Tuesday, June 10, 2008

miscellaneous musings

Recent research indicates that physical activity boosts your creativity! I try to walk every day and after learning this my step was a little lighter - even with water dripping off the end of my nose. We're breaking records here for having the wettest, coldest summer weather in nearly a century, so says the Seattle news. Even my Washington born husband is tired of his webbed feet. Summer usually starts here in mid-July and then fades by September. Our garden doesn't come in till late August and our corn isn't ripe until the end of October/first of November.

I've been working hard on this second book. It is finished but I'm 75 pages "over-budget" so to speak. My contract specifies a 352 page book, based on the length of the first novel. I am so fond of overwriting. Now I have the pleasure of going back and slashing it to pieces. It's more fun that it sounds. The deadline for this second book isn't until August of '09. I'm so thankful as this gives me plenty of time to change the plot if need be or throw half the thing out like last time. I love this second book but feel it is a bit of a risk. It has a great deal more colonial history in it, etc. This third book will be a booger. Lots of prayer needed and I haven't even begun.

The pictures should be here by week's end - those family photos I've been talking about. Some of my relatives read this blog and haven't seen my boys in a while so hope to post those soon.

His peace as you go about your week!

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  1. I would gladly trade you some of our VERY hot and humid weather for some much needed cooler rainier weather anytime! I wish it were really possible to do! Our summer starts here weather wise in May and the heat lasts up into October sometimes! Sounds as if your writing is going as planned etc. I know it keeps you on your toes. Looking forward to the family picture. :)