love to use it again. You nailed the spiritual context!! She does find Liberty in Christ in the story - and I'm dying to finish it. Bless you!

  22. Loree, Me, too! Those 2 names seem to belong together for some reason:) I think naming characters is a bit like naming babies - not quite as much fun, but almost. And I really appreciate your input!!

  23. Hannah, Glad to see you're back:) And thanks for the new names. I know a Mikah and have always liked the name Aaron, too. Some of the best names are Biblical. Bless u for chiming in! Happy writing to you, too!

  24. Cullen and Libby do sound like a romantic duo, Casey:) You have a good memory of that pic from that old post! I'm afraid I may have to let go of Jack since Liz Curtis Higgs created him so royally recently. Funny how you can give a different spin to a name by falling in love with the hero with said name. I snagged Cullen from one of my favorite historicals about Kentucky and can't seem to forget it. Only the Cullen in that novel wasn't a good guy and ended up scalped by Indians. Time to give him a heroic bent;) Bless you!

  25. Hi Laura,

    I, too, like the name JACK and ELLIE...I think that they sound like a wonderful couple. Looking forward to reading 'their' story :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  26. I've been thinking it over, and if you have two heroes there needs to be thought given to their names depending on how you want these heroes to be. Like if one is less the hero than the other, the stronger hero needs to have the stronger name. I read your hero names aloud together, and some overpowered the other, and then some seemed equal. Just thought this needed to be noted... though maybe I am making something out of nothing.
    I have no clue to who the girl's name should be. I guess I would recommend you to get a picture of who the heroine looks like to you, then say the name and see if it fits.
    I got my name because my mother named me after a neighbor she had when she was a little girl that she thought the world of.
    Have a great day!

  27. Karen, I'm so glad you're my reader:) And you're looking forward to the next story. I hope I can do it justice. Jack and Ellie have the right ring for an 1822 couple. I'm advancing a century and it's quite sad for me! I've never been as smitten with anything like I have the 18th-c. but maybe that will change will this book. Bless you for your thoughts!

  28. Adrienne, Thanks for sharing how you came by your name. That's quite a compliment to the neighbor! And it keeps her memory alive in a wonderful way. Plus I can't think of how you could shorten your name into a nickname - it sounds just right like it is:)

    I love the thought you put into this. Saying them aloud is very important (some readers do audio books). And not letting one name overpower the other is a great consideration, too, especially when the real hero should have the stronger name. This may sound like overkill but I even pray about names as I ponder them.

    Hope your Sabbath is full of blessings!

  29. Hi Laura! I finally have some time and I wanted to stop by and say hi :) How exciting to think of you writing another book!! More friends to love, cherish and leave a blessed mark on our hearts! But 2 heroes?? Goodness, me!! I really like the names Caleb and Daniel - very strong names that command respect, and they're Biblical too! And for the heroine, I just love Ellie! It sounds like such a sweet and tender nickname. I can almost hear it leaving the lips of her hero now on a gentle breath, almost reverent, eyes shining with such love and longing... Ok, so when is this book gonna be out?? ;)

    I also like Ellie because that is what I want to name my daughter, should the Lord see fit to bless me with one someday. Her name will officially be Eliana, meaning, The Lord has responded or God has answered - love the meaning! So, yes, Ellie, is a personal favorite :)

    Praying you enjoy the rest of your Sunday, my friend!


  30. I must agree with just about everyone else, and say I definitely like Ellie for the heroine's name. Eleanor is one of my favorite names, so pretty and classic.

    As for the hero, I'd have to say either Daniel or Jack. Both are strong time.

    It's funny that you got the name Cullen from a book. I knew someone named Cullen once. He worked with my grandfather, and well he definitely wasn't that great of a person. I've always had an aversion to the name.

    I love the cards, so pretty. I was looking at the second picture, and I love the Wedgewood dish. It reminds me of the ones my grandmother had. I think there's only one of them left now.

  31. It's definitely not overkill. I'd probably be praying about the littlest details or whatever felt like it needed prayer. And thanks for the compliment!

  32. Cullen jumped out at me, as did Libby (Liberty). I love those and they fight beautifully with the time period you're writing in.

    I can't wait to read the new book. I know we all say that, but I wasn't lying in my review. Summer won't be summer without one of your books.

    PS, continue to pray about my personal situation. It appeared it wouldn't work out at first, but then I was given an unexpected 2nd chance to prove myself. If you want a bit more details I can e-mail them to you.


  33. Always have time for you, Laura;-).

    Well, it may not surprise you but Rel is an abbreviation of my full name, one you may have never heard before as it is Australian! As I keep my professional life separate from my blogging life though I might just have to email you privately!

    Hugs xo

  34. Upon reading my comment I see I said fight instead of fit. LOL! Well, I guess they could fight beautifully too. <}:^)

  35. Amanda, Welcome back! I love hearing about how Ellie is significant to you, esp. the beautiful meaning behind it. I hope it comes to pass - nothing like being a mother and getting to say a beloved name the rest of your life:) I really wanted to name my Paul "Jack" but Randy changed that in a hurry! As for Wyatt, I'm not sure where I got that though I've always been a fan of westerns!

    And it seems we all agree on the strength and heroic sound of Biblical names. Thx so much for sharing the brain power here! You've been missed!

  36. Michelle, I wonder if those dishes have a Kentucky connection? This is the only one left from my great-grandmother's collection in Berea. I wish it had shown up a bit better in this photo. I just treasure it, especially since it has 18th-century scenes on it. And the blue is so pretty and "old" feeling.

    Interesting the Cullen you speak of has a negative association as well. If I could push that to the back of my mind for dear Casey here, I might well use it!

    Hope your Sunday has been a good one - and you've had some reading time, too:)

  37. You're welcome, Adrienne. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your comments over at Seekerville this weekend. I shouldn't say this but I agree! I feel sorry for us authors, too! Wish we could go back to the old days when marketing wasn't so pressing and we could just write.

    Thanks for understanding about the prayer. I even pray over my computer as it often misbehaves and causes me great stress. And people wonder why I still write books in longhand first;)

  38. New books! New series from Laura! Yay! I'm so excited. Here's my two cents for what it's worth...

    Cullen, I'm sorry to say is too tainted because of Twilight (and I didn't love the Twilight series).

    Jack sounds rugged, but Daniel just sounds right, like a strong gentleman.

    Chloe seems too trendy to me. It might be an appropriate name for the time, but it conjures a modern-day girl in my mind. I'm partial to Libby because my great-grandmother's name was Elisabeth and she was always called Libby or Lib and she was a beautiful, strong faithful woman.

    So my vote is for Daniel and Libby!

  39. Here are 2 names for you, Winter, that might work well for you with your western themes - I found them in an old history book -


    These are actual men's first names. I find them fascinating and so unusual and distinctive. But I can't quite work them in. But they're begging to be used.

    You've been on my mind (and in my prayers) regarding your writing and all else. I hope things will settle down for you. God always has a plan even with bumps along the way! I have to remind myself of that frequently. Thanks for the update. You can reach me at anytime here or Facebook, etc. You're such a thoughtful friend!

  40. Rel,
    You're so wise to keep the two separate. You've jogged my menopausal memory:) I do remember a recent email from you that had your full name and I found it quite lovely! Only I've forgotten it now but maybe that is just as well. Mums the word! XO right back at ya;)

  41. Holly! I'm so glad you mentioned the Twilight link! I had no idea! Can you tell I've never read them? And I live very near Forks! It's a bit of a joke here locally about Forks because it's the last place on earth you'd want to set a novel. However, Forks is singing Meyer's praises as it's finally put them on the map...

    We can officially strike Cullen from the list. Don't need that association. See why I ask you readers questions? I realized after I turned TCL in last year that my character, Bella, was also used in Twilight and Janice Thompson's fun series, Weddings for Bella. But it was too late to rename her.

    So glad you like Ellie and Daniel:) I'm leaning toward them, too. My dilemma is creating two heroes and trying to give one a slight edge so readers won't be crushed when Ellie chooses the other. I'm still getting mail about Captain Jack over this issue. Sigh...

    So thankful you're my reader!

  42. Oh, forgot to mention that I like that Libby was taken from your great-grandmother's name - love that it is spelled with an "s". She sounds like she left quite a legacy for you. That's such a blessing.

  43. LOL, Winter;) If you could count my typos, friend...

  44. I must admit that I am fairly new to your books, but I have read them all in the past 2 weeks! Another confession - Captain Jack seemed to me to be the better choice; however, I know that God gives you the story and I need to go back and read it again for I am sure that I missed something the first time through.
    Now, with regard to names for your next book. For the men, I have always like Joshua Daniel (it was my grandfather's name) or maybe Joshua and Daniel :0) As for women's names, I also like Ellie (Eleanor) or Lela or Beatriz. These names always remind me of days long ago, or centuries past and history that is waiting to be discovered.
    Thank you, Laura, for sharing with me your passion and your heart. I so look forward to reading your next book in your new series!!

  45. For the Hero I like Daniel, and for the Heronie Ellie


  46. Hey Laura, my mother and I were playing Bible jeopardy, and I showed her your article. She says she likes the name Wyn for a man. It's short for a lot of different European men's names. Good luck!

  47. Hi Laura~ oh the name game! How fun! I really like the names Wyatt, Caleb and Ellie for you (possible) heroine! Good luck!! :) P.S. I just finished Elizabeth Camden's debut novel- The Lady of Bolton Hill. I remember when you previewed the cover on your site a few months ago. It was very good!!

  48. Susan, Welcome here! I'm so happy you took time to find me and leave a comment! And hearing you've read all my books so recently is wonderful news to me:) Thanks so much for that. And for sharing your reader's heart here.

    I have to confess there was a sequel to The Frontiersman's Daughter which wasn't published. My publisher didn't ask to see it but asked me to write 2 more KY novels instead. In the sequel I brought Jack back and gave him the happy ending I wanted him to have. Interestingly enough, he wasn't in the original manuscript. I added him in later as a foil to Ian. Little did I realize I'd made him a wee bit too appealing! Two years later I still get mail regularly about him and the book is about to go into another printing (or so I've heard). I regret that some of those loose threads in that book weren't tied up for readers. If only they had the rest of the story...

    And I appreciate your saying that God gives the stories. So true. When people ask me how to write a book, I'm happy to say I don't know how it's done. But He does!

    I love the names you share here. Like you, the old fashioned ones are so appealing like Lela and Beatriz. I have a Beatriz in my next novel so please stay tuned:) Joshua Daniel is really, really nice together and memorable - I have nephews by those names.

    I think we're getting a near unanimous vote for Ellie!

    My next book is about to handed in and you should see it next summer or early fall. Thanks so much for being my reader!

  49. Carissa, Your comments are the icing on the cake:) I think we will go with Ellie - and one of the heroes has to be a Daniel. When you read the book, you'll have to remember you helped christen them. That makes it even more meaningful to me. Bless you!

  50. Oh, Adrienne, you have me curious about Bible Jeopardy (if only i could spell it:) I LOVE Wyn! It sounds strong yet soft and oh, so appealing. And very different in that I can't think of a book with a hero of that name. Please thank your mom! Interesting that it has European origins. Somehow it reminds me of "Rand" which was a hero in a Tamara Alexander book I read not long ago. But I like Wyn better;)

  51. Hello Laura, Just dropping you a note to say how much I enjoyed your book, 'TCL'.... Another wonderful book! I read untill 2 minutes after 3 a.m. when the battery life in my itouch had to be recharged. And then...we were in Sam's club about 2 weeks later, and hubby suggested we look for your book there. Well, we spotted it about the same time, he & I. Tears filled my eyes as I reached for it. He put it in our shopping cart and what a happy ending. The best of both worlds, ereader and your book 'in person' sort of... to hold in my hands. Thank you Laura!

  52. Maggie Ann, I'm so touched you have TCL X2. Bless you so much! I'm thrilled to hear Roxie's in your neck of the woods and you enjoyed the story. One never knows how readers will respond. I love each book and put them out there having worked to my utmost, hoping they'll bless you and others. And then when I hear it has, it's very humbling. God is so good to give us the gift of fiction!

    I've been missing your gracious presence:) I'll be back to blog visiting Sept. 1 when this next book is turned in and off my very cluttered desk. I feel so out of touch with you folks!

    It's wonderful to end the Sabbath knowing you have your own "real" copy of TCL. Only I keep calling it TLC! Bless you.

  53. Cassie, So fun to hear what you're reading:) I have TLOBH right here on my stack. But like everything else right now, Sept. 1 is my day to get back to the books - those that aren't my own! The cover is beautiful on that one, isn't it? Have you seen her upcoming one? OH MY! It's even lovlier! And in rose tones, if I remember correctly. Great reads ahead:) Bless you for the thumbs up for 3 of the names - I will remember that!

  54. This is a neat post. I love picking out names for my characters. Let me think...wandering through the graveyards of the mountains and of my ancestry, I've discovered some fun names. For a man: Harkness, Eldridge, Arbutus, Pleasant, Steward, Abijah, Anderson, ...and from your list, I really like Cullen and Jack.

    Woman's names I've found: Comfort, Armintha, Dorie, Voretta, Blanche, Ada, Caldonia, Cordelia, and I like Eleanor from you list.

    I could name tons more. But I don't want to be annoying!

    Still reading TCL and loving it!


  55. Britt, Oh, you are the go-to girl for names!! I love them! I think the mountain names are some of the best of the best:) And far from being annoying, you leave me wanting more:)

    Looks like Daniel, Jack, and Ellie are the favorites though there are some close seconds. I'm so glad I asked you all for help! I get absolutely stalled sometimes - as iron sharpens iron...

    Thanks, too, for reading TCL. It's really fun thinking of you within those pages right now. You're a gem!!

  56. Can you handle another vote for Ellie? :o) My mom's name is actually Eleanor, and only my dad calls her anything different from that (El).

    For the's a tossup between Daniel and Caleb, with a lean more toward Caleb. Cullen just makes me think of Twilight (which I've never read, either, and have no desire to).

    Whatever you choose I'm sure will make for an incredible story! :o)

  57. I like the name Cullen.
    And Libby is great for your female character.
    I think that would be one of my favorite things if I was an author. Choosing names and developing personalities!

  58. Christy, I'm becoming so fond of Eleanor - and "El" is another delightful variation of it. Neat that your dad calls her by that and it's special to them as a couple. We will officially strike Cullen from the list - no Twilight overtones - I didn't know of the link till this post so you all have helped a whole bunch!

    Caleb isn't oversused in romance novels lately and so this might be our best choice. Plus it just sounds strong and heroic:) Bless you for your thoughts (and for your very lovely review!!).

  59. Lisa, Oh, so glad to see you!! I hope your 4 had a wonderful summer:) I'm sure they're about to start school like mine. I will have to come over and see what you've been up to since we last connected. I've been so tempted to go to Wordpress as I have ongoing problems with Blogger. Grrr...

    Glad to know you like these names, esp. Liberty/Libby. And you're right, one of the best things about writing is developing characters. They always surprise and take you places you didn't think they would:)

  60. I chose, "Jack" and "Caleb" and I like "Libby". However, I saw the comment suggesting "Justice" and if he was called "Just" for short, I really like that idea.
    I loved your new book, "The Colonel's Lady". It was terrific.
    I also enjoy your blogspot. It is beautifully done.

  61. Jack is my first choice. Cullen, my second. I like the name Olivia. Also, Ella- hehe! That's my daughter's name. My sister in law was debating using the name Wren for her new baby is it's a girl. I think that's pretty. My sister in law actually has an Elianna now and they call her Ellie for short. Whatever you choose, it's bound to be perfect!

  62. Dear Anon,
    Thanks so much for taking time here - and welcome to my blog/site! It's about to undergo some major changes, hopefully by Sept. 1, so hope you like the new look, too:)

    I'm happy to hear you enjoyed The Colonel's Lady - I loved every minute writing it and miss those characters now. I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite book - it might just be Roxanna's story. But I'm about to turn in the first book in my upcoming series and I hope you enjoy that, too.

    I like "Just" also. Original and unforgettable. Libby is one of my favorites and if I'd had a daughter I might have named her that. It's fun having help because I'm not creative with names! Thanks for your input. And please stay in touch!

  63. Sweet P,
    Oh, Wren is lovely! Being a bird fan, I like that. I even have a wren's nest in the book I'm currently working on. Ella is a beautiful name - as is Elianna and Ellie and all those variations. I think Amanda here agrees:)

    I don't have a daughter but it's fun to imagine what I might have named her. My Paul was supposed to be Sadie Catherine. But we changed out minds quick when he appeared!

    Bless you bunches!

  64. Sorry I'm a little late to the party. ;-) We were gone on a camping trip over the weekend.

    I'm glad you decided against "Cullen" -- my first thought was Twilight, and like you said, you don't want that association.

    I like Daniel and Caleb. For the heroine, I like the idea of going with Sadie (I've always liked that name!). If not, I like Libby. Ellie makes me think of the mammoth from the movie, Ice Age (sorry!!). It's a very pretty name, though. Chloe is a pretty name, too.

    Do you like the name Callie? It means "beautiful, lovely."

    I can see how naming characters is a lot like naming babies, lol. : )
    It will be neat to see what you choose.


  65. Hey Laura! It's me again! I was just reading your interview on RTBookReviews, where you said that Daniel Boone is your hero. Now I'm positive that one of your heroes must be "Daniel." :D

  66. OH, I like Callie, Michelle. And I'm chuckling that a wooly mammoth was named Ellie - lol! My kids loved that movie.

    I think from a quick tally we like:

    Ellie is leading with Liberty a bit behind but some stiff competition from the others. Arghhh. I like them all except Cullen, now, for the reasons above.

    Welcome back from camping! My men were on the coast doing some beach camping this weekend. Hope your trip was wonderful in every way!

  67. Thanks so much, Michelle, for stopping at RT and reading:) Your comments made me realize why I love the name Daniel so much - it must be because of Boone! Of all the historical figures I'm looking forward to meeting in heaven, I hope he and Whitefield meet me at the gate:)

  68. Thank you, Laura! We did have a great time camping! Beach camping sounds like a lot of fun, too. Do you like to camp? I like it for about two days, and then I'm ready to be done, lol.

    RE: RT -- you're quite welcome. : )

  69. I love camping, Michelle, only as I get older staying in a camper sounds better and better to me! My men slept right on the sand by the pounding surf. I'm going to post some pics next week to end the month of August:) They got some amazing shots. I stayed home this time and spent two 14-16 hour days on my laptop - lots accomplished! But don't feel too sorry for me as I enjoyed most of it!

  70. Can't wait to see those pictures of the boys camping trip, Laura! And glad to hear that you were able to get a lot accomplished. : )

  71. No no no no no, Jack cannot be used again, I'm with Casey there! Jack already holds a special place in my heart. :-P

    I do like Daniel and Caleb is absolutely wonderful and I do like Eleanor since it's the name of my favorite car (a Mustang in Gone in Sixty Seconds) not that that helps you any LOL! Cullen definitely makes me think Twilight so I'd say that name is a no-no but you could name your hero after the Boogie Man and I'd still love him, I'm sure!

    XOXO~ Renee

  72. Boogie Man, indeed;) So glad you're my reader, Renee!! I'm with you on Jack - I don't think I could do that after Liz's stellar Jack/Boaz. BTW, I'm a Mustang fan myself and sometimes dream of owning a little blue one the color of Roxanna's dress. But that's only because I drive a 20 year old beater of a red Jeep!

    BTW, I am crazy about your new button announcing your upcoming extravaganza! Bless you for being so creative. Just love that stack of books!!

  73. You know, I never even thought about how old Mamaw's plates possibly are until you mentioned yours belonged to your great-grandmother. I'm almost positive Mamaw had the plates in the china cabinet when I was a little girl, and then she started using them sometime during my teenage years. I'm not 100% positive, but I want to say her set has George Washington on them. I might be imagining that though.

    I smiled over what you wrote in the replies about camping, and staying in a camper. One of my cousins and his wife, live in their camper year around. They travel all over during the some, mostly the south and midwest. Then they spend the winter in south Texas.

  74. Michelle, I took a close look at my plate and one scene (left side) is of George Washington praying in the snow like he was said to have done at Valley Forge:) You have a good memory! I love these plates - have never seen anything like them. The other scenes on the plate are colonial or post-revolutionary, too.

    Randy and I actually have considered selling out someday and buying one of those big RV's and living in a different spot every season. We might yet. Your kin are onto something:)

  75. Happy Wednesday, Laura! You have truly intrigued me with the sequel you wrote to the Frontiersman's Daughter - how great it would be to read that!! I pray that someday it will be published (either online or as a physical book) and if not, perhaps you might be willing to share?!?
    I have been thinking of more names. Although I like Daniel and Ellie, I have read books with those names as the main characters. Anyway, here are some more names (from my family tree):
    Alton, Franklin, Quince, and Isaac for men; Pearl, Daisy, Elsie, and Ida May for women.
    Well, I had better get busy. I have homeschool, translation, and bookkeeping on tap for the day - God is so good and I am so blessed to serve Him. I pray that you have a great day as well!

  76. Susan, If you're in Mexico like your ID says, I hope it's sunny and lovely for you!! Thanks so much for stopping here and gifting me/us with such beautiful names. Like you, I find the best names from family trees:) Lael's last name was my grandmother's maiden name and Roxanna, my current heroine, is my great-grandmother's name, etc. Love the ones you've shared here. I see some that would be very good for heroes and heroines and also secondary characters.

    Love your attitude - YES, we are so blessed to serve Him:) No greater joy than that! I am thinking you are a missionary like my brother who is in Spain? He and his wife are busy with translating, homeschooling, and all the rest, too. Praying you have a wonderful day in Him. Please stay in touch!

  77. Of course I'm partial to Jack. But I like Libby or Ellie too. I'm sure your characters will "speak" to you and their names will become apparent. There's always "Sarah". LOL

  78. My niece is named Ellanore, so I vote for Ellie. And I don't think I've read a novel thus far from anyone where the hero is named Jack. So those are my two votes. :)

  79. Erin, So good to see u here! Ellie it is! And YOU MUST put Liz Curtis Higgs on your list! She has the most amazing hero called Jack in Mine is the Night. That's the main reason I'm hesitant to go with another Jack. Not to mention CJ (Captain Jack;)...

  80. Hi Sarah, I've always liked the name Sarah - it's historically accurate throughout the centuries and very pretty:) You're so right about those characters - they do assume a life of their own and beg to be renamed sometimes. Sometimes their assigned names just don't fit!

    Welcome to my blog! It's wonderful to see a new name/face. You bless me!

  81. I love the name Cullen (and didn't even think about Twilight) and also like Jack. Of course, my husband's name is Daniel, so if you went that direction I wouldn't be upset. :) Did that help at all?

    Also, prefer Ellie, but Chloe comes in a close second.

    FUN FUN! I love thinking about character names.

  82. Stacey, It really is FUN to think of names - kind of like naming a baby;) Like you, I lean toward Ellie, Daniel, and Jack. In fact, I've never met a Daniel I didn't like, even in history! So good to see you here! You're blessed to be able to call hubs Daniel:)