Tuesday, April 28, 2009

messy desk

This is my beloved messy desk tucked into a little corner of our house. I dream of an office with bookshelves and a big dictionary on a stand and huge picture windows. Instead I have books stacked beneath the desk, one small casement window with a view of the garden, and a washer and dryer sharing my space. But it has lots of good writing memories. Everyone needs a space of their own even if it's just a little corner tucked away somewhere. I hope you have yours.

It's very wet and windy here - good writing weather. Or letter writing weather. I wrote two yesterday but am afraid letter writing is becoming a lost art. When I was at Barnes & Noble on the way to Oregon last week I bought a quill and ink set just to see how it feels to do things the old fashioned way. Going to the mailbox and getting a letter is right up there with chocolate-dipped twinkies. If you want to make someones day, write a letter!

By words the mind is winged. -Aristophanes

I have told my passion, my eyes have spoke it, my tongue pronounced it, and my pen declared it... Now my heart is full of you, my head raves of you, and my hand writes to you...
-George Farquhar to Anne Oldfield, 1700


  1. I love your writing area!

    I agree with you about letter writing - people seem to be getting away from this in favor of email. However, I love writing letters by hand and this is a love I have passed on to my youngest daughter. There is just something so personal about sending and receiving a handwritten letter because you know the person took time to do something special!

  2. Bobbi,
    I'm so impressed you passed the importance of letter-writing down to your daughter. It really is a wonderful gift! When I ask my sons to write even a simple thank you card they act like I've asked them to climb Mt. Everest:( We women and girls must keep the art alive! Glad you like my writing area. That encourages me and helps me value it a little more. Have a wonderful writing and reading day!