Monday, February 1, 2010

real life

Happy February! I must confess I'm never sad to see January go as it is my least favorite month. Now that we're creeping toward spring I feel a lightness in my spirit and maybe you do, too. Our Wal-Mart is even stocking early spring flowers! Besides books, flowers are my other passion. But lately it's just books, books, books.

Some of you may be wondering if I'm still married and have children, if we still homeschool, and if we're as heavy into the violin/fiddle as we used to be, etc:-). All that seems to have taken a backseat to the book biz lately, at least on this blog. So I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to catch you up. I really do have a real life vs. a writing life. Here's proof...

This weekend both my boys, bless them, decided to come down with stomach flu. So I had to switch hats fast and play nurse. And I'm not a good nurse! Anybody else wonder why stomach bugs always bite in the middle of the night? Believe me, I wanted to fly away to my imaginary world more than ever. But they're much better today. Other than that, things are humming along. I'm down to only homeschooling my 10 year old, Paul, as he's my fiddler and that's a big part of our day. Wyatt (13) has survived 5 months of public school/7th grade after being at home for his elementary years. His only complaint is the homework. Homeschoolers just don't have homework, at least not in our house!

We're pretty excited as my mom is flying in from Kentucky this weekend and will be with us 2 weeks. We get to stuff her with salmon and Starbucks and make her rainproof. She hasn't seen my boys for a whole year - the longest separation ever.

On the publishing front, I'm expecting a big shipment of bookmarks and postcards for Courting Morrow Little soon. If you'd like either, please send me your snail mail address (I have many of yours already) and I'll be happy to mail them out to you this spring. You can leave a comment here or at Since I love bookmarks, I can never have too many. And my publisher makes the most beautiful bookmarks!

Are you sorry to see January go? Anything fun happening in February for you? Or beyond?


  1. Good morning, Laura.

    So glad to hear that you still have your family! ha ha
    AFter having your son in public school for awhile now, what do you prefer? how have the changes been for you?

    oh, i bet you are so excited for your mom to arrive!! i suppose the boys are anxiously awaiting her also.
    1 year is a long time for a grandma to go without her grandbabies!!

    have a good day.

    (i was thinking about your "heroes" post again. Another hero i admire is Charles Ingalls. Pa just had a way of loving his wife and children that was so sweet and protective. Love that!)

  2. I happen to like January and February because I like winter. Around March I start getting *real* tired of it and craving spring and the color green.

    What fun that your mom is coming to visit! Mine lives right down the road from me----I can't imagine her being cross-country.

    I would *love* a bookmark and whatever else you have to give away pertaining to Courting Morrow Little. Except the actual book! DO NOT enter me in any drawing to win it. I am going to purchase two of CML when it comes out--One for me and one to give away on my blog.

    Glad your boys are feeling better---Hope no one else comes down with the bug.

  3. I have a lot of birthdays in Feb. Today the first is one of grandaughter's birthday she turned 14, the 10th is mine and the 13th is another grandaughter's 22 birthday. The 28th is my daughter, the 28th is a grandson's 5th birthday and her husband's 9th anniv.
    So we have a lot of money to spend this month, LOL

    I really enjoy your site, I found you on Virginia Smith's tour


  4. Hi Lisa!
    I had you in mind when I was writing this post as you have four kids whereas I only have two, and I bet you are a much better nurse!

    You've asked good questions about public school vs. homeschool - the same ones I've been mulling myself since September. I like the fact that Wyatt seems more challenged academically and is learning a lot. I'm not a good math teacher which is one of the reasons I put him in. But the hardest part is the loss of innocence. Within a month of attending, I could tell he was not the same kid since he'd been exposed to so many worldy, less than desirable things. But I believe you can't shield a child forever (though I'd like to). I wasn't homeschooled so I treasure the time we had doing that. Another plus is that he's been able to play basketball and make new friends. And I don't have to listen to him argue back and forth with his brother during the day like I used to:) Another plus! Thanks for asking about that as it's really been on my heart.

    And I couldn't agree more about Pa Ingalls being a hero. Not long ago I finished a library book - a biography about his real life - and he was certainly a family man in his personal life and loved his many children!

    Bless you and your brood today!

  5. Mary,
    You are so blessed to have your mom so close to you! That is my dream. She won't know my Wyatt when she comes. He is about 4 inches taller she is now and has sprouted a black moustache! I never knew boys could do that this early but there it is. He won't shave it either:( Hope your Peter is less hairy!

    Music to my ears about that giveaway on your blog - bless you so very much!! I will send you extra bookmarks for that and for any friends who are readers of historicals (and anything else I can think of related to it). You are a precious friend.

    Stay warm and snug there! Thinking of you!

  6. Oh how fun, fiddle playing boys! I bet its so fun to have music in the house all the time. I've always yearned to be musical....but sorry to hear everyone got sick! Yuck, hate that. Hope everyone gets better fast!
    I'm not sorry to see january go....snow just doesn't seem as magical after Christmas, and I can expect my bulbs to start coming up in March.
    Oh February....looking forward to trying new things with painting, and I think we're pretty set on trying to sell our little house. That should be an adventure...

    Oh! And I'd love a bookmark! And I agree, the ones you sent before were so pretty!~

  7. Edna, So glad you stopped by today! I met Ginny Smith at the Kentucky book fair and am glad to link with you that way again. I think it would be wonderful to have a large family like yours where there's always a celebration going on. Happy early birthday to you!

    And I'll be so glad to send you some bookmarks and cards. Bless you for asking!

  8. Heather, You have some big things in the works! I've always loved moving as it always seemed like a big adventure to me, too:) And then I married a man who only moved once in his whole life and that was just 5 miles down the road.
    Yes, having music in the house is wonderful and opens up a whole new world to us. I love that old time gospel violin. Wish I could play!
    And I'd love to send you a bookmark and stuff. Consider it done:)

  9. Hi Laura, I'm so glad to hear the writing life doesn't swallow up real life altogheter - it's too precious! Sometimes I used to think homeschooling swallowed it, but then again it really was a "way of life" which I enjoyed very much.

    I sure hope your boys are feeling better soon and that you and Randy don't come down with it. You're family is in my prayers.

  10. Carla, So good to hear from you. I didn't know you homeschooled! Glad to know you treasure those times. They sure are fleeting. I sometimes wish for a quiet house but know that will come all to soon.
    Thanks so much for your prayers for our health. I hope you and yours are feeling good there. I have to hold up for my mom's visit. No fun being sick with Granny here:)
    Thinking of you!

  11. Bookmarks! Oh goody! Yesterday, someone asked, "Niki, what was that book you recommended?" I handed her another postcard about TFD. "I need a good piece of fiction," she said. About January? A transition month that gives me time to put away Christmas, and engage in the new direction God reveals in December.

  12. Niki, You are a treasure. You did so much to promote TFD I didn't dare want you to feel like you had to do anything for CML! You are on my pub's list for a book prior to release:) That is one small way for me to thank you for all you did for TFD. I'll be so happy to send you bookmarks and cards once I have them. They're giving me a great many and I'm thankful.

    Love that you see January as a transition month to see what God has in store. Your attitude of expectancy is one I've been trying to cultivate. I'm off to visit your blog! Bless you bunches!

  13. January is my least favorite month as well, but I'm a little freaked out that February is here already!! Glad the stomach bug is on it's way out the door! I'd love a CML bookmark, I will have to send you my snail mail addy. Thanks! Oh and have a fantastic time with your mom!

  14. I think it's wonderful that you home school! You've set a firm foundation for your boys that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

    And fiddle playing? Now that's something I didn't know about you. Any chance you play Celtic tunes?

    I like the stillness of January after all the busyness of Christmas settles down. I get into my re-decorating and organizing mode and I can justify curling up with a good book on a cold winter's night and not feel guilty about frittering away time. And sometime around mid-month I start to make grandois plans for my garden...that's almost as fun as puttering around in the soil. :-) November is my 'blah' month.

    Take care of yourself and your family and enjoy your mother's visit!

  15. Ruth, Good to hear from you here and there/Facebook! I'd be more than happy to send bookmarks to Tennessee. In fact, I have to look for airfare there today so Tennessee is on my mind:)
    Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm. You are a dear friend!

  16. Kav,
    You reminded me of why winter is so needed - sitting around reading without guilt! When the sun is shining and it's warm I'm always pulled outside to my garden. Speaking of which, we got our Territorial Seed catalog in the mail yesterday so no wonder you are plotting/planning/dreaming your garden:) That really is fun to do in the dead of winter.

    Yes, Paul does play a lot of Celtic fiddle tunes. And a lot of 18th-century music which is wonderful for my research. My favorite fiddler - (besides Paul, of course:)- is Natalie MacMaster from up your way. If you haven't listened your library might have. That's how I found her. She's amazing!

    Bless you today!

  17. Oh your poor boys...and you. I HATE the stomach flu.

    I do love flowers though. I can't wait for planting season :-)

    I do not like January. I usually have anxiety problems in the cold winter months and look longingly for the first signs of spring.

  18. Not too much longer, Britt, and all that SAD weather will fly away for us both:) I bet you have a garden - at least a flower garden. I miss those southern springs with the redbud and dogwood blooming. Nothing like it in all the world! The air smells so sweet then. Thinking of you!

  19. I didn't realize until just a couple days ago that you were only homeschooling one son now. I'm a little slow on the uptake!

    I'd love some bookmarks too. I am SO looking forward to CML.

    I like January well enough. It comes as a relief to me to have no major holiday to work around or plan for or be too busy about. It's like a cozy breath of ease after December. But I don't mourn its passing, either.

  20. Lori,
    So glad to send a few bookmarks to you and any book loving friends you might have:) I'm the bookmark queen and carry them in my purse wherever I go. I've even mailed them in bills!

    Life with boys is an adventure, though much quieter with one in public school! Now I'm logging off to run Wyatt and Jerricho to youth group in town. Hooray!

  21. Hey Laura,
    Hope the boys are over the stomach bug! Unfortunately, we Moms have to play lots of rolls in our lifetime of kids! I am sure you do the nurse thing just fine but know it is not your preference, ha! So glad to hear Wyatt liking public school....the extra friends and activities are great. We have had some bad weather the last few days here so I am OVER it already, ha! Hate January and am ready for spring, ha! Sydney has a birthday next Monday.....hard to believe, the big 15! Praying you and Randy are well too and I hope you guys have a wonderful visit with your Mom! Hi to her from me too! I am off work tonight but am out of bed and on this computer at almost 1 AM!!! That is what night shift has done to me over the years! Talk with you soon! Hi to everyone!

  22. Morning, Laura. Sorry to hear your boys were sick. I have to agree about that part of why it comes on in the middle of the night. Doesn't God realize we are not at our most understanding at that point? Well, I'm sure he does, and it does give us the chance to minister as He would.

    Have fun with your mom!

  23. Rhonda, I heard you had some snow your way! Mom had 7 inches and some parts of Kentucky had 10! I got a wonderful letter from a lady who told me she was snowed in with my book:)
    I can't believe Sydney is getting so teenish!! Bet you and Seana have some fun plans for her this go around as you both are so good at that.
    I've been thinking of you as I look for airfare next December. We're going to fly into Cinci, we think, and then drive to the Smokies. The boys can't wait! Will be wonderful to see you again. Randy and Mark can hang out while we girls go Christmas shopping:)
    Bless you all and thinking of you!

  24. Lorna, I love your take on the stomach flu. I think you may be very right. Nursing them really is a ministry and since I'm not very good at it, I have to lean heavily on Him. You should have seen me crawling around on the floor looking for my glasses when it hit - quite humorous in retrospect!

    Oh, and I do plan to have fun with my mom, thanks! She is a joy to be around with her sunny spirit.

    Thanks for stopping by! Thinking of you.

  25. I'm with you, not sorry to see January off at all!!!!!

    I'd love some bookmarks. Can't wait for your book to come out. Do you have a set release date yet for the summer?

    Thanks for the exercise tip, by the way. I've been only walking twice a week, need to up that. So here I am on my treadmill as I do some blog visiting. Blog buddies are the absolute best for encouragement!!

  26. Eileen,
    You're so blessed to have a treadmill! I've often thought I'd like one on the days it pours here (from October to June:) Sounds like your weather may be similar but bet you have more snow.

    And I'd love to send you some bookmarks. Thanks for asking. I saved your address:) Should have them next month which is way ahead of CML. The release date is officially July 1 but it tends to appear in bookstores a couple of weeks ahead of that.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I sure enjoy hearing from you!

  27. Hi Laura,

    Please add me to the list for bookmarks. I would love a few to share and use for my books. I can't wait for CML!

    I just started homeschooling my daughter. It has been an adjustment for both of us. I am not sure that I have the patience for it! Although, I honestly feel that this is the right path for us. Next year, she may be in public school (for 1st grade), but for how she is home with me. I do enjoy having her home. She is my joy.

    Stay warm... :)

  28. Wow, Blogger is still having tantrums. I am losing comments like crazy:) Anybody else so affected?
    Stacey, I am not very patient at times, nor are most homeschooling moms I know, so don't let that trouble you. I realized that while I could teach kindergarten and elementary, my skills ended there!

    Oh my, bookmarks coming your way!! Thanks so much for asking!