Monday, May 23, 2011

an unlikely suitor

Since we've been talking about heroes recently, I thought it would be fun to give away a copy of this book - it has three of them! I love spotlighting historicals and wanted to share this new release with you. I picked up an extra copy in case one of you might like it for your library. Some of you are fans of the Gilded Age, I'm sure;)

Nancy Moser does a beautiful job with her books and I became a fan after reading Washington's Lady a couple of years ago. That particular colonial cover bears a startling resemblance to The Colonel's Lady if you want to look it up!

Isn't the cover for An Unlikely Suitor lovely ~ both of them!? Take a peek at the original in the smaller pic. Covers can be tweaked quite a bit from start to finish as you can see here. Any guesses as to why the final was a winner? I think the hero's stance is rather intriguing and love the way the woman is holding her skirt plus the way her hair is escaping its pins. Cover art remains my favorite part of publishing, if you couldn't tell...

Have you read any of Nancy Moser's books? If you'd like to be entered in the drawing just leave your name and email below. I'll draw a winner next Monday, May 30.

What are you reading right now? Any good fiction or nonfiction? I'll tell you if you tell me;)


  1. Oh Laura, thank you for this giveaway!!! The cover of this is beautiful AND it's set in Rhode Island, so I simply MUST read it!! :D Thank you so very much for the chance, my friend! :)


  2. Please don't enter me in the drawing (I have a copy waiting for me on Mt. TBR!), but I just had to comment on the covers - the initial cover design, if memory serves me correctly, was released right around the time Rebecca Dean's general market historical, The Golden Prince came out - here's the link: - So, I believe that they reworked it to differentiate the two. However...while I certainly understand the need, I have to admit to being a little more partial to the initial design. :)

  3. Amanda, I smiled when I realized the book is set in your beautiful state:) After reading it, I want to visit you - and Newport more than ever! Have you ever been there and seen the homes or walked along the shore? Simply amazing - and excessive.

    So happy to have your name in the hat for the drawing!

  4. Ruth, Still chuckling about the Mount TBR! Isn't that the truth! Mine is still toppling and I need to do a bit more of what Kaye has done with her great shelving and grouping of genres...

    I'm so glad you mentioned The Golden Prince. I hurried over to Amazon and peeked, expecting a passing resemblance. WOW! They're nearly identical! I do love those big steps in the original. And it looks more like a photograph. Hmmm... Take a peek at Washington's Lady - you'll see the same type thing. Even the titles are similar though the books have come out several years apart. For that I'm thankful!

  5. I have this book, Laura, and I'm dying to read it as soon as I meet this deadline. I love the title on this one, and Nancy writes so wonderfully.

    Happy Monday, fellow Franz-ophiles!

  6. I have several of Nancy Moser's books TBR. Just picked up Washington's Lady. Very interested in this book and I think I actually like the cover that was picked for the book the best. Please enter me. Thanks. I am also looking forward to your new book.


  7. Oops. Forgot to leave my email.




  8. I read Washington's Lady and enjoyed it! I would enjoy reading another of her books.

    Here's my email:

    Trying to patiently wait for the Colonel's Lady!!

  9. Wow--Nancy Moser is certainly prolific! I've read a few of her Sister Circle books and The Seat Beside Me, which is a great story about the affect a plane crash has on the survivors.

    Right now I'm reading How Huge the Night--an inspirational YA novel featuring brave French teens during WWII. It's written by a mother/daughter duo, and I'm loving it! The story was getting tense, so I had to take a break and visit some internet friends. Have a great day, Laura!

  10. I was able to attend my first one day conference and oh, it was so much fun. I got to hear Deb Dixon talk about her book Goal Motivation Conflict. My brain is brimming with ideas now. I was able to meet up with 2 ACFW members and I think I met another one only I didn't know it at the time.

    Now since you had boys I'm wondering if they had a bug stage? Noah and Elizabeth are really into insects right now. Its strange though, some scare them, others they really enjoy playing with. Tomorrow we're going on an insect investigation walk at the nature center.

    I love both of the covers, but I'm still a bit more partial to the lady in blue :) Can't wait for her arrival!

  11. Lorna, Chuckling over the Frantz-ophiles, you clever woman;) Sounds much better than my maiden name, Feagan, though! So happy your deadline will soon pass and you'll get to enjoy June and free reading and summer and all the rest. I don't think summer deadlines (say July or August) are much fun. Glad mine is after that. Still lots of polishing to be done.

    Just got home after a busy day in town NOT writing so all your comments are a treat:)

  12. Amy, So happy you're here and want to be in the drawing:) Nancy Moser has a lot of fans. Of all her books, and she's prolific, as Renee Ann says so well, Washington's Lady is my favorite. I say that reluctantly because I don't think readers should have favorites;) But people tell me they have a favorite book of mine already and I've only published 2!

    Thanks for the thumbs up for my next release. Not too much longer now. Time is a-flying!

  13. Sandy, Me, too! Patiently is what I'm aiming for but I'm not quite there yet;) I think we should see it in stores by mid-July. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support. Readers like you are such a blessing.

    I think you'd really like Nancy's latest release. She's one of those gifted writers that can handle 3 storylines and multiple heroines/heros without the reader feeling they're missing something. She's an impeccable researcher, too:) Thanks for entering the drawing!

  14. Renee Ann, You always delight me with new reading finds like the one you have in hand. Sounds wonderful! And intriguing. I'm so happy you come by here on breaks!! I'm thinking this is a busy time of year for you with finals for classes and wrapping another teaching year up. Are you counting down till ACFW? I can't wait to meet you in person if all goes well for me!!

  15. The only books I have read by Nancy Moser is John 3:16 and Masquerade. I was impressed with her writing abilities. I would ask to be entered in the giveaway, but after reading comments I would pretty much give a copy to a couple of people if I had it.
    Right now I am reading Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough(about Theodore Roosevelt) and The Glamour of Grammar by Roy Peter Clark(which is a pretty fun read). Hope everyone has a good Monday and Tuesday(since it's a little late)!

  16. Oh Laura, you are giving away the one book I did not buy on my book shopping spree on Saturday. Lifeway had it, and it was even on sale. But as I was entered in a giveaway on Kav's blog, I refrained from buying An Unlikely Suitor. Please enter me in the drawing.

    I have to agree with Ruth about the cover, I loved the first cover. I've read The Golden Prince, and there were some differences between it and the original cover for An Unlikely Suitor.

    I've read Washington's Lady and Mozart's Sister, I loved Washington's Lady.

    Currently I am reading She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell. I am loving it, but it's been a bit of a slow read for me so far. First person usually makes me read a little slower.

    I also started a non-fiction book today, Before the Revolution: America's Ancient Pasts by Daniel K. Richter. It's very interesting so far.

  17. Julia, So thrilled you are now a conference-goer!! Reading your comments brought back how much my first meant to me. Being among like-minded people (aka crazy writers) made me feel like I'd come home! I loved every exhausting, educational minute. May there be many more in store for you...

    Your bug question makes me downright nostalgic. My boys LOVED bugs about ages 4-8 and brought home the ingenuity/beauty/wonder of creation to me as a mom. They used to catch lightning bugs in jars and then released them, tried to raise walking sticks, investigated lady bugs, daddy long legs, bees, and all the rests. Snakes, too! I think we read every bug book in the library:) Those were the days. Your kids are at such a precious age/stage. I really miss my littles at that point, even though I'm not a fan of bugs! The body parts stage becomes a fascinating issue later on, one that hasn't died down at our house. Maybe I have a budding doctor or vet?

    So happy you're waiting fo the lady in blue:) Love that.

  18. Thank you Laura, giveways are always so much fun especially when they are for good books. Please enter me in your drawing. I haven't read any of her books but I have heard good things about them. Right now I am ready Siri Mitchell's new book A Heart Most Worthy. I remember when you showcased the cover on one of your posts. So far it is really good! :)

  19. Adrienne, You've reminded me of my wish to read John 3:16:) The title is certainly intriguing and I'm always amazed that she writes contemporary AND historicals, something not easy to do. If I tried to write contemps I'd sound like such a granny! I still don't have a cell phone!

    David McCullough is an amazing writer and anything about Teddy Roosevelt. I'll always be a fan of his since he did so much for the creation of the national parks in the US. I gained a whole new appreciation for him after growing up in one of them and working in others. The Grammar book sounds neat:) I'm going to check that one out - thanks.

    Guess I should share what I'm reading before I forget...

    Just finished A Heart Divided by Kathleen Morgan - a western romance. Nonfic is Cokie Robert's Ladies of Liberty (have read before but it stands reading again as it's that good:). On Kindle is Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals. Fascinating and fun! Includes recipes (most of which I'll never make). But it's rather interesting to hear what Napolean ate at the last - and such notables as Montezuma and Rasputin, etc.

    Anyway, happy reading and thanks for sharing your current reads. It gives the rest of us great ideas!

  20. Hey birthday girl:) I just KNEW that you were in a bookstore to celebrate, Michelle. Consider yourself in the drawing!

    I had a feeling you'd read The Golden Prince;) Your current reads sound so good. The Richter book is new to me and I'll look up. Thanks for that tip.

    I've read SWIB by Siri - she really makes a book sing:) Her POV shifts are fascinating. I'm wanting to read her new one. I'm especially looking forward to her Revolutionary War novel called The Messenger which is also in first person, or so I've heard. It deals with Quakers and spies. Right down your - and my - alley:)

    Again, happy birthday to you, dear Michelle! Thanks for taking time here amidst YOUR day!

  21. I forgot to mention that the Last Suppers book of those famous historical folk is free on Kindle download for those who may be interested. There are so many great Kindle books for free on an ongoing basis. Another one I just love and HIGHLY recc. is Letters of a Woman Homesteader. Amazing, funny, heartwarming, educational, and TRUE:)

  22. Cassie,
    So glad you have one of Siri's in hand:) She's one of my favorite historical authors. Isn't the cover, front and back, just beautiful on AHMW? Thanks so much for entering the drawing. I think you'll love Nancy's books. I just can hardly contain my excitement over new releases and am glad you're here to share the JOY:)

  23. That's a gorgeous cover. I like both of them, but there is definitely a POV difference there and the lady wins!

    Right now I'm reading Karen Witemeyer's To Win Her Heart and it's delightful! She does a super job with her heroes and this one is quite an interesting fellow.

    Thanks for sharing more great covers! I love them, too!

  24. Oh, I just had such a neat God thing meeting a Christian writer who lives in the area. Started with seeing Mary Lu Tyndall bookmarks and I didn't even get to meet her at the conference...

    Snakes, you are a brave mom :). That's neat to hear about the lightening bugs and everything I can picture you and your kids as really enjoying the sciences. That's neat that they're interested in the human body, too. Maybe you do have an MD on your hands.

  25. My Dearest Laura,

    I have been knee deep in all things related to reality(family, work, church, etc). Oh, I hate that!! I think Jesus has forgotten that I want to live like I am in a Currier and Ives painting. It feels more like I am living in a Picasso painting, all distorted and wondering the meaning of it!!

    I have to tell you though, my patients have one story after another to tell. They don't know how much I put their story in my mind and add a little 18th century (or Colonial America if you will!) and voila they are an idea for a book!!

    Now saying all that, I want to thank you for your prayers and checking on me! I do know The Lord has me exactly where I am supposed to be!!

    Much Love, Stacie

    PS..In the queue, I have Too Rich for a Bride Mona Hodgson and Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron Stephanie Barron...

  26. I think the only book I've read by Nancy Moser was Masquerade but I really enjoyed it! I definitely hope to get this soon. It was offered by Bethany House to review a few weeks back I think but I HAD to choose Delia Parr's book, Hidden Affections, since I loved loved loved Hearts Awakening. I'm hoping this one is just as good.

    As for what I'm reading right now, it's the sequel to Diana Gabaldon's Outlander, it's called Dragonfly in Amber. This series is epic LOL! I thought Outlander was long at 600 pages but this one is 100 pages longer but it's going by quickly. I love me some highlanders! ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  27. Julia,
    I must confess to having a horror of snakes. Shudder - they even make your hands stink, or so my boys tell me;)

    Your time away sounds so neat. You'll continue to make contacts/friends at these conferences and will be amazed at all the God-instances that happen! Further proof He's in charge of our writing:)

  28. Carla, So interesting about the POV perspective - true! I'm still thinking about your beautiful cover. Karen's covers are so pretty, too. Glad you're getting some time to read as you're one of the busiest people I know!! Thanks for taking time here. It always brightens my day.

  29. Stacie, I wanted to lol over your precious comment - so well said! I think Jesus forgets I want to exist in a Currier and Ives painting and oftentimes I get Picasso instead, too;) You certainly have a knack for saying interesting, heartfelt things. Here's hoping June is calmer for you though in your work setting there's lots of drama (story fodder) as you said...

    Thanks for taking time here amidst all the craziness. Glad you have 2 good books to ground you. I have a feeling you're right where you need to be work-wise and it's a JOY to see:)

  30. I smiled at your Highlander comment. Me, too! They're such fascinting heroes. You'll be very busy with Gabaldon's epic - amazing how she flashes back and forth between centuries! For all those pages!! I think the titles of her books are wonderful and wonder if she picks them or her pub does...

    I have Masquerade on the shelf but haven't read it yet. Also have Hidden Affections sitting here but haven't started that, either. Soon! I really liked Heart's Awakening, too - the cover was lovely and different than the usual CBA designs.

    Bless you, Renee, and enjoy your time in Scotland;)

  31. Historicals are my favorite, however, there aren't enough good ones out there. Currently I'm enjoying Andrea Boeshaar's Faded Photographs series. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of "An Unlikely Suitor".

  32. Hi Mary,
    So glad you want to be part of the drawing. And I agree with you - there aren't nearly enough good historicals out there! I've heard of the Faded Photograph series but your comments make me want to investigate further. Thanks for that. Love hearing what readers are reading - word of mouth is really the best way to learn about good books. Bless you today!

  33. I've read a few of Nancy Moser's books. My favorite books of her's are Washington's Lady, Just Jane, and How do I love thee. Washington's Lady is about Martha Washington, Just Jane is about Jane Austen, and How Do I love thee is about Elizabeth Barrett Browning. the books are hisorical fiction which is my favorite genre to read.

  34. Me, too, Carissa - nothing better than historical fiction, at least for us history lovers:) I'm so glad to hear you're a reader of Nancy's fine books. Glad you've read Washington's Lady, too. That's my favorite but think I've already confessed that here and know I shouldn't play favorites! That would make a good blog post - why we have favorite books by an author. I'll bet some of you will be doing that when TCL releases;) I can just see it now...some of you will like TFD best, others CML, and then others TCL, or so I hope for the latter!

    Anyway, so happy you're in the drawing for this book!

  35. Hi Laura! How interesting to find this book in the spotlight on your blog -- I just received it in the mail to review for Bethany House! The cover is absolutely gorgeous! I have yet to read a book by Nancy Moser, so I am really looking forward to it. I just read the first chapter, and it certainly looks like a story that I will enjoy.

    Hope you're having a blessed weekend!
    Michelle T. : )

  36. Michelle, Fun to think of you reading this the same time I'm giving it away:) The cover is beautiful, front and back. I hope it blesses you and you can sneak some reading time in this weekend. I've often thought that being a reviewer for a pub would be the best as it's so fun getting a mailbox full of books! Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day, dear friend!