Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dogwood Winter

Yes, that's the working title of my book - Dogwood Winter. I can officially start the countdown for publication as it is only a year away. Seems like forever but the months really do fly by. I'm going to try to post a little counter in the margin so I can count down till August 1 of next year which is the contracted release date. When I was young I used to pray that the Lord wouldn't return until I got married (I love weddings!). Now I want to pray He'll wait till I publish this first book!

Pretty soon the artists should have the book cover done and I'm holding my breath! Of all the things about this publishing process, this book cover is dearest to my heart. When you write you always carry around a mental picture of the ideal cover. On the publisher's end, actual models are used in period costumes for book jackets. I have some definite ideas about the cover and hope we get it right. I've heard writers sometimes throw "a diplomatic fit" about covers they don't like but I shudder at the thought. How do you tell an artist that their vision of your book isn't yours? Hmmm. But I've prayed about every inch of this process so will rest in that.

Today is a no-writing kind of day. We're having lunch with our neighbors and then the boys have basketball camp. After that we're hosting a little cookout for their basketball friends. The weather has decided to cooperate and be sunny and 60'! Tomorrow Randy starts building the deck we've dreamed of for years and years. It will be the most level, plumb deck in the whole United States. He hates these kind of projects. Stranger still, this is a no-nonsense deck with no frills built by a no-frills kind of guy - basically a big rectangle overlooking our garden and orchard. But he is not fond of these projects though he is very good at them.

Alright, the day has come to post those family photos I've been promising to my faithful family and those few blog readers who visit. Bless you! I'm taking some of the pictures to my neighbor who has a scanner and we'll see what happens. Thinking of you wherever you are and hoping you have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the title of this book and I hope the cover will be just what you imagine it to be! I am very excited for you! Can't wait to see the family photo/photos you can get posted on the blog. Glad Randy is starting to build your new deck tomorrow. All home/yard improvements are so much fun although work. I know he is good at those types of projects. Have a great day! :)