Monday, August 8, 2011

more reader pics:)

Heather always manages to make historical hearts beat a little faster. She's included a few of my/our favorite things - a book, a cup of tea, lace doilies, and biscuits:) And we mustn't forget those gloves! Aside from hats, I miss the beauty and grace of gloves and heirloom lockets...

I love this picture of Amber, holding a pendant given to her by her grandparents, alongside Roxanna's locket. Bless you, Amber!

I think TCL looks right at home with those chocolate bars and Vegemite from Oz! Brought to us by our very own Rel:) I feel a trip to Australia coming on...

If you'd like to send a photo, I'd love to post it here. Just email me at

Happy reading!


  1. Would one with your Kindle Edition work?

    Love the pics.That's what I miss about Kindle, is having that beautiful cover to look at!

  2. Awww, thanks for posting my pic! :) I loved your latest book!! (So glad you came across my review - it will be posted on my blog next week, too!)

    That first picture is so beautiful!! And that last one is so fun! (Chocolate looks great alongside anything, but even more so with a great book...) Love all these reader pics and celebrating TCL! :D


  3. love seeing all the pics! Glad you liked my little vignette :) Man, last saturday night. I sat down with the book and a storm rolled in and took out all the power. I was quite dismayed! ;)

  4. More lovely photos! Thank you for sharing, Laura. : )

    @Amber, I think we might have the same entertainment center. I'm looking for a picture of mine to send to you. :D

  5. Love them and love that Amber! :)

  6. I loved seeing Amber and Heather does do such beautiful pictures. I love, love, love her Avonlea work.q

  7. OH YES!! A Kindle edition pic would be so great:)

  8. Ha, Laura, a trip is definitely necessary! Tim Tams are bikkies or biscuits - maybe what you call cookies - and an essential part of every Aussie's diet! When your weather cools I just might have to send you some and show you how to do a Tim Tam Slam with your cup of tea!

    Hugs xo

  9. I don't have a photo to send, but I'm excited to have my copy of TCL! I have a Nook, and really do enjoy the convenience; but some times a "real" book is just plain necessary. In this case I can now put all three of your books in my special bookcase of "to be read again..and again...and again", favorites.

  10. Bless you all for the great comments - I just LOVE these pictures! It's my favorite part of the launch:) I hope folks keep sending them as I save every one and go back to look again and again!

    My new website is almost finished and I may ask the designer to add a photo montage of all the ones I have to keep on the site as a running pictorial:) I hope we're going to launch that September 1 as it fits so beautifully with my next series - it's a vastly different look so hope you all like!

    Mary, Bless you and your Nook!! It warms my heart knowing your reading, reading, reading:) Hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know!

    Rel, I LOVE the very words "Tim Tam Slam" - my cups of nightly tea (boring old decaf Constant Comment) need some perking up;) I keep remembering the pic of you and Liz on your blog. Lucky Liz came to you side of the world!! That woman does get around. She's headed to Michigan soon and then the Holy Land. Wish I could tag along.

    Anyway, bless you all for these great pics. They are keepers, every one!!

  11. Oohhhh. I haven't ordered my book, yet. I'd better do that today! I love the first pic. I'd never think to do something so clever.

    If I took a pic, I'd probably be in my ratty pajamas.


  12. Britt, I'd so love to have a pic of you, ratty jammies and all;) Thoughts and prayers with you!!

  13. Hello Dear Laura,

    I wanted to write you sooner but I have been tied up with work lately. I had 12 days off in a row so because of that I had to work several days together.

    I finished reading TCL last Wed. It was such a treat to be able to read it while away on a little get away with my family. We went to the west side of Michigan not to far from Revell!! Lake Michigan was our destination. We stayed in a little town called Grand Haven. Isn't it perfect that I read your book close to your publisher?!? It is a beautiful part of MI.

    I truly loved the story. Even though my physical body was at the beach on Lake Michigan my mind was in a Kentucke Fort in 1779. I think you have the perfect balance of dialogue and setting description. If there is too much detail I tend to nod off :) I really did feel the book. I am more of a upbeat person but while reading I felt the struggles and heaviness of Roxanna's heart. Especially when she was fed up with being cooped up in the fort. I probably would not have made it as long as her. There is a benefit to being a more realistic/melancholy person as herself. Did I read her right? What is funny is you described her being a scrivener so well that I wanted to run out and get some quills and ink and start writing with those instruments right away!!. I had plenty of sand from Lake Michigan to let my writings dry!!! I am still considering it :). Of course, the relationship between Roxanna and Cass made my heart squeeze with delight. I loved that he gave her the special tea cup though I COULD NOT believe what she did to it!! Its true that "hell hath fury like a woman scorned".

    I thank the Lord for your gift of writing and friendship. I look forward to many more opportunities to be able to read your works.

    Love, Stacie

  14. Stacie, SO happy you got away for a while! Grand Haven sounds - well, grand;) You were missed! And I'm delighted you took Roxanna along. And that she gave you an escape to Kentucke even though you didn't really need one being on vacation. Love your thoughts and insights here. Thanks so much for that.

    Like you, I became a little quill crazy while writing and even wanted to process some rag linen paper. And make my own ink:) I did succumb to some sealing wax and a seal but haven't used it yet on letters. While in Philly I saw the loveliest lap desks like Roxanna would have had with secret compartments and all the rest. But my, pretty spendy! So I just looked. I was in search of a locket, also, but have two of my greatgrandmothers so don't really need another. And yes, shame on her for what she did with that thistle cup but I'd best be quiet so there are no spoilers here...

    You were close to Baker Books:) Closer than I've ever been! I imagine it's pretty now and even more beautiful in the fall when you'll be going to your retreat. If you get near Liz, please tell her to write a bit faster!

    Bless you for checking in and letting me know what's up with you. Apparantly, quite a lot! Thanks for being along on this writing journey. You're sure a gift of a reader.

  15. Love the new pictures!! Thanks for sharing them :)

    Amber looks so pretty! Love the locket idea, too! And Heather's pic is so lovely and inviting! Lol, must agree with the chocolate, also - goes good with everything, especially a great book ;)

    Laura, I also have to thank you for the above devotional post. So beautifully convicting. "When our back is to the breathtaking beauty of God, we cast a shadow on the earth and fall in love with it. But it does not satisfy." Wow, so very, very true. Tucking that one away in the journal for sure. And that accompanying pic is beautiful and is now my desktop background :)


  16. Amanda, So glad you like the pics. They sure are fun to get and post:) More coming...

    Yes, that line really stood out for me, too. Piper has such a way with words. The picture is so beautiful, too. This is Castle Chillon in Switzerland - 11th century, if I remember correctly. I've never seen a pic that does it justice - it's actually quite large - but this photo comes close. Makes me want to return on a lavender-lit night:)

    Praying His best for you today! And your family and dear papa.

  17. Thank you for the sweet compliments! :D

    And Laura, I agree with Amanda - thank you for today's devotional post and sharing those beautiful quotes with us. :) Very inspiring!


  18. I have truly enjoyed finding your blog because of loving your books, because I have discovered others that share this similar love as well- and it is so cool to see readers' pics with the books. I mean, I have never seen this on a blog before! It just adds to the welcoming flavor, and I hope I can get to know some of the ladies that visit here! God bless!

  19. Sweet P, I hope you get to know some of the others here, too. They're the best bunch!! Some of them have blogs and some don't but when we get together it really is like a party and sometimes we really get busy:) Thanks for the thumbs up on the reader pics. I just love them and hope readers keep sending them. I have a couple waiting in the wings, hoping for more to come in! If folks are camera shy, I'll just post theirs of the book. But I love them all! Bless you right back:)