Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just had to share an answered prayer here as tonight about 6pm we entered the world of wireless internet and bade dinosaur dial-up goodbye forever! I don't think I've been this excited since I signed my book contract! I still can't figure out how to post pictures but my brother, bless him, said he will resume the pics here as soon as his own internet is installed in Spain. I've really missed him (and them). While I was fooling around trying to figure out the pic angle tonight, I did post a picture of my hero, Daniel Boone, but when it uploaded he was certainly NOT larger than life but more the size of a pin head, so I deleted the post and counted the days till brother Chris is back online.

Today received the back cover copy for TFD. Now we're one step closer to holding the book in hand. I'm dreaming of what the design team will create for the back cover art. I'd love some mountains and a river and maybe a cabin. Since the front cover was designed I've been a bit surprised that Lael's hair was left long and not braided as it often is in the book. But there is a reason her hair is left undone. With 1 Corinthians 11:15 in mind, pioneer women usually didn't cut their hair and often it fell to their feet. Lael is among them. I'd love to know who the model is that posed as Lael for the cover art. I hope she reads the book!

Tonight all is quiet. One son at youth group. Another son watching Johnny Test. One husband on another laptop (wireless internet)! One tired and excited Mom courting a sore throat. Happy Wednesday.

Lord, make me see thy glory in every place.


  1. Congrats on wireless!! Woohoo!! You will certainly get more accomplished now alot faster and more efficiently. I am at work in the middle of the night writing this, ha! Hello to all. :)

  2. Hi Rhonda! I must be dreaming with this wireless! Can't believe the time wasted on a decade of dial-up! Just watched a 1957 video of Johnny Cash singing on You Tube - wow! Now need a digital camera:)


  4. Yippppppeeee, indeed. After a decade of dial-up we are certainly celebrating! Just wish you could have shared it while you were here. But you would have missed all that local color in downtown Joyce:)