Saturday, June 28, 2008

computer woes

I've been offline since Friday as my laptop decided to take a short vacation. I pushed the power button and absolutely nothing happened - lights on but nobody home kind of thing. I called technical support and they were able to fix it over the phone! My life just got a lot sweeter!! I am not computer savvy so get a little panicked. My USB is my best friend (that's a back-up device to save things like books and stuff, for those who are equally unsavvy).

Meanwhile my brother in Ecuador, who is not computer challenged in the least, put some new features on here but isn't finished and can't post anything else, including the family pics, until he gets back from his Andes trip. He has 32 folks from Ohio visiting at the moment and no time! He and Nicia host these missions groups regularly. I think I will sign up for the one in sunny Spain!

Anyway, it is a crazy kind of Saturday with the thermometer sitting at 80 degrees. I went out and weeded the garden early and the corn is just a couple of inches high but should shoot up in this heat. I wish I could post a picture of my Cecile Bruner roses - all 30 feet of them as they climb up an old cedar stump in our yard. They are so tiny and pink and highly fragrant - my very favorite rose.

As I weeded and watched out for snakes and bugs (our specialty is slugs) I chuckled at the recent blog I came across that is entitled "Gardening While Intoxicated" and wondered if I'd like weeding better if I tried it!

Randy is hard at work on the deck and it promises to be a booger. Prayers appreciated! See you Monday!

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  1. Glad your computer is back up and running as it is your lifeline I know!! Love your picture! It's great! Now everyone truly knows who the author is, ha. I am glad Chris is so helpful with your blog. Your garden and roses sound so pretty, and I know you are enjoying the hot weather today.....a nice welcome change I'm sure. We are cooking out tonight as I write and wish you were closer to invite over! :)