Thursday, May 5, 2011


Oh, if only we would worry less about our problems and sing and praise more! How different our lives would be, and how much more joyful, if we would stop indulging in self-centered and inward thinking and instead would lift our experiences to God, praising Him for them.

It is easier to sing your worries away than to reason them away. Why not sing in the morning? Think of the birds - they are the first to sing each day, and they have fewer worries than anything else in creation. And don't forget to sing in the evening, which is what the robins do when they have finished their daily work. Once they have flown their last flight of the day and gathered the last bit of food, they find a treetop from which to sing a song of praise.

Oh, that we might sing morning and evening, offering up song after song of continual praise throughout our day.

~Streams in the Desert