Sunday, February 21, 2010

sweet strings

Some days are so memorable you simply want to repeat them:) This weekend was among them. Throw in a little fiddle music, a lot of sunshine, an amazing view, a good book, ice cream, my Mom, lunch out, and you have all the makings of a fine day. I call these times green pastures and still waters and always think of Psalm 23. And true to Scripture, I come away feeling like He's 'restored my soul.'

Paul had a fiddling gig an hour away at Sequim Bay and this is the view from the old hall they were playing in. Lots of Irish and Scottish jigs and reels and then Paul played the old Civil War tune, The Girl I Left Behind Me, and Britches Full of Stitches. I must admit I had trouble keeping my mind on the music:) Everything was so golden and blue and green and beautiful all around us.

I could almost forgive rainy Washington everything today! I did do a little writing, a little research, and a lot of dreaming. And guess what? There's a fiddler in my fourth book:)

Have you had any green pastures and still waters experiences lately?


  1. Oh, that sounds like such a wonderful day! It is so blue and beautiful there! Everything is white and gray here now. You don't know how that photo lifted my spirits. I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time visiting with your mom. That's great that she got to be there for Paul's event.

    You know, when I think about my perfect days, they are usually outside in the fresh air and sunshine and always with people I love. It was sunny all week here, an amazing thing for Febuary.

    Book 4!! That would be a new series or a continuation?

  2. Wow, Laura. You live in paradise (when it isn't fogged in!). I'm so glad you had a wonderful day today. I was thinking about you. Wish I could have heard some of that music!

    Today was pretty great for me too. I don't think I set foot out of the house (though I did poke my head out), but it was still waters and green pastures in my soul, partly because of a couple of hours of writing this morning where I made myself cry. Those are always special tears.

  3. Beautiful view. Looks like you are getting some of the same weather we are having down here. Love it!!

    And, yes, I have had some still waters and green pastures the last few days.
    Yesterday was absolutely wonderful. Spend a couple hours at the beach and it was so warm and great! sandcastles, names in the sand, wet toes(brrrr!!!), and sunshine.
    Today was another good one. Church, planting my herbs and seeds for the garden, a little walk down the road, basketball playing.
    God has been so good to me.

    I would love to hear your young man play the fiddle. My niece also plays. It's so fun to listen to. Her favorites are the Irish tunes.

  4. Sounds like such a lovely, lovely day...sigh...How I long for that green! That blue! I feel like I moved to northern England. I expect a Bronte to wander by at any moment ;)

    hehe....just yesterday I was listening to my Daisy May Erlewine album and wishing I could fiddle ;) her music is amazing. I think you might like it too!

    I think my favorite moment from the weekend was watching my little one doing so well at her skating lessons. I love watching her enjoy something so much that once had meant so much to me. And seeing how well she's doing, and being excited that we can now skate together. It's the little things in life!~

  5. Heather, My sweetest times are with my boys when they're happy and learning and growing - I can feel your joy through your daughter's skating. So neat that you can do it together!! She'll love that all her life and consider it a gift from you.

    Oh, Daisy May Erlewine is a perfect fiddling name! I'll have to look her up:) Thanks for that! I've listened to Natalie MacMaster so much that someone new would be nice.

    Hoping your day is filled with too many wonderful things to count:)

  6. Glad to know that sunshine is spreading south, Lisa. You are in a very nice spot in Oregon - along with Lori - and I'm ready to move down:) I need to catch up with my blog reading and enjoy your great pics there. All your gardening and beachcombing inspires me! Wish your niece and Paul could play together. It's so wonderful to listen to that type of music - a blast from the past! Hope you have another wonderful week!

  7. Lori, Every day is finer with some writing tucked in, that's for sure, especially the kind that touches your soul.

    I'm looking forward to sitting on the deck today in the sun (our last day as rain begins again tomorrow) and writing my heart out:)

    Wish you had a fiddler or two nearby. My life is so much richer with their music. Wish I could play!

  8. Carla, I'm so glad you like the photo. That's how I feel when you post your Maine photos - they are just breathtaking! Very similar to here with all that water and those trees, etc.

    Mom left yesterday and it was sure hard to see her go. She had a night flight to Ky. but is currently stuck in Atlanta this morning caught in a storm. Guess those southerners aren't getting our sun!

    I'm like you - perfect days include being outside in God's big garden with people you love. Well said! I pray you have some of that this week.

    Book 4 is a stand-alone and may go in the drawer as it's quite a departure from my other books. But I feel the Lord leading in this direction so will see what my publisher says. Prayers appreciated! Mine are with you, dear friend:) I've been praying about your book!

  9. Hmmmmm... your fourth book! I'm curious!

    LOVELY photos! Wish I could have heard all that fiddling!

    Sorry to hear of your mother being stuck in Atlanta. We have snow and ice here today in Missouri, and schools are closed. Enjoy your spring-like weather!


  10. You're in my green pasture. :-)

    I like this blog. It's soothing. And the photo is so lovely. I wish I could fiddle!

  11. Laura,

    I'd gladly take a fiddler or three in trade for the heavy metal garage band that practices next door nearly every day. Among my great blessings counted lately: foam earplugs!

    I'm intrigued by your description of Book 4. Can't wait to learn how it's different.

  12. Hi Laura -

    Springtime usually gives me that, "He restores my soul," moment. Of course, if I get the job I'm interviewing for tomorrow, I may well have that moment a lot sooner. :)


  13. Susan, I promise to pray for your interview. Please let me know how it goes. It sounds like it would be a perfect fit for you and I can sense your excitement. Amen to spring bringing green pastures and still waters! I couldn't agree more.

  14. Me, too, Britt! If we could fiddle we'd call ourselves the Smoky Mountain Sisters:) Glad you feel at home/at rest on my blog. I sure appreciate yours!

  15. Linda, I know you've looked out on this bay a few times yourself:) It's so different in Missouri but beautiful there, too. I have a soft spot for Missouri as my next book has a Missouri theme and it's Daniel Boone's resting place (before the Kentuckians dug him up again, that is). I visited his stone house there years ago. I guess the proper word is exhumed!

    Oh I'm just dying to talk about my next book! I'll do it as soon as I get the go ahead. For now I've been told to keep quiet. Always a learning game, this publishing biz!

    Heartfelt congrats on your own book!

  16. Oh my, guess I'll keep my sweet strings, Lori. Though it's not always quiet in the woods. Just ask the guy who runs the generator at odd hours across the way from us. And then there are those rottweilers... (spelling?!)

  17. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day surrounded by loved ones, a lovely setting, and music you love.

    I've got a "sweet strings" day coming up. On Saturday night, I'll be at my daughter's university savoring the sounds of Joshua Bell making his violin strings sing. I've had my ticket for months and am getting mighty excited.

  18. Keli, You are about to embark on one of my dreams! Sweet strings, indeed:) I can't wait to hear your impressions. I'm so glad to hear universities are still inviting musicians to come. I heard Itzak Perleman as an undergraduate (he was confined to a wheelchair from polio then) but it didn't affect his playing one bit. In fact, that was when I fell in love with the violin.
    Enjoy the concert! That's what dreams are made of.

  19. Laura, your day sounds blissful. I LOVE fiddle music -- anything with a Celtic beat.

    I don't know if you could call this a green pastures moment since it involves snow, but we had a fresh snowfall overnight. It was a glorious white surprise. We haven't had snow for awhile but it's been cold enough that we've kept what we had only it was turning gray and blechy.

    So Simba and I got to be the first ones to make tracks through our neighbourhood. It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful...a perfect time to commune with God. Even though it was hard trudging through the heavy snow, I felt refreshed when I got back home.

  20. Oh Kav,
    I so understand your snow scene - there's such a purity and beauty about a fresh snowfall that is just magical, even moreso than green pastures. I could just picture it as you described it! Especially the time alone with God. Thanks for sharing that here - perfect!

  21. I love that photo! It looks like the perfect place to sit and reflect on all of God's blessings.

    I always enjoy your posts so much!

    Have a blessed week!

  22. Stacey, That's just how I felt amidst all that music on the side of that mountain - so thankful! And I'm thankful for you, too, that out of your very busy schedule you take time to stop by and comment. That truly blesses me! Am thinking about you homeschooling today as I do the same:)