Monday, April 6, 2009

chocolate fountains

It's early Monday here and I'm in my writing chair. The sun is shining and the boys are still in bed. Easter, one of my favorite days, is right around the corner. April is full of fine things. We spent Saturday at a wedding amidst calla lilies and a chocolate fountain. You know you're getting older when the bride and groom look like they're in the 5th grade. Paul thinks there will be chocolate fountains in heaven - with lots of marshmallows, pretzels, and fresh strawberries to dip and eat. Someone remarked that I'll be attending one of my son's weddings soon. Hope not! I was 33 when I married Randy so my Wyatt, only 12, has a long way to go. I do love weddings. Especially if they're happy ever after:)

I have almost finished reading Susan Meissner's The Shape of Mercy. I don't read much contemporary fiction but this has an historical element that drew me - an old diary from the Salem witch trials. It is a very good book! Tomorrow night I'm going to drive an hour east to Sequim to attend a book club meeting about this book. I'd like to see how a successful book club functions as there is one starting at our church in September. Yesterday the lady who is hosting the one at our church told me my book is their first selection! I think I smiled all day.

Anyway, here's a bit of verse from two of my favorite poets:

A flash of dew, a bee or two,
A breeze
A caper in the trees,
And I'm a rose!

Emily Dickinson 1830-1886

In a garden suspended in time,
my mother sits in a redwood chair
light fills the sky, the folds of her
dress, the tangled roses beside her...

Mark Strand, American poet

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