Friday, June 6, 2008

Barnes and Noble

I am ashamed to write this but today I visited my first Barnes and Noble bookstore. We live 3 hours west of Seattle and so have no major bookstores in the woods. We had to travel almost 2 hours today to get to a mall. The last time we went to the city was 3 years ago and that was pre-book contract time which meant I avoided bookstores like the plague. Didn't even like looking in the window. The bookstore experience made me depressed and I'm not being melodramatic. Somehow libraries didn't have the same effect on me. We have a wonderful library here in the wilderness.

The last time I was in a bookstore was years ago - maybe Waldenbooks is a thing of the past. Remember how narrow and dark and crowded they were? That was my last bookstore experience. Today I was very impressed with B&N! They even had a small section for Christian fiction. And they stock one of my favorite authors, Liz Curtis Higgs.

I'm not sure if my book will grace the shelves of Barnes and Noble. I don't ask my publisher too many questions at this point. This is all such a gift that I just smile and nod my head at them. I enjoy not knowing. Surprises are nice.

P.S. A dear anonymous reader asked for the pot pie recipe which I will gladly give first thing in the morning - but only if you let me post the real deal in dumplings right alongside it - southern style!


  1. Glad you made it to a B&N finally................and you will become a huge fan of bookstores, ha, when your books grace their shelves! Polly just sent Zach a giftcard for his birthday for Barnes and Noble. He likes to read. Maybe Port Angeles will one day get a neat bookstore. :)

  2. I'm reading through some of your old blogs. I've never been to a Barnes and Noble either. We have one in the busy part of town. No thanks to that section...

  3. Well here we stand in 2012 and I will have you know I purchased my first Frantz novel at a Barnes and Noble last spring! Isn't it funny how God pays attention to the details?! :)

  4. CP! So thankful for Barnes&Noble - and YOU!! I love hearing how readers come by my books:) And you're so thoughtful for stoppng here and telling me so!! I apologize for this pictureless post - this was in the old days before I figured out how to upload photos!! Bless you!