Monday, August 15, 2011

more readers and roxie:)

Hardback copies (love that golden glow) from Brenda in Minnesota!

Katie from way down south! Love all those books behind her!

TCL has arrived in the Netherlands! Dank je wel, Marian!

On the shelf at Tates Creek Library where I grew up in Kentucky. Bless you, Michelle!

If you'd like to send a photo to, I'd love to post!

Happy reading!


  1. Yay! Thanks for posting it, Laura. :-)

    Right now I'm completely lost in TCL!! lol! Cass just fell ill the day before the campaign against Liam was supposed to leave. Wow, I'm itching to know what'll happen next!

  2. Great Photos..Laura, can you tell me the pattern name of the thistle tea cup?

    <3 Stacie

  3. Katie, Oh, you're in a really sweet spot;) Love hearing just where you are in those pages!! Bless you for that:) And I can't thank you enough for this pic! Whenever I post these, people enjoy looking and then my inbox overflows with a new batch:)

    Happy reading to you!

  4. Marian, I just love both of these! And had to put them both up! I know you didn't have a working camera so whatever you did to manage this, I'm in your debt! I really hope you enjoy the story. Roxanna is in good hands there!

  5. Stacie, You are as smitten with that cup as I am;) I don't know the pattern but I'll try to find out and tell you! Off to look now...

  6. Stacie,
    Queen Ann Dundee Thistle is one pattern but I can't locate the exact one in the photo. If I find I will tell you:)

  7. Royal Albert Highland Thistle is another:)

  8. Loving all these photos! Go Roxie and all these lovely readers!! :D


    P.S. I got a couple of entries for the community contest today, and hopefully there will be a few more to send you on Thursday! :) I love our blogging community!!

  9. I don't want to 'waste' money on a new camera. I rather use it on new books! lol
    So I used my father's camera for these :)

  10. Amber, I am loving all these reader photos! I have more to come next week:) They're the hightlight for me. I can't thank readers enough for taking time to send them!!

    So glad you're getting some feedback - that's such a creative idea. Looking forward to it!

  11. Marian, Like you, I give up quite a few things in lieu of books:) Priorities, priorities.. I'm camera shy anyway!

  12. Laura,

    I just received the copy of your book I won on your blog. Can't wait to dive into it! Thanks so much again!

    Cathy :)

  13. More great pictures! I've been checking Amazon everyday, and I'm LOVING all of the great reviews that are coming in for TCL, Laura! It's great to read what others think about the book. : )

    Hope you're having a great week, and savoring all of those awesome reviews! I have no doubt that you are. : )

    Sweet Blessings,

    P.S. Did you watch the Dr. Quinn wedding episode? Did you LOVE it?

  14. Those pics look nice Laura, Roxie looks good in any light! Hehehe.
    So when's the next book coming out so I have something to read?

    XOXO~ Renee

  15. Jaime, I love shiny covers, too - the light always hit them smack in the middle for some reason and gives them a glow:)

    BTW, you have a beautiful blog! I love meeting new people/readers/other writers and visiting. Endless inspiration:) Bless you!

  16. Cathy, Thanks so much for being so thoughtful and following up and telling me! I always pray over packages - as I never know what shape they'll arrive in. Two recent letters/cards arrive with only the envelopes - the contents missing:( Thankfully that hasn't happened yet to a book. Or so I think!

    So glad the book is in good hands. Bless you as you read.

  17. Michelle, I think you are my head encourager! Thanking Him for you daily - more than that, actually:) It IS such a blessing to see those good reviews. I always think of them as a gift. And I love getting a peak inside a reader's head and heart. Every one is so different! Each takes away something unique, often things even I as the author never thought about. God is so good to give us the gift of reading!

    And YES, I did watch and want to rewatch - it's addictive;) The perfect way to end a day of edits and all the rest. I'd give anything to have a girl's night in and watch with you!

  18. Renee,
    He he, indeed;) Isn't it just cruel when you have to wait another year for a book?! I think Julie L. and I are on the same schedule next year with books releasing in September. That should be a good month for you, I hope! I'm getting ready to turn this next book in, first in the series, on September 1. So you can imagine how I'm spending my days lately - pen in hand, polishing, polishing:)

    But I'd rather be in Pittsburgh!!

  19. Laura, you're so sweet! :D

    I would LOVE to have a girl's night in to watch Dr. Quinn with you! Wouldn't that be a treat!


  20. Ooohhh...I'm very partial to redheaded girls (which probably won't surprise you as I believe you've seen my Elizabeth ;)

    I was just thinking of you this morning. I lent out TCL to my mom, I have a feeling she'll be a Laura fan, too.

    We've had the most crazy "God" time these last few weeks with my husband being offered a job out of the blue which he will start September 1st. God has worked in some really interesting ways in the process.

    Did your sons start school yet? We just started homeschooling this week. Here public schools don't start until after labor day, but I know they start earlier on the west coast, I think so anyway.

  21. Laura,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I am thoroughly enjoying your books, and cannot wait to pick up The Colonel's Lady.

    I see that The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery is a favorite of yours - I love that book! I always thought it would make a good movie (done right, that is:).

    It's lovely to "meet" you. Have a wonderful weekend!


  22. Karen,
    I'm so glad we've "met", too:) I think we also have a mutual friend in common, Ann Gabhart. She's like a mentor to me and I just love her to death!

    I always feel I have a kindred spirit when someone else mentions The Blue Castle. It's one of the few books I've read more than once as it so rich and well-done. And I think it would leap to life on the big screen. And Lucy M. would be proud!

    Thanks so much for taking time for my books - am so thankful you're enjoying them. God bless you till we meet again!

  23. There you are, Julia;) You've been missed! Sounds like your school year is off to a great start. Your kids are the perfect age to do all those fun, creative things. Learning is really an endless adventure. I so miss going to the library and getting all those children's books with my boys!!

    I thought of your little miss when I posted the picture of Abby below. I don't know any other friends who have redheaded daughters. But stay tuned, my next heroine is a redhead:) But not your typical one!

    Boys start school 2 weeks from today. Wyatt will be in 9th grade - a freshman. Paul will be in 6th. Sigh. I just told Paul this morning that I am sad he has recently stopped playing with Legos! No more sucking them up in the vaccuum cleaner, I guess:(

    And HUGE congrats on C's new job!!! That is wonderful news!! You both must be so excited. Am glad you told me as I can be thinking/praying. Hope all else is well and you can enjoy the end of summer. You've had a very busy, bumpy one! Bless you so much.

  24. Well I sort of thought having a redhead was God's sense of humor since I've had a nearly-obssessive enchantment with our dear Miss Shirley since 7th grade.

    I guess its the middle of the country that's on a different schedule :) Wow, a junior high and a high school student! I think I would be a bit emotional about that, but with having your deadline September 1st keeps you too busy to think about it I can imagine.

  25. The Lord surely does have a sense of humor, Julia, and I think you may be right about your little red head:) I would love to have seen your expression when she arrived and you eyed her for the first time, in living color!

    Yes, it's emotional for me having them get so big so fast. The bigger they get the faster time goes, seems like. You're so sensitive - and thoughtful - to say so.

  26. Laura....I just recently read the first of your books...The Frontiersman's Daughter. I wish I could tell you how it touched me...I didn't want to read the next for fear I would forget the wonderful characters in this new find. Well I am now nearing the end of The Colonel's Lady..I am saving the gripping conclusion for my 'alone' down time this evening. Great works! You take me back to this time in history and I feel like I am right there with each one as their stories unfold. Thank you Laura! I look forward to many more of your books. Debrjean

  27. Debrjean,
    So happy to hear from you. Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy my books and Lael didn't keep you from reading about Roxanna:) I really do understand that.

    Your comments are so delightful because they remind me of the joy of reading a beloved book - oh, to come to the page fresh like a reader again! That's the one regretful thing about being an author - you can't go back and experience it for the first time like a "real" reader.

    I'm thankful Lael touched your heart. She is the embodiment of my Kentucky childhood and my love of Kentucky history. When you say you feel you're a part of that it means so very much.

    Happy reading to you! Hope you like the conclusion to TCL! More books coming:)