Friday, August 5, 2011

first friday giveaway!

Happy Friday!

First, a freebie...

The Frontiersman's Daughter is available right now for free download on Kindle!!!

By now you're wishing I would cut to the chase and announce those two giveaway winner names. But I have a little confession to make. I don't like giveaways! I want to give something to everyone so it's always with a great deal of regret that I can only draw eight names this month. But I will tell you a little secret which shouldn't be a secret at all. You don't even have to buy my book and can still read it. It's a step away at your local library.

As a former library employee, I know that libraries have a budget for new books and often order them if a reader requests a particular title. Our librarians here LOVE when patrons go to the desk and put in a request. I can't tell you how many times readers have written telling me their libraries ordered my books for them and thus we connected this way. I especially love this because not only are you asking for yourself, you're benefiting others who can't buy new books.

Anyway, our first two winners for The Colonel's Lady launch, per are...

Joanna (ZachandZoe's Mom) and Cathy!!

If our winners will email me at and tell me whether they'd like a book or non-book gift, I'll mail those out. Your package will arrive with one of these lovely address labels, compliments of a dear reader:) Heartfelt thanks to you all for entering! Your names will all stay in the hat for the next drawing August 12.

I also want to thank Jeannie over at The Character Therapist for putting Roxanna and Cass on the couch, so to speak, and figuring out what makes them tick from a psychological perspective. I invite you to look at this fascinating site and enter the giveaway for a signed copy of the The Colonel's Lady there on Jeannie's blog.

Bless you!