Monday, June 9, 2008

visit Spain - vicariously!

My brother, Chris, and his family are in Spain at the moment. I hop over to their blog to see what they are doing as it is a nice switch from rainy Washington state. They've lived in Ecuador for many years being missionaries and are now transitioning to Spain. Spain is the least evangelized nation in Europe and that is one of the reasons they are moving their ministry.

The churches their team began in Ecuador are thriving under Ecuadorian leadership so they are moving on. Team Expansion is really a great missions organization as they do not set out to change the culture and try to Americanize missions, but build up the Ecuadorian Christians to pastor and grow their own churches. Plus they meet a lot of practical needs such as providing medical services to poor families who otherwise would go without and raising funds for housing for those families who live in conditions that make our poor in the USA look like Bill Gates in comparison.

If you want to learn a little about Spain through some quick video blogging, just go to You'll be glad you did!

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