Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a most amazing time

Just got home and wanted to put up a quick post from ACFW Indy. The conference was truly an amazing event and I was so thrilled to meet so many of you for the first time! It's always a joy being with author friends. I also met my wonderful editor for the first time (she's the one in the back). I'll post more about it later this week but thought I'd spotlight one photo today.

See any authors here who are familiar/beloved by you? This was taken after a Revell book signing at the Hyatt on Saturday. Yes, Julie Lessman is just as FUN (and petite) as she looks! I won't even begin to talk about how much I love Lorna Seilstad! And that Ann Gabhart - well, we Kentucky girls like to get together and gab:) I was thrilled to meet Jill Eileen Smith and Lynette Eason and Ann Shorey for the first time. Dan Walsh was a double winner of the Carol Award for The Unfinished Gift. So thrilled for him!

Janna Ryan and associates do a wonderful job of hosting the conference bookstore every year and I thought you might enjoy this new offering by Mary Beth Chapman. My editor and publisher are so proud of this book and it's already on the NY Times bestseller list. I have one copy that I'd love to gift you with. If you'd like a chance to read Choosing to See, just leave a comment here. I'll announce the winner next Monday.

For now, I have to run Wyatt to the orthodontist as he gets his braces off today, then it's back to work on an endorsement for a new historical author you're going to love, not to mention my edits on The Colonel's Lady, etc. Praying you all are having a good week. I've missed you and can't wait to here from you here!


  1. Revell authors are a good looking bunch! I think I recognize most of them. I am so glad you had a good time. I missed you!! :)

  2. You look like you're having a blast! Would have loved to met you.

    Maybe another time, hmmm?


  3. YAY!! Laura, you're back! I've missed you, my friend, and prayed for you often this week :) So blessed you had a fun time and got to meet all those wonderful authors!! Looking forward to hearing all about it this week :D

    Praying you have a beautiful day!

    Amanda Stanley

  4. So glad you had a wonderful time at the conference. You must have been in writer/reader/book lover heaven! Can't wait to hear more details.

    Congrats to Wyatt on getting his braces off. I still remember that happy day for me. You need to treat him to some hard, sticky candy that he's been forbidden to eat!

  5. What a wonderful time we had! I will never forget meeting you for the first time and getting that big bear hug! Glad we're home. Can't wait to see you again.

  6. hello there and welcome back! I hope you had a great time, how was Indiana? I'm sure you all had so much fun meeting each other--- we need a conference like this for artists! welcome home!~

  7. Love cruising the web and finding pictures like this! It sounds like an amazing conference and I look forward to hearing all about it. Tickled too to see Lorna as a published author in that Revel lineup!

  8. Laura,

    I'm so glad we could meet up. Thank you for your encouragement in regards to my husband's upcoming deployment and getting my name on a book cover too.

    Here's hoping to see you next year too!

  9. Ah, Laura, I've been trying to think who had the best hugs of the weekend, and you might just be the big winner! I tried to recount everything that happened throughout the weekend when I got home, and it's still gelling in my memory. One thing I'll never forget - ASPARAGUS!!!!! LOLOL

    So glad Wyatt's getting his braces off. When Ellen got hers off last year, at 14, the waitress at Olive Garden asked if we ladies needed separate checks - and a wine list! LOL She'll never let me forget that one!

    So glad you made it home safely. I miss you already, and SO look forward to seeing you again someday!


  10. Hi Laura,

    I have visited your blog often ever since my friend, Christine, pointed me in your direction. I have to tell you that I was captured by The Frontiersman's Daughter and especially taken with the character, Lael. Will we here more from her? I couldn't put the book down! I passed it on to my Mom (who just turned 90) and loves to read, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. (especially the Scotsman, since she's from Scotland herself). I love how you share so much of yourself with your readers here. The books become like personal friends. Anyway, just thought it was high time I left a comment.

  11. So good to hear that you had such a nice time!
    I just saw this book in a CBD catalog and thought I'd love to read it. I'm sure there would be tears while reading.

  12. Welcome back, Laura! I looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm certain you probably enjoyed the warmth in Indianapolis.

    I am quite interested in reading Mary Beth Chapman's book. Steven Curtis Chapman is one of my favorite singers.

    I picked up Lorna Seilstad's book at the library this evening. I can't wait to read it!

    Congrats to Wyatt on getting his braces removed. I remember how tough it was to have them. I've never craved apples more than I did back then.

  13. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Laura!

    Hope your boys stayed healthy on that flu. And excited for Wyatt on losing the braces, I know I was so excited to lose them and chew gum again (even though I rarely do that anyway).

    Can't wait to hear more!

  14. Casey,
    I just KNOW I'm going to meet you at ACFW one day! I was able to meet Pepper and it was such a treat!! We'll pray the conference comes out our way soon. So thankful we get to keep up online. You are such a blessing!

  15. Britt,
    We need to get this conference to Nashville:) I think they actually held it there a few years ago. I remember you've been to the Blue Ridge and that is top of my list. But Indy was very nice and I'm so thankful for the experience. We will meet one day, YES!

  16. Amanda,
    So appreciate your prayers!! They were in evidence from the get go as fog had cancelled everything the day before and I wouldn't have been able to fly out. Also, I made it to every scheduled event and felt good the entire time, even on 4 hours sleep a night:) The only downer was that my camera deleted all my pics so am having to borrow ones to show here. Quite sad about that. I'll post Friday about conference highlights and put up more pics:) Missed you, too!!

  17. Mary,
    We need to get a conference down SC way:) Love those southern venues! But Indy was quite nice for a Yankee city:) The food, fellowship, and all that writing talk and books you mentioned was really wonderful. It's fun to be with people who really "get" the writing life as you do.

    Wyatt was in post-braces bliss for about 5 hours and then he met Mr. Retainer:) His lifetime companion. He's been chewing gum like mad and we had a big Subway celebration/pier picnic where he ate a foot long sub (among other things) afterward. Ah, to be an adolescent! On a humorous note, author Brandilyn Collin's mother got braces at age 85! She was at the conference and is quite the firecracker!

  18. Heather,
    Thanks so much for welcoming me back! Indy is a really neat city ~ I was unprepared for it to be so BIG (over a million people). We were right downtown across from a huge 3 story mall and skywalk. Lots of art galleries, etc. I am thinking you have an art venue there this month, too? Thinking of you!

  19. Kav,
    Aren't there wonderful pics floating around on the web?! It makes up for losing mine somewhat. I thought of you while in Indy. You were missed by your Inkspy buddies and myself! It was a joy to hug those folks who have only been names thus far! Praying you got lots of writing done in my absence. Back to work for me...

  20. Dawn,
    You are so tiny I'm surprised I didn't crush the life from you!! Glad you like bear hugs:) Meeting you was such a highlight. I was awed by all that you and the Inkspys accomplished in that short period of time. You must be on cloud 9!! Looking so forward to seeing more open doors for you soon. It's a JOY to enjoy the journey with you!

  21. Winter,
    So, so happy we were able to talk and spend some time together! You have such a memorable name, very book cover worthy, as I've said before. Now I can say I know the woman who goes with it. It's a privilege to pray for you and your family now that I know more about your situation. I admire your husband's dedication so much (not to mention your own as you support him behind the scenes). Will keep praying for you. Bless you for seeking me out! What a blessing!

  22. Regina,
    I treasure the picture we have together and am still grieving the loss of all mine! I'm going to post ours Friday. So happy you like bear hugs and count mine as A-okay!! Wasn't all that fellowship and writing talk pure bliss? God met us all in so many ways while there. He is so creative and personal. I am still overwhelmed by it all, like you. And YES, all that asparagus! Glad asparagus season is over!

    I bet Ellen is still smiling from that post-braces lunch:) Wyatt is loving it and I'm amazed they were able to correct his terrible overbite so completely. If only I could say the same:)

    Bless you today and hope temps are cooler in Ky ~ my mom said it was about 94 or so yesterday!!

  23. Laura,
    Welcome here! I fell in love with you blog yesterday when I visited and can't wait to go back! Am so happy you liked Lael's story and shared with your mom. I really miss Lael and Ian and wish we could just stay with some characters forever:) It means a lot that you took time to tell me you enjoyed it so.

    I actually wrote the sequel to TFD but my publisher wanted me to move on to other characters like Morrow (just released) and then Roxanna next summer. After that I'm in Pennsylvania for a family series which I hope you'll like just as much! But Lael will always be first in my heart for so many reasons.

    Hoping you have some more good books coming your way. Reading is one of life's best gifts!

  24. Lisa,
    I read Choosing to See amid all the chaos of the last few days and think you'd love it. I'd heard about the Chapman's losing their 5 year old daughter but didn't realize how much Mary Beth struggles with depression and the limelight, etc. It's a fascinating story filled with raw emotion and hope. It made it safely in my bag on the plane and didn't get banged up:) Hope your kids are all well and you are enjoying the quiet!

  25. Michelle,
    You'd love this book as it is a wonderful story of faith despite struggle. It shatters the myth of the perfect celebrity life, etc. Very heartfelt and real.

    I did so enjoy the 80 degree Indy weather:) And I met several Kentuckians while there!

    So glad Lorna's book is at the library:) Thankful mine are there with her! I am so appreciative of folks who check our books out or request their libraries get them. Often all you have to do is ask and they'll order.

    Yes, Wyatt feels MUCH better w/o braces:) And he's thrilled to be eating apples again (and corn, jerky, gum...)

    Have a blessed day there! Hear it's been hot!

  26. Julia,
    It was a blessed time and I am so thankful to report all my little men stayed well, even big daddy:) I know other conference attendees weren't so lucky. I talked with several whose kids were sick and that sure cuts down on your enjoyment. Thanks so much for you thoughts and prayers. I am worn out but it was so worth it!

    Hoping you and the littles are doing well and settling into fall. The leaves are starting to change here and fall. I bet NY is beautiful in autumn.

  27. Hurrah for getting braces off! I well remember that day.

    Such a blessing to finally get to meet you Laura. I only wish our paths had crossed more often and there had been some quiet time for a chat. Every meal was an exercise in who could shout the loudest to be heard, even at PF Chang's. Sort of makes introverts like me just hush up and go into the shell! :)

    But I'm thankful for the time we had and for the hugs, and your prayers. I only wish we had some photos to prove we actually met!

  28. Lori, You are so right ~ I was just telling my mom it really was a contest in who could shout the loudest! I actually have laryngitis (sp?) now to prove it:) I am just sick that I lost the photos of us along with all the rest. They were so good and we really do look like sisters as someone said. That just about ruined the trip for me. Time for a new camera.

    I so wish we'd found a quiet corner, too. But I treasure the time we had. Not long enough. I would have loved to have talked writing and just life. Hopefully there will be another time coming up.

    I prayed for you today as I know you're flying or maybe home already. I got into Seattle by 11am and took the hopper over in a thunderstorm (yikes ~ ROUGH) on Monday so was home by 1pm. Now for conference recovery! Thinking of you, dear friend.

  29. Looks like you had a fantastic time. I feel so bad for both you and Lori about your camera problems. I have seen some very nice pics of you on facebook as I made the rounds to see the fun everyone had.

    Glad you're home and have the pleasure of Wyatt's new smile!

  30. Carla,
    It's so good to see you here! I can't tell you how many times I thought of you during the last few days and wished I could fly away to Maine and meet you! You are one of my dearest online friends. That said, I think you'd love the conference though I know you are a veteran of those in your area and active in all the planning, etc. I really hope I can make it to St. Louis but that's so far away yet.

    Hope you feel good about your deadline. Wondering if you're waiting now. Please keep me posted. I've missed you!

  31. Oh, if this thing was in Nashville...here I come!

    But then again, you're in the west. Not very fair to you, eh?

    God knows best and when it's time for us to meet, He'll orchestrate.

  32. Glad you had a great time! Loved Courting Morrow Little. In fact, I read it twice, back to back. :)

  33. I love reading about the conference! I am so glad you had a good time. It is so fun reading about the different authors.

    I would love to win the book about the Chapman's, so please add me to your list! :)

    Looking forward to more conference posts!!

  34. Oh, I was just looking at Mary Beth Chapman's book in the bookstore the other day! It looks awesome.

    So glad you had a great time at ACFW. I hope to get there next year. Welcome home:):)