Saturday, September 5, 2009

summer ends, autumn begins

I'm feeling autumn in the air and my days of hanging clothes out to dry are drawing short! Those early settlers didn't have clotheslines but just strung their wash on whatever bush or fence or porch rail they could. Isn't this quilt beautiful beneath that colorful tree? Actually it's the tree that catches your eye - no mistaking our Creator's design!

It's been a busy week. Wyatt finds middle school "interesting" and Spanish is his favorite class. Paul and I start homeschooling again next week - fiddling, too. Our garden is in - lots of green beans, cukes, tomatoes, and corn. I leave for Denver in just a few days and need to start packing. But my heart is really set on Kentucky.

For you Facebook fans, The Frontiersman's Daughter has a page of its own. Please look it up and come visit! My dear friend, Patti, in Kentucky gave me the idea and she has been such a blessing to me by sharing the word about my book. I recently received news that Kentucky Monthly magazine will be reviewing the book in an upcoming issue. Wouldn't it be fun if Cracker Barrel would start carrying books?! That's just about the first place I stop when I go home:)

Here's a lovely thought:
Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars. -Henry Van Dyke

Kentucky countdown: 60 days!


  1. Laura, the fan page is a great idea. I joined.

  2. I'm reading the Frontiersman's Daughter, and I remember a while ago you asked about if the cover girl depicted Lael right. I imagine her to have more refined features that look strong and blonder hair. I'm enjoying reading it and thanks again for the copy. The quilt looks lovely too.

  3. Thanks so much, Keli! I just heard from my web designer that my new website/blog are coming together so looking forward to sharing that with you, too. Bless you today!

  4. Laura, is that a recent photo? Have you your leaves really started to turn already? How beautiful---both the trees and the quilt!

    Perhaps you've mentioned it in the past, but how did your son learn to play the fiddle? I was just sitting here thinking of how Peter wants to learn the guitar. Unfortunately, both he was born into a non-musical family (we can play the radio!) I'm wondering if I can ask one of the young people at church to give him lessons, but I know being able to do something does not mean one is able to teach it.

    I'm rambling...Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  5. Mary,
    I'm chuckling at your radio comment. You have a wonderful funny bone:) I'm so glad to answer as we are non-musical also. My mom who played piano for years told me she thought he might be good in music as he has a good voice so I rented my favorite instrument, poor guy, not realizing the violin is known as perhaps the most difficult instrument to play! And I asked around and found a great teacher for him. And the Lord must have been leading as Paul loves his violin/fiddle and seems to have some ability for it.
    Your Peter and my Wyatt are the same age and have the same interest in guitar. I'm where you are and have thought about asking someone at church, even the youth, if they would give some lessons. It's a great compliment to them and they may discover they can really teach - and Peter might love it! Let me know how it goes. Music is such a wonderful gift. I've often said that if I couldn't write my first pic would have been musician:)
    Whoops - now who's rambling!

  6. Hi Adge!
    I agree with you - Lael looks a bit softer than she probably would if really a settler. And her hair, at least in the novel, was very light like cornsilk so you are right there also. Those frontier girls were hardy types adn thier features would have reflected that.
    Glad you're liking the book. I love quilts and wish I had a hundred of them.

  7. Oh, the picture you have on this blog is beautiful! My great grandmother hung quilts out on her line at the end of every summer. It was like a tradition for her. She is 91 and still lives alone in her house in the countryside here in Southern Illinois, but hanging those quilts on a line isn't as easy now for her to do...
    When I saw that picture, it took me back to my childhood days at her place, running through the hanging sheets and blankets with my cousins. (sigh)
    You home-school? I am a home-school graduate and plan on teaching my boys at home as well. God first-and the rest falls right into place!
    God bless you, Laura. You are a gifted writer, and a sweet person!

  8. Becca,
    So happy to meet you on here! I really like your memories - and so glad your granny is still with you and putting those quilts on the line when she can. You and I share the same type memories. I love hanging things out on the line as that was such a wonderful part of my childhood.
    Love what you said - God first and the rest falls right into place! So glad you're passing that on to your own children. You sound like a wonderfully content wife and mom.
    Please stop by again! I love my readers:)