Monday, October 31, 2011

love autumn

After a 3 week break, I've decided to come back as I've missed you:) Lots can happen in 3 weeks! Here are a few highlights...

Edits...They were blessedly brief. Editorial said some very interesting things about this book which I wish I could share here. But no spoilers! I was walking on air afterwards and hope you enjoy the story, too. Release date is September, 2012. I should have a new title for you any day now - and then another lovely cover, or so I hope...

Travel...Randy and I took a road trip to Eastern Washington, specifically Lake Chelan and then up in the mountains to a little western town called Winthrop - a perfect place to set a story! Lots of fall color and apple cider and nights sleeping by a peaceful lake and then a rushing river...

Bible study...My mom and I are attending a Beth Moore revised study on the life of David. I thought it was more for her than me as she suggested it. NOT! This amazing study has my name written all over it. I think every woman in the audience must feel the same. I've been so humbled and convicted with what I'm learning and plan to share some in devotional posts to come...

Boys...We're heavy into basketball and fiddling here, schoolwork, and getting ready for the holidays. My brother is coming from Spain for Thanksgiving and I'm so excited. It will be the first time in many years that our whole family has sat down for a holiday meal together...

Next book...Would you believe I'm already at work on my next book?

Enough about me. I'd love to hear how October has been for you. Bane or blessing. I've had a bit of both. I haven't forgotten your prayer requests and they've stayed with me the past few weeks. I'd love to hear about any answers to prayer. Mainly, I just want to hear from YOU!

Happy November!



    Oh how I've missed you!! I was actually thinking of you last night and was going to email you, but then forgot.

    What a joy to have you back, I don't realize how much I miss you and your blog until it's gone for a while and then you make it back. :)

    It's staying warm here--so thank GOODNESS for that! I don't want to do snow in October like last year, but then today is the last day of October, so let's make no 's' until December. ;-)

    Writing! Got lots on my plate there, work and the coming bazaar season.

    Taking it one hour at a time it seems some times. :)

    Was listening to my kindle read TFD to me the other day while I cleaned a lady's house and you KNOW you've written it right when the mono-tone voice of a computer reads a sentence and gives the proper inflection. Know what I'm saying? I couldn't have read it better myself. ;)

    Long enough comment! Gotta get back to edits. :)

  2. Oh Casey, Your comments make me smile:) I've sure missed your enthusiasm and spark! With all these men in my life I miss some female companionship;) I had to chuckle at your cleaning comment as once upon a time I cleaned houses, too, while writing. But that was pre-Kindle! How cool it reads TFD to you - wow - that warms my heart! I always think of Lael in the fall especially for some reason. Maybe you, too.

    Prayers with you for that upcoming bazaar, editing, and all else. 'Tis the busy season, for sure. Would you believe our buddies like Julia and Renee Ann and Renee C. and others have a snow day today?!

    Bless you, dear Casey. So happy to see you here!

  3. Laura!!

    I am with Casey,I have missed you! I would come to the blog every couple of days lately to check if you have posted. My little heart was sad that you were still away!! Well, now you are back!! So glad you and Randy had an opportunity to get away! Dennis and I just came back from our weekend away yesterday. We went to Northern Michigan where the Fall Colors were divine!! Not much happened while you were away from the blog. I am very excited that your brother is able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with you!

    Yay! Another Laura Frantz book to be released!! I am trying to think if I have had a good read lately. Yes, "Highland Blessing" By Jennifer Hudson Taylor. I always love when authors write their books in the Scottish Highlands!!

    Again, so glad you are back!!

    Love, Stacie

  4. Laura, I'm glad you enjoyed your time away and that your edits went so well. I'm thrilled that your publisher had such great things to say about the story. Its release can't come soon enough. =)

  5. OH Stacie!! Wow - feels like a real homecoming:) So happy you're here! And I really know what that Michigan color is like having worked on Isle Royale and the UP that summer/fall. It is really spectacular. Glad you enjoyed your getaway, too. Hoping you don't have snow yet there!

    It's GREAT you've found Jennifer's books! She's a wonderful writer and a lovely person. We belong to the same writer's loop. She has more books coming, all with a Scottish connection, if I remember clearly. I know she'll be thrilled to have you as a reader. Her latest or upcoming one has a purple cover that is stunning. You may have seen it.

    I love when you share what you're reading:) I take note and often get those same books. Just today I had The Heiress come by Susan May Warren, compliments of dear Casey here. Can't wait to dive in. Anyway, happy reading to you! Praying you have a wonderful first week of November.

  6. Missed your lovely posts here even though I have gotten to visit with you over at CACW and via email. This blog is so soothing and just beautiful and your sweet comments always make me feel better. So glad you are back from your edits and trip. Blessings!

  7. Keli,
    It wouldn't be the same if I didn't see your name pop up:) Thanks so much for the thumbs up on those edits. One never knows how those will go. Now that you've been through it, you understand so well what's that like. I've been counting down the days till your release and a little bird told me you've seen your cover! Can't wait for that:) It's my favorite part of the process but you probably know that. Thanks so much for being here! You always bless me.

  8. Carrie, Oh, love the words soothing and beautiful. We're all in need of a slice of that:) Thanks so much for stopping here as I know you have your hands full with a little guy who's under the weather. It's a joy to come back to you all - I feel so blessed tonight, thanks to your wonderful comments!

  9. SO glad you're back Laura! It's been pretty uneventful here other than the snow we had this weekend (yuck!) and a house full of trick-or-treaters earlier this evening. So nice to hear that you had a great time on your break and that your brother is coming in for the holiday. Hope you have fun!!!


  10. So glad the edits went well! And I may be reading into things, but that trip with the rushing river . . . hmmmm. Sounds pretty fantastic!

    As for October, it was pretty intense at work and I need some reconnecting time with my hubby. Pray that we get some of that . . . and a rushing river would suit me just fine.

  11. Shhh, I want their snow to stay THERE! ;)

    I think of her this season too. For some reason (maybe she is always harvesting something) I think of Lael and think the lovely fall colors. :)

  12. Renee, Happy All Hallows to you, my friend:) I just ate one too many Reese's pumpkins, I'm afraid, as we never have any trick or treaters as we live in the big, spooky woods! I must say I envy you your snow (just not the cold). But as I told you on FB, the fluffy white stuff delights me due to that October snow scene in my next book:) Thanks for being here. I've thought of you often and have popped in to your blog, just haven't left a comment. You've been busy! Hope your upcoming holidays are fun. I know what my boys would like in their stocking. A miniature Coco:)

  13. LOL, Sarah - your meaning behind that rushing river just dawned on me;) I seem to have a thing for rivers and waterfalls, especially in fiction!

    I will say out getaway was unabashedly romantic. After 17 years, we're even moreso than before. And I so understand about needing that time. We had so little of it when we were both working and married in the early days. Praying you get some quiet, both personally and together. And that work is less hectic...

    And thanks for the gracious words about those edits. I have an amazing head editor. She won editor of the year at ACFW this year with good reason. Hope your writing is going well, too. I feel downright inspired when I spend time at your blog:)

  14. Whoops, pardon the typos - am on here a bit late tonight!

    Casey, YES, must be a Lael thing:) Love autumn. Always have. Hoping we have that in heaven...

  15. Sounds like your three weeks have been busy! I'm glad you're back. Looking forward to seeing the title and cover for the new book.

    The last three weeks have been quite hectic. You probably remember my promotion at work? Since things were pushed back, from the original plans, management decided to do internal applications for the three positions. So I ended up having to do two interviews. I got the job though, and started today. It was such a relief to leave work at 5, instead of having mandatory overtime.

    It's gotten cool here a few nights. I've definitely enjoyed my fireplace then.

  16. Laura, I'm so glad you are back to the blog!:) I am sooo happy that your book is finished and that you are writing a new one. Only wish it was coming at the beginning of 2012 and your new one at the end! Is this September one going to have male and female viewpoints or just female? I enjoyed TCL, but missed the beautiful, old style of female-only viewpoint greatly.

    I've been loving the fall weather and have made some pies and cookies with apples in them. I'm getting in the mood for Christmas music though.

    Some of the wonderful books that I have read lately and will profusely recommend are Spring for Susannah (Catherine Richmond), The Doctor's Lady (Jody Hedlund), and Wings of a Dream (Anne Mateer). Wonderful books! I have a couple of books that I plan to finish and then I will have a marathon reading of all the Mitford books by Jan Karon. This time of year just calls for it!:)

  17. I missed you too, Laura, and maybe now life will slow down enough that I'll be able to more effectively cyber-stalk you! LOL.

    Sounds like you had a freeing October full of the important things in life. Good for you! The month just passed me by in a blur of long commutes and busy work. I'm back in school libraries and love the kids -- especially love reading to them! Nothing like holding a passel of wide-eyed students captive with a few well-chosen words. I'm in awe of the talented picture book writers out there!

  18. Laura ~ your posts are always so delightful and encouraging :) You know a little of my October, so let's just say I'm looking forward to a better November....please, Lord!!

    I can't believe I'm saying this to a writer like you, but never underestimate the power of your words to bring joy and God's love to a person! Thank you for blessing me with your words in your emails, blog posts and gorgeous books.

    Love and hugs xo

  19. Michelle, You've certainly been on my mind as I was trying to gauge the timeframe in which you made the work change/promo. Congrats on all that!! So happy you don't have the overtime which means some sitting by the fire/reading time, hopefully. Otherwise you'd probably be sitting by the fire sleeping. You've sure put in a lot of hours. I hope the office is a great switch from working at home. It will be fun to see how that goes as you sounded positive about it. Hopefully your route home goes right by Panera's or our favorite Italian place;) And a bookstore...

    Thanks for being here and catching up. I've sure missed you and wish I could share a bit of that KY autumn. But hearing about it from you is just as nice!

  20. Kav, Love the cyber-stalking;) I've missed you! Lorna and I were just talking about you - were your ears burning? All good things, of course, especially about your beautiful writing.

    I must say I miss all those children's books now that my boys are big:( There are some wonderfully talented authors and illustrators for kids out there. And you get the JOY of bringing them to life! So many kids aren't read to at home which makes your job even more joy. Wow! Prayers with you on those commutes. I know you've been super busy. I didn't have a car till I was 32 and relied on the bus a great deal or walked. What would we do w/o public transportation? But I digress...

    Thanks so much for catching up here. You're always a bright spot!!

  21. Sylvia, Oh, your comments make me smile - they ooze with the joy of reading and fall and all those good things:) LOVE your reading list - thanks for sharing that! I had lunch with Cathy Richmond in St. Lou and need to read that book!! Have heard great things! And the Mitford books are among my favorite ever, think I have all of them here. They're destined to be classics. Father Tim is one of a kind. Will see about those others, too - thanks!

    I DO wish I could crank out a couple of titles a year. The wait between books is s...o....s....l....o...w. Thankfully there are so many CBA books releasing like you've mentioned. I had one reader tell me that she's not going to read my series till all 4 books are released so she can read them back to back! She plans to just collect them as they release and then save them. I understand that but wow - that means long wait! I did the same with Liz Curtis Higg's latest series which was thankfully only 2 books. I read Here Burns My Candle and Mine is the Night back to back which really gives your reading a bang:)

    I really appreciate your thoughts on the POV switch for me. I do wish I could retain that female-only perspective. It allows for so much built-in suspense, etc. And it is old style and wonderfully romantic in some ways. Would you believe I have 3 - yes, THREE - POV's in this next book? That will take some getting used to! But no spoilers here;)

    You've made my day - bless you for stopping here and letting me know what you've been up to!

  22. Such welcome words, Rel:) You have a way with them, too, you know - and they bring all that you're mentioned, too. I'll remember what you've said. It's always humbling to think the Lord has a plan for our words and brings readers to the page wanting to bless them. I'm so thankful I'm part of the CBA!!

    Really hoping and praying November is the best month for you yet as we get ready to close out another year. Summer always lifts my spirits and hope you feel the same. It's a joy to be back here with you and wish we were closer! My dream is to come to Oz and meet you. Maybe He'll make that dream come true.

  23. Hi Laura, Sounds like a beautiful trip! And I'm looking forward to hearing what your new title is. :)

    Have a great week!

  24. Smooth going edits and a publisher's praises...what more could an author hope for? ;-) I wish you a blessed and relaxing time with your family as Thanksgiving approaches! God bless you, Laura!

  25. Sarah, Me, too - titles are the sweetest things, especially if you nab a memorable one:) I usually have one by now which leads me to believe there is some conundrum going on in editorial and marketing over this one... But that only makes the wait a bit more interesting, I guess.

    It's so good to see you here - hope your writing is going very well! You've been doing some great giveaways on your blog! I have one coming up here next week - but no spoilers;) Bless you today!

  26. Gwen, Well said:) And thanks. Writing can be sheer JOY when it's going well!

    It's good to be back to blogging and blog hopping. Speaking of have a wonderful post today, sure to appeal to historical hearts! I'm so glad you took time here. Your welcome back means a lot. Happy writing and blogging to you today:)

  27. Laura~ I am so glad you are back!!

    October seemed to fly by for me, I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving though. I finally have vacation time off work and will be heading up to Moses Lake for a little more then a week to spend time with my parents. I can not wait!! Plus I am planning what books to bring to read and crafts to work on when I am away. I am looking forward to starting on my Christmas cards!

    I am so glad you are back! I can't wait to hear about your new book and see its cover, cover art is always so much fun to see and try to image what hidden treasures there are to find within its cover. :)

  28. People love you so much, Laura. If I got as many comments on my blog posts as you do, I'd be floating on air. So glad you were floating on air after you read your editor's comments. It's good to get that confirmation of your story.

  29. Cassie, YAY! It's YOU:) Love hearing what you've been up to, especially in regards to the Christmas spirit. And I'm reminded that we're practically neighbors;) I was over in your country and loved every minute. Quite a bit of sunshine! I'm so glad you get to be with your folks for Thanksgiving and get some needed time off work. Well deserved. Half the fun of time away is planning what books and stuff to take, just like you're doing.

    CAN'T WAIT to show you the title and cover. Praying it's a stunner and we all rejoice:) Thanks so much for being here and sharing my excitement. You're a gem!

  30. Ann, I feel doubly - triply (is that a word?) - blessed as I've heard from you 3x this week! Thanks so much for being here. It makes me want to blog more. As for those editorial comments, I hope readers like the story just as much. Now if can nab a cover and title as memorable and lovely as Words Spoken True, I'll be one happy woman:) Thanks for being such an encouragement to me!

  31. Hi Laura,

    Welcome back! We have missed you. Your sweet spirit is always such an encouragement. I hope you have lots of cold weather, which means you can stay inside and do some writing! Oops.. maybe I should not wish for something so selfish. ;) ha ha

    Houston is just getting some cool fall weather. Our highs are in the 70's which is wonderful, especially with low humidity. We are done with soccer. YAY! I feel like a new woman with one extra evening at home during the week. Still working on my writing, but very slowly. I am thinking about trying my hand at the Regency era, but haven't done very much research yet.

    It is good to see you back! I hope you enjoyed every minute of your time away. You certainly deserve it! Hugs to you!

  32. Stacey, I had to chuckle at your weather comment:) After several years of living here, where it feels like it rains from September to July, I think the only thing to do is WRITE!! If the sun shone every day I don't think I'd get much written as I like to be out in it. The Lord had to stick me in a cold, wet climate to get anything done!

    ACFW is coming your way next year - it's going to be in Dallas/Ft. Worth!! Not sure if I'll be there but the venue is so very appealing. And I'm thrilled to hear you're writing, even a bit, and considering Regency, which is popular right now. Suspense and Regency seem to be favorites. So you're onto a good thing there!

    Hugs to you - and your sweet Mom, too! Enjoy that sunshine. Sigh:) And bless you for being here.

  33. Hi Laura, I am planning to go to Dallas. It is hard to pass up since it is so close to me. My sister in-law lives in Dallas, so it is very affordable for me. :) I really really hope you decide to go! It would be a highlight for me to meet you in person.

    Bless you, dear lady!

  34. You're the best incenntive yet, dear Stacey, for me to pack my bags and go!! Praying we can meet there. What a huge blessing that would be:)

  35. Welcome back, Laura :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  36. Hi Laura, sweet Laura! Just reading your blog makes my heart happy. There is nothing like reading it- your joy and your faith shine right through, and I thank you for that. I know you are a busy lady, and seeing how you care for your readers is such a treat. Thank you for your caring nature. Thank you for praying.

    I am (I hope and pray) getting slowly out of the depression that hit me when the weather made its big change. It's been so tough, being a mom with depression, who homeschools. Trying to juggle several "hats" and be teacher/mom deal with what comes my way. However, I'm on new medicine, and it's been two weeks, so I think it is starting to work. I am writing again, a little bit, and am thankful, because for so long I haven't been able to. I love how writing, for me anyways, is like a love letter between the Lord and I. I need your encouragement, this blog, so please never go away for long. :) Much love, AMY

  37. Lovely Laura! You've warmed my heart, and brought a smile to my face this morning! I've missed you, too! I've checked your blog occasionally, and asked myself, "I wonder when she's coming back?" And here you are!

    So happy to hear that you are doing well, and so many great things have been happening in your life. Each one sounds absolutely wonderful!

    GREAT edits! What a blessing for you -- I have no doubt your new book is going to be a TREAT! I look forward to SEEING that new book cover!

    As you know, October was very busy for me with LOTS of subbing. I worked every school day in October, except for 3 (4 of them were 1/2 days, for a total of 15 days!) What a blessing!

    I've also kept busy with the usual "mom stuff," dentist appointments, eye appointments, cub scout meetings, etc.

    All the best to you and your family. As always, keeping you close in prayer and thought. (((HUGS)))


  38. Karen, So good to see you here again! When that K pops up after your name I always smile as it's your trademark:) Bless you today!!

  39. Amy, Oh, how your words touch me this morning. Likewise, it's a joy to see you back here, especially knowing how busy you are with home and family and more. Our prayers are being answered for lifting of spirits and your writing again!! So thankful. Love what you said about writing being a love letter between you and the Lord. That's so honoring to Him. Writing is an act of worship when we dedicate our words to Him. Then he takes them and touches us and others. I agree with you wholeheartedly:) Prayers will continue...

    I really needed your words of encouragement. Sometimes, with so many blogs out there, it's hard to think of fresh content or feel you're contributing much. I do love my blog and my readers so your gracious words, and those of others here, spur me on. "As iron sharpens iron" as Scripture says. We'll be here for one another. And kudos to your own beautiful blog ministry!

  40. Michelle, Thx so much for stopping amidst your busy sub schedule!! I'd lost track of how many days you've been teaching?! But I was never good at math;). The central office must love you!

    You sound busy and happy which is a blessed combination. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in one of your classes. I wonder which age group you like best...

    Yes, the fall break and time away was needed and restful. But I had to laugh as I omitted all the "icky" stuff that went along with the blessings so this post sounded somewhat idyllic! Would you believe I left my purse at a Starbucks on our trip and didn't realize it till we'd traveled 2 hours up into the mountains? All my worldly goods were in that little brown bag, including my USB with my next book! And then I came down with a fever and whatnot when we got home... But it's much more fun to blog about the blessings;) I did get the purse back, thank heavens but was panicked for a wee bit. Your prayers, no doubt, helped me through. What would I do without you!?

    Praying for you today, too.

  41. I'm thankful you had a good break, Laura, but I'm also thankful you are "back". You were missed. We have been getting our home, motor home and yard winterized. Big job! It was 19 degrees here this morning, so I think winter is making itself known. If the Lord kept the snow just in the mountains this year it would suit me just fine. September and October brought the joy of watching our 9 year old grandson play football, wearing full gear. What fun, and I'm not even a football fan. Grandmas enjoy everything their grandbabies enjoy! Speaking of family, Laura, enjoy your very special family Thanksgiving. That's good medicine for our hearts. I'm also looking forward to your next book. Hummm, playing a mind game with myself trying to guess the premise. I didn't realize how much I enjoy your Wednesday devotionals until they weren't there!!! Welcome back. You are appreciated. Read any good books lately??????

  42. OH NO on forgetting your purse! I am so glad to hear that you got it back! That must have been a long drive back to Starbucks. :o)

    I enjoy teaching in all grades, as each has great things about it, but if I had to pick one, I would have to say third grade is a favorite. I did have my favorite "teaching" moment in a Reading class last week though with 5th and 6th graders. I think you would have enjoyed being a "fly on the wall" that day. We were talking about things that are privileges, and things that are not. When we got to the one that read, "Taking out the trash," all of the kids shouted that it was NOT a privilege. Well, you know I took that opportunity to explain to them that even a chore like taking out the trash can be looked at as a privilege and something to be thankful for. I told them that even when we're doing something we don't particularly like, we can be thankful . . . thankful for the legs that walk us to the garbage can, thankful for the hands that fold laundry and wash dishes, etc. I explained that it's all in how you look at things, and the perspective that you have. When it comes down to it, we can find a way to be thankful for everything. : )

  43. Mary, Welcome back to you! I've been thinking of you and remembering your prayer request from that one post - it's wonderful to have a tie that way. Thanks so much for your gracious words. You're such a blessing.

    I'm not a football fan either but when it involves my boys I'm there, like you:) Something about football that goes so well with fall and falling leaves and bonfires, etc. Nine is a magical agge for boys in my book! They're kind of at a crossroads between little and big and still like to snuggle some. I miss that age!

    You do sound so busy. We're trying to get winterized here, too, and watching that snowline creep lower in the mountains. So much to do and I'm not fond of the cold or damp either so it can be a chore. Love these last glimmers of sun we have...

    Oh, I'm still figuring out the premise of my new book, too! I will say it involves the Underground Railroad in its early days. Some fascinating research there. Writing about a second generation is quite interesting. I'm now dealing with the offspring of the characters you'll read about in this next book which is to be titled anyday. Soon, I hope, and I'll share that here. I can't imagine what title they'll come up with for this one. Wish they'd use mine but it's a bit dark. But I'll save that for a post next week!

    As for reading, I'm doing a giveaway of a book I've just started next week. It's so good. I'm reading quite a few books for endorsement right now. Just finished Jamie Carie's The Guardian Duke. Very unique - and the Duke is unforgettable! Also stumbled across a bestseller in the ABA called "The Day the Falls Stood Still." I am absolutely captivated by the cover and premise though when it went into reprints they changed the cover. The original is like a painting with the woman at the top and the beautiful falls at the bottom. My kind of cover. Not sure it's my kind of book but might check it out.

    Hope you're finding some time to read amidst all your doing there. And that you are sitting close to the fire these nights if you have one!

    So good to catch up with you here! You've been missed! And thanks for the thumbs up about the devotional posts. They resume tomorrow, Lord willing.

  44. Michelle, I always knew you were a born teacher:) Love hearing how you bring things to life in the classroom. You gave them such solid food for thought - the thankfulness lesson can't be learned too early! When I grumble I remind myself of just what you said - legs to do what we think of as chores but are really priveleges. I recall someone who was dying of an incurable disease say she wished she could simply go back and return to the joy of cleaning her house again and picking up after her kids. That stayed with me. Thanks for being such a blessing here and in class, dear Michelle.

  45. Thank you for your kind words, Laura. : )

    "In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

    On a side note, I've been meaning to ask you if Feagan is your middle name? I notice that your brother is Chris Feagan Irwin, so I'm thinking that the two of you share the same middle name. Sorry, if I'm being too nosy. ;-)

  46. Michelle, You're never nosy! A good question and one I'm happy to answer:) Our mom remarried when my brother was about 11 and our stepdad adopted him and so he goes by Chris Irwin. He added the Feagan in there not long ago as our real father was the oldest of 10 kids and this huge clan is now on Facebook - that helps family find him and keep up with him. It's kind of funny seeing him as Chris Feagan Irwin as it sounds like he's going by his maiden and married names! Lol! He's the best, craziest brother. Very adventurous and funny and a wonderful, dynamic speaker. He's a writer, too. And he leaves from Spain for the US tomorrow on a speaking tour. Prayers appreciated!!

  47. Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I'm left wondering what your middle name might be. : )

    I will certainly add your brother to my prayers.

  48. Louise:) It was my great-grandmother's name. She died right before I was born and I never met her. But I'm so glad I have her name. Now I'm wondering about yours!

  49. Laura Louise . . . I love it too, and see why it would be so special to you.

    My middle name is Lee. It's a family name, too. My great-grandfather's first name was Lee, so there are a lot of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins with that middle name (at least 8 of us, I think).

  50. Michelle, The Lee fits well with Michelle - and even your married name:) I wonder how many of us carry names of our heritage? Interestingly, I liked the surname Lee so well I used that for my heroine in this next novel. Hope you like the Lee clan!

  51. How fun that Lee will be the surname of the heroine in your next novel! I love that! : )

    My husband has called me Lee for almost 25 years. He doesn't call me "honey" or any other pet names, so I consider it a term of endearment from him. : )

  52. Middle names....My middle name is Alice. Mama's paternal grandma's middle name was Alice. That grandma has a daughter with the middle name of Alice also. She's a sister to my grandpa (Mama's father). My daddy's great-grandma and an aunt are both named Alice too. I guess one would consider it a family name on both sides! A side note. My great-great Grandma Alice kept a one or two year diary when she was in her teens. We have a copy of it that is very interesting!

  53. Oh Sylvia, You are so blessed to have a family diary!! I've often thought how I wished our family, particulary my 18th-c. ancestors, had kept one, specifically one of the women in the family. I bet it makes for fascinating reading for you and a glimpse at a very different time! When I research I've found letters and diaries to be my favorite sources. They give you an entirely different feeling than research books. Much more personal and evocative.

    And I love the name Alice. Ever since I saw The Last of the Mohicans about 12x in the theatre when it released, I've been a huge fan, thanks to Alice Munro. Beats Cora! Though I loved Cora's character. Funny thing though, Alice was the heroine in the book and then on screen they switched her to Cora and made Alice the secondary character/sister. I've never forgiven them for that!!

    Thanks for the insight into your family name and history. That's a delight:)

  54. Michelle, I like your husband more and more all the time:) The pic of you 2 on your dating anniversary is priceless! That's neat that he calls you Lee. It IS a term of endearment, esp. since he alone does that. In this current novel I'm writing, the character's name is Ellie and I'm thinking of having her future husband call her "El". Sort of similar to what you've just described. Anyway, before I write a novella here, hope this is a great teaching day for you!!

  55. Laura, I just read about Jack Turlock (love the name) on Inkwell Inspirations! How can your poor readers wait until 2013 to savor the experience of reading about him?

  56. Oh Sylvia, You're the best kind of reader!!! And isn't Deb's post great?! I'm so glad you like your intro to Jack Turlock;) I've been spending this morning with him he's wrapped himself around my heart and I'm only on page 100 or so! But first you have to meet Silas Ballantyne in 2012 before Jack can woo and win you in 2013!

    BTW, my mom's middle name is Sylvia. Irene Sylvia. Love both as they're so lovely and old-fashioned.

  57. Laura,

    Tried to write a comment before, but I've been having computer problems and I'm guessing it didn't go through.

    I had no idea that your book was about the Underground Railroad. This is a subject I'm pretty passionate about...can't wait :) Chris and I recently took a cemetary tour in own own city and learned more about Frederick Douglass who is buried here: Reminds me that I have never taken my kids to his house. Also, Rochester city schools thanks to Douglass were integrated in 1856! (Susan B. Anthony is also buried in the same cemetary...). I just love this kind of stuff :)

  58. Nice to hear about what you've been doing this fall. Love that you're writing a new book! That Bible study sounds very interesting. Looking forward to read more devotional posts.

    Usually this time of the year it's pretty cold here in Sweden, but it's been a very mild fall so far. Still no snow! This October I've been writing, reading and spending time with my husband and our daughters.


  59. Julia, Oh, love that you are passionate about the UR! It's the most fascinating subject and I have a hard time pulling myself away from the research and actually writing. My favorite resource so far is "Bound For Canaan" by Fergus Bordewich. He has a wonderful way with words and incorporates many true stories which I am tweaking a few of to put in my book. Douglass and Anthony are HUGE, like you said, and I'm learning a lot about the Quaker involvement (love those Quakers) and other figures like Benezet. Hope you enjoy this one when it's released. I'm really enjoying the writing and am learning so much as I go. New York had a very active UR network. So glad you and Chris can soak in some of that history!!

    Thanks for being persistent and trying to post a comment again. So many can't post comments for some reason and tell me via email or FB, etc. I apologize for that and wish Blogger would go more smoothly. Praying for you today, dear Julia!

  60. Hanna,
    So good to see you here:) You're having the very best kind of fall with all that family time. I'm amazed you haven't had snow yet but my cousin in Russia hasn't either and she's in Moscow. Here in the US we've had an east coast snow storm and then I'm hearing rumblings this morning about an earthquake (Oklahoma?). Hope not.

    So glad you like the devotional posts. I have another for this Wednesday. I always post on things that I'm strugggling with or mean something to me. This week I'm quoting Beth Moore from the Bible study you mentioned. It is so very good and I'm already sorry to think of it coming to an end in December.

    Anyway, thinking of you today and hoping it's a blessed one for you and your family!

  61. I just read a few comments more- I didn't realize, either, your new book covers some of the Underground Railroad. Where I live (Salem,OH) was one city involved in the UR and they have tours. My son loves driving past one of the houses here in town(because it has these red window lights and for some reason, he likes those. lol). Anyways, I find that history fascinating, and it is making more all the more anxious to read your upcoming story!

  62. Sweet P, I'm beyond thrilled that you like the Underground Railroad history, too:). You know, I hadn't planned to develop that theme till the 3rd book in the series but guess the Lord had other plans as it worked itself so beautifully in to this 2nd book. Such moving history and we have so many godly men and women to thank for helping so many to freedom.

    Chuckling about your son;) Aren't children the best medicine!!? Bless you so much for your comments. Love having you here...