Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cover news

Here are two upcoming historical covers I thought were particularly interesting and eye-catching. I'm a big fan of Siri Mitchell. My favorite book of hers so far is Love's Pursuit. I think her upcoming cover is beautiful - love that dress! Love the title, too, as it sounds quite romantic. I've not heard of Karl Bacon and need to find out more about him. My guess is he's new to the CBA. His cover appeals to me, perhaps because it's so different than the typical CBA cover, if there is such a thing.

I have some news about the cover for The Colonel's Lady ~ I actually saw the comp, or design for it recently. And I'm happy to report we have the blue dress we were hankering for:) Overall, it's so very different than TFD and CML that it looks like it's from a different author! The designer is different this time. I love it and can't wait to post here. Best not say more and hand you a spoiler. Since it's still undergoing changes, I can't give you a peek quite yet. I will say that it's along the same lines as Siri's cover here and looks more like an actual photograph. Since The Colonel's Lady is a very different sort of book than my first two, it seems to fit.

There are so many good books out there - and so many great covers. I finished watching North & South this weekend and was completely overwhelmed by the acting and story line. My old favorite The Last of the Mohicans is now bumped to second place. I should have Elizabeth Gaskell's novel by week's end. I'm looking forward to it as she actually gets into her hero's head, something most female British writers of that period didn't do. On a lighter note, I'm on page 109 of Making Waves and it's just as delightful and funny as Lorna is:)

I'd love to know what you're reading right now or looking forward to reading. I learn so much from you all. After all, I wouldn't have fallen in love with North & South if it weren't for you, and now I'm forever in your debt!


  1. I saw the Karl Bacon cover and freaked! It's a Civil War novel, and after all the years of hearing they weren't being bought I'm happy to see a new one. Which on my side makes me hopeful that if my next novel is set during that period it could very well be bought.

    Currently I'm reading Julie Lessman's novel A Hope Undaunted and Sarah Sundin's A Memory Between Us. Julie hasn't disappointed!

  2. I see what you mean about Karl Bacon's cover. I have not heard of him either. I can't wait to see TCL's cover. I haven't even gotten to read Courting Morrow Little yet. The library says it may be a couple more months before CML is even available to my area. We have 6 books in the library system around here, but they are almost always checked out. I remember you telling someone in a post somewhere about how CML would be a nice winter book, and unfortunately that looks like how it will be for me. But I usually always put the books I read in God's hands so maybe that is how it is meant to be. So often I read a book just when I need to that is amazes me.
    Just recently I read A Gathering of Memories by Lori Wick. I am finishing up From Worthless to Worthy, which is a devotional, and I am also reading Miracles by C.S. Lewis every now and then.

  3. So good to hear you are loving Making Waves, it such a fun read, isn't it?

    Ohh, I can't wait to see your new cover. Sounds delightful. :D

    I can't wait for Siri's book either. I am so anxious for that one and it doesn't come out until late next year. :( She is another one of my favorite historical authors....

    I had not seen the Civil War novel. Who is publishing it do you know?

    Oh, gotta run, but have a great day. :D

  4. While waiting for Sarah Sundin's I-Know-Will-Be-Wonderful book, A Memory Between Us to arrive in the mail I've been reading The Wedding Machine by Beth Webb Hart. So far it's very good, but different since it's not particularly a romance novel. This book is in the Women of Faith line. These four friends who grew up in the 1960's and married their high school sweethearts are all together again in the planning of their children's weddings. The main character has taken over (from a friend's mom who planned each of the original girls' weddings) the wedding planning "business" for the elite, social set of their smaller town on the outskirts of Charleston, S.C. If you enjoy Denise Hildreth's southern writing you should enjoy this book very much.

  5. The message forums on C19 are calling all N&S fans to send out postcards to PBS to petition them to show N&S on their channel. Somehow, N&S got overlooked at the time it first came out in 2005. I think BBC America showed it in a limited area, but that was it. We think more people should be exposed to this wonderful drama. My next post will give the instructions for the post card.


    Calling all US Fans of RA & North & South!!!

    Another year goes by & still the US doesn’t broadcast North & South...
    Maybe they don’t know what a ‘masterpiece’ it is. Why not spread the word?

    We are searching for fans of North & South & Richard Armitage who have access to PBS to join our postcard campaign.

    The purpose is to contact Rebecca Eaton, Executive Producer of Masterpiece, to promote the screening in the US of our favorite adaptation. Those, who enjoy period dramas, great literature, a heart-stopping romance & a hero to fall in love with, deserve to see it. We want her to know that there is indeed an interest in seeing N&S and that Masterpiece is the place for it to be!

    We have an outstanding postcard on which you have ample room to place your personal comments on why North & South should be broadcast by Masterpiece. This 11-1/2 X 6-1/8” postcard has been designed by Heathra – it is so beautiful and designed to catch the eye. We are so fortunate to have her creative talent as she has been so instrumental in promoting North & South & RA’s career with her videos. Thanks Heather!

    Here's a picture of the postcard.


    Imagine the impact on Ms. Eaton of receiving these lovely postcards with handwritten notes!

    So join in by:
    (1) Email your name & address to Fans.of.North.and.South@gmail.com. Within 24 hours the pre-addressed postcard will be mailed to you.

    (2) When you receive the card simply add your comments, put on a 44 cent stamp & off to the mailbox you go! Please sign it with your name, city & state, not your screen name (Your email with your name and address will be deleted once I send you your postcard – your privacy will be honored!)

    (3) Please help spread the word to blogs and websites that you frequent, hoping that they will want to help. The more postcards that go out, the more attention we will receive, and more likely to succeed. One postcard per email will be available.

    Any responses from PBS will be shared with you via C-19 & participating websites.

    The email address is: Fans.of.North.and.South@gmail.com

  7. Those covers are really nice. I look forward to seeing them in stores soon! There are actually two book I am really looking forward to reading. Tamera Alexander's new book Within My Heart, the 3rd book in her Timber Ridge Reflections Series and Tracie Peterson's Twilight Serenade, the 3rd book in her Song of Alaska Series. They both recently came out and I just purchased them this weekend. First I have to finish the book I am currently reading before I can start them, I am almost done! :)

  8. Just finished a fantastic book, Petra by T.L. Higley. Amber recommended it ! Spiritual warfare, adventure, early church history, and a touch of romance make for a novel I would most heartily recommend. Unfortunately I wonder if they're not as well known because I notice my library system doesn't have any of her books.

    I love the covers you showed, especially the Karl Bacon. Can't wait to see your cover.

  9. Winter, I am so like you and nearly gasped when I saw Karl's cover:) I love Civil War historicals though they haven't been hot the last few years. Now I think they are making a comeback. And I'm so happy to hear you're writing one in that period:)

    Your current reads are ones I have right here ~ since I endorsed Julie's I've already had the pleasure but can't wait to read Sarah's newest. The cover is so beautiful with those sepia tones and the hero in uniform looks quite gallant!

  10. Adrienne,
    Oh that is such good news that CML is being read in your libraries there, but I'm sorry you have to wait. However, I love your attitude about the Lord lining up your reading selection. Such a great attitude and a reminder that He really wants to be involved, or should be involved, in all our lives, right down to the books we choose to spend time with. Bless you for that.

    My favorite Lori Wick book is The Princess (hoping I got that right). And you can never go wrong with Lewis. His Mere Christianity is one of my all time favorites. Can't wait to meet him in heaven:)

  11. Hi Casey,
    Karl's book is by Zondervan and releases next March:) It looks terrific ~ I'm glad to see more CBA male authors.

    I'm looking forward to meeting Siri next week in Indy. We've gotten to know each other a little bit online. She's such a fine author. I need to go back and read her chick lit/contemp work.

    You sound busy there ~ have a blessed day!

  12. Good morning, Laura! I'd been wondering if you finished North and South. It was wonderful, wasn't it? I'm so sad that I must return it to the library today. :(

    Lately, I have been reading a YA series by Ally Carter. A very good friend of mine recommended the books. The series is called The Gallagher Girls, and is set in a private all-girls boarding school. It's not exactly a normal boarding school though, as they are studying to be spies. It's been a great series, probably some of the best books I've read all year. I actually finished the 4th book last week, but I'm not ready to let go yet. There were some major plot twists in book 4, and I've been re-reading books 2 and 3. It's been so fun to see these plot twists foreshadowed in the earlier books.

    I love the cover of Siri's book. It's beautiful, definitely one of my favorites. I'm not much for war books though, so if the library gets the Karl Bacon one I might check it out.

    I'm looking forward to reading Beverly Lewis' new book, which releases today. I'm the first one on the hold list at the library, so I expect I'll get it this week. Also wanting to read Julie Lessman's book. Again, I'm number one on the hold list for it.

    How is school going for your boys?

  13. Sylvia,
    The Wedding Machine sounds so interesting ~ love anything to do with weddings and all that overlapping mother/daughter themes.
    I've heard that the next "big" genre is southern lit like this. It really is gaining in popularity.

    I went over to the C-19 forums for N&S and was amazed!! I also wandered into the fanfic area where they post sequels. Some of the writing is very, very good! Thanks so much for giving me the heads up on that as I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. A real treat:) Also, thanks to you, I was able to locate the soundtrack which isn't available, on someone's site and have been listening to that as I write. The music is heavenly!

    And I'm shocked that our side of the pond hasn't shown N&S here yet! Since the BBC message boards crashed, you'd think they'd have a clue and broadcast! I think the postcard idea is a lovely one, especially since they're a handwritten request, etc. I'd love to send one! Bless you for sharing that here. I've never watched anything I've enjoyed as much ever.

  14. Cassie,
    So interesting hearing what you're reading. I love Tamera's new cover but haven't read it yet either. And I have Tracie's newest coming from Crossings as it deals with a violinist and I want to see how she handles that. You have much to look forward to:)

  15. Julia, I've heard of Higley but haven't read. The story premise you described sounds so interesting. It's fun to find an author who's not as well known and fall in love with their work. Some of the best books in the CBA receive the least press, I'm finding.

    Can't wait to show you TCL cover. I think you'll be surprised but will like it very much:)

  16. Michelle, You are such a good library requester like me:) I think they love folks like us as we keep those books circulating!

    I must admit I've had a North & South withdrawal but am rewatching episodes till I get the book. I can't believe what you pick up on a second or third viewing that you missed the first time. I believe the Lord gave me this movie at this particular time. I'll be blogging about it soon. He works in such creative ways to comfort and encourage us! Even through a movie! Or a book:)

    Thanks so much for asking about Paul and Wyatt. Paul LOVES 5th grade. After having only 1 boy and all those girls in that class, 4 other boys showed up on the first day so now he's in fine company. His teacher is terrific - he's the football coach and about 6'2 and 250 pounds. He won teacher of the year award not long ago. So I feel he's God's blessing to Paul (and me). Wyatt is enjoying 8th grade algebra and such. And it's simply amazing to be home alone from 8-3 every day! I don't quite know what to do with myself:)

  17. Michelle,
    Whoops, the Ally Carter series sounds wonderful. I love those YA authors and have thought about writing for YA myself like Ann Rinaldi.

    Let me know how you like the books!! Would love to hear your insights about what you enjoyed!

  18. Happy Tuesday, Laura! Nothing like coming back after a long weekend to some beautiful books :D

    "An Eye for Glory" promises to be a powerful, gripping, heart wrenching sort of book, if its description on Christianbook is anything to go by! The cover looks more like a movie cover than a book cover- kinda reminds me of the cover of John Adams! I'm going to go preorder this book on Amazon right now :D And, I've never read any of Siri's books, but she always has such beautiful covers! Maybe I'll have to preorder this one,too!!

    I'm currently reading "Within My Heart" by Tamera Alexander, and WOW is it AWESOME!! Tamera is so very talented and I HIGHLY recommend any and all of her books! But, my favorites, so far, are "Rekindled" and "From A Distance"- i think you'd really like them, too :D There is such a depth and a life to her writing that really speaks to the heart. She has a new 6 books series coming out next year, which I'm super excited about!

    SO happy you enjoyed North & South!! I've been reading all your comments about it this past weekend, and I must say, your descriptions sounded like a book themselves! No one can put it quite like an author can ;)

    And, such WONDERFUL news about TCL!! I can't wait to see it, as I'm sure it will be GORGEOUS!! Thanks for letting us share your JOY!!

    Praying you have a beautiful day, my friend :)

    Amanda Stanley

  19. I never cease to be amazed at the beautiful covers when I shop the Inspirational Fiction aisle! Love those, and can't WAIT to see yours!! Can't wait to get my hands on Lorna's book, as well - so if you see someone sitting in a corner with her nose in "Making Waves" at ACFW, it'll probably be ME! :D

    I just finished Robert Whitlow's "The Sacrifice," the second of his books that I read. I liked it, but not as much as "The List." I started Beth Pattilo's "Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart" last night, and haven't really read enough to know how much I like it. What drew me? THE COVER!!!! LOL

    Have a great day!!

  20. Amanda:)
    I thought of you and wondered what you were up to this long weekend ~ you were reading:) Tamera's books sound wonderful and I need to read them. Wonder if her new series is set in the late 18th-c. west, too? Her covers are always beautiful and I love the femininity portrayed.

    Now I have to go over to CBD and see what's up with Karl's book, thanks to you:) He's a big Civil War buff (no surprises there) and the cover really does look like a movie cover, as you so astutely put it. It's my kind of book, I'm thinking. Meaty and thought-provoking.

    As for thought-provoking, I'm in N&S withdrawal. Bless you for reading my pitiful comments! I was so overwhelmed with it I may have to give away both the movie and book in a soon-to-be future post. Or at least the book, which I hear is quite different than the movie on at least 2 critical plot points (the beating in the mill and the final train scene). An not sure I can watch Robin Hood next and see him morph to villian status as he made such a perfect hero. Oh my...

    And thanks so much for your comments/excitement about the cover for TCL. It really is amazing to see the art team switch gears so completely, but in a good way. I was a bit worried Morrow's cover would end up being my measuring stick and all else would fall short. But this is so vastly different you can't compare the two at all! I think I'll probably be able to post next month as they are finalizing the cover a bit ahead of schedule. Can't wait to share with you:)

    Have a wonderful day there!

  21. Did anyone notice that half my blog is missing?! What's up with that, I'm thinking!?

  22. Might be a Blogger thing. They tend to do that.

    Wow, you'll be in Indy in a few weeks. I will too!

  23. I love these covers! I do love this style that seems like characters just stepped out of a tintype or old photo. And I am so anxious to see YOUR cover! I'd love to hear why this 3rd book is so different from the others...just a hint? please? :D

    I finished Love's Pursuit not too long ago. I'm still not sure what I think about it. There was a constant feeling of dread to it, which wasn't that comfortable for a reader ;) and two first person perspectives was a bit much for me ;) but I'm willing to try some of her others!

    I'm reading a book now called All That Lives about the Bell Witch. Do you know that story? It is sooo up your alley! Although a bit dark with paranormal stuff, but perfect for autumn reading. Its about a family in the 1810s that is plagued by some sort of spirit in rural tennessee, and is a real and documented case.

    Anyhow....I am crossing my fingers for Making Waves! It sounds so fun, especially since I just returned from the lake!~!

  24. sigh....I love coming here for good book talk :-)

    I won a copy of "Making Waves" at Seekerville so you can take my name out of the hat for it! I'm so excited. I can't wait for something new and fun to read.

    I just finished two Christian historicals that were very disappointing. The only thing "descriptive" about them were the covers! I know I'm in a minority when I say I wish authors would do a little more "telling" and less "showing".

    Your books are a good blend of showing and telling, Laura. Can't wait to see your new cover!

    I'm switching to non-fiction for a bit now and beginning the biography of Betsy Ross that I've been saving.

    I watched the first hour of "North and South" yesterday on Netflix. Very, very good. Have you seen "Cranford". It is another BBC adaptation of Gaskell novel and it is picturesque and witty.

    Now, I'm going back to read the comments. I *so* enjoy talking books with everyone here!

  25. Wonderful covers! I'm in the middle of Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor and loving it. I've been swept away to Scotland in 1487 with a stolen bride, battling clans and a tough yet tender hero.

  26. Oops, that was Scotland 1473... it's been one of those days!

  27. And my TBR list grows AGAIN!!

    My favorite Siri book is Chateau of Echoes and a Constant Heart (which made me very thankful to be an American living right now!).

    And Kevin's book cover looks like a general market cover. I love the Civil War and pre-Civil War era. I've never understood why publishers refuse to publish them. It's been a loooong time since something's been done there so I can't wait to read it!

    And TL Higley???!! Laura, she's great! I've read Shadow of Colossus and City of the Dead. COTD was my favorite.

    Okay, got to get off the computer so I can get these books and start reading! Who needs a life outside of books, right?

  28. LOL--I just realized I referred to Karl Bacon as Kevin. Sigh. Sorry, Karl!

  29. Regina, I know you'll love Making Waves as much as its author:) It is so clever and fun and well done!
    But I intend to talk to you at conference so no sitting in a corner reading books!

    You've brought up something I've been thinking a lot about lately but have no answer for. Regarding the Whitlow books and why we like some books by the same author more than others. I've been hearing from so many readers that they like CML more than TFD. There are a few holdouts, though:)

    I don't think there are any covers better than CBA covers so I agree that they are so well done:)

  30. Winter, Bless you! I just found that the missing half sank to the bottom of my blog and I can't return it the way it was. So I sent out an SOS to my brother! We'll see how computer or blogger-savvy he is:)

  31. Oh Winter, Are you coming to Indy!! If so, I'll look for you:) I'm the one with the big KY bag!

  32. Heather, You really hit the nail on the head with Love's Pursuit ~ it's not a comfortable read. It's more a risky read and I felt a bit brokenhearted for days over how it turned out. What I loved was Daniel, the hero, and how well she writes. She took a bit of criticism for that book for the reasons you mentioned. It's up for an award in Indy next week at the conference I'll be attending. I think I liked it for the sheer radicalness of it (does that sound melodramatic?) as it's not standard CBA fare:)

    Oooh, a TN book that's a bit spooky but factual! Perfect for fall reading, indeed. Can't wait to pull the winner of Making Waves out of the hat Friday. Hope you had fun at the lake! I noticed it was still hot in your neck of the woods. Here it's 50 and rainy:(

  33. Mary,
    Congrats on the win! I bet there were a ton of comments so you are blessed indeed:) Thanks for letting me know.

    I'm so interested to know how you like the new Betsy Ross bio. I requested my library order it but expect a long wait. Would love to know what you think.

    I always chuckle at your honesty about your reading material:) I sometimes think the same type thing!

    And I'm thrilled beyond words that you've started North&South!! The first episode is almost dull compare to the last 3 episodes so hold onto your bonnet! You're going to fall in love...

    I haven't seen Cranford yet but have been told to see that and Wives and Daughters. Will post about it here once I do. Love having all these period dramas to look forward to when the weather turns.

    Bless you today!

  34. Merry,
    Oh, a Scottish tale! Love those:) Jennifer has a great blog, too, but bet you already know that. I didn't realize it was set in the century it was in. Thought it was 17th-c. or even 18th-c. like Liz Curtis Higgs Scottish trilogy, etc.

    I think your glowing endorsement just added another book to my pile! Bless you (I think:)!

  35. Hey, Sally, Kevin Bacon works for me:) I just remembered he is the actor! Bet Karl gets that a lot!

    I'm so glad to find a fellow Siri fan:) I even love the title Chateau of Echoes. It's so evocative and intriguing.

    If you and Julia like Higley I'd best look her up. I bet our library has her books as they tend to carry a lot of CBA authors. My TBR stack is enormous and actually collapsed the other day. Not a pretty sight...dust flying...covers bent. Time for bookshelves:)

  36. Yep, I'll be there. Look for the dark auburn haired woman with a National Guard backpack and a digital patterned ball cap that says in pink, I love my Solider! Course the cap will only be on Friday, but I'll be lugging that backpack everywhere!

  37. Thanks for sharing those covers, Laura. As someone who loves reading from the male point-of-view (which is so rare in Christian fiction), Karl Bacon's looks especially intriguing.

    As far as what I'm reading now, it's Lorna Seilstad's "Making Waves". I gave away my (3) copies of CML so now I'm waiting for my Crossings hardcover. Then, I can finally read it.

  38. A new book from Siri is always great. I love the Civil War cover. I had to go look him up. The book sounds intriguing. And it's 400 pages. Music to my writer's soul. Thanks for sharing these, Laura!

    Right now I'm working my way through all of Charles Martin's books. I recently discovered him through his newest, The Mountain Between Us, and can't get enough of his writing. Also got lots of research books going. That will likely never end!

  39. About Tamera Alexander's new series, here is what she said about it on Amber's blog- hope she doesn't mind me using this, but it sounded so good, I didn't think I could reword it any better :)

    "I'm already working on my new series. Historical, of course, except these next six books will take place in my native South, which I love! These books, post-civil war era, are set in Nashville and are rich with historical detail and with characters who truly step off the page, because many of them are based on people who actually lived in that time period. The first book is scheduled for release in fall 2011. We're still working on the title and cover, but you can visit my website for more details."

    It just sounds FABULOUS!! I hope you do get a chance to read it or any of her books, as I think you'll be very blessed by them :)

    And, if you or anyone else would like to check out the rest of Tamera's interview over on Amber's blog, www.seasonsofhumility.blogspot.com, go into her August archives in the sidebar, and click "End of Summer Bach with Tamera Alexander!"

    Amanda Stanley

  40. Very interesting covers. I have to say that the Christian fiction has way better covers than regular fiction. Why is that, I wonder?

    You've intrigued me with your tease about The Colonel's Lady's cover.

    Sniffle. You know what I just finished reading? Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad. What a thrill to read it. I kept stopping and looking at the back cover and thinking "I know her!!!!!" LOL. What pacing...and the slow build towards the climax! Every reader's dream!!!

    I've been using it as reward time -- setting writing word goals and rewarding myself with a read from Making Waves. That way I got writing and reading done this weekend, but I got to a certain point and just couldn't put the book down so now I don't have a word count today. Pfffft! It's all Lorna's fault!!!

  41. Brenda, So good to see you here! I've been missing you but know you've been traveling or busy with other things in the last few weeks.

    You deserve some sort of a medal for getting and then giving away 3 copies of CML!! I will remember that, my friend. I pray they bless whoever you gave them, too. I just rec'd my hardcopy from Crossings that I ordered and am so glad it's available through them again. Nothing like a hardback, in my opinion. I also rec'd the large print edition for TFD and am so thankful it's in large print for visually impaired folks (and I'm rapidly becoming one).

    I actually thought of you when I saw Karl's book. Male authors are somewhat of a rarity in the CBA, like you said, and this one has such an interesting cover. I would like to read the other Civil War novel that was up for a Carol/Book of the Year last year ~ I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires (or so I think). Can't remember the author.

    Looking forward to seeing you next week! Will be so fun putting faces and bodies with names in cyberspace:)

    Fun to think that we're both reading MW right now!

  42. Lori,
    You've gotten me hooked on Charles Martin simply by his titles alone. I saw him in an interview the other day. If you like him he's bound to be good. I think reading from the male perspective always teaches us females something:) Can't wait to dive into Mr. John Thornton's head via Elizabeth Gaskell...

    YES, bring on the big fat historicals!! Personally I feel postively cheated by a book that is under 400 pages:) I'm sure you'll second that!

  43. Amanda,
    Bless you for this! I went to her website and couldn't find much but you've struck gold with Amber's blog:) Nashville sounds like a great place for a series. It's so rich in history and that era remains the most popular for historicals, or so I've heard. I will see if I can pick up one of her books at the conference next week in Indy. Thanks so much for the glowing review!

  44. Hi Laura! :D

    I'm sorry I haven't commented much recently. I'm certainly keeping busy, but I'm making time to read, too! ;) Right now I'm reading Making Waves and I started Polly Dent Loses Grip (A Heartsong Mystery). Soon I'll be reading A Hope Undaunted, A Memory Between Us, and Petra: City of Stone. I can't wait for all of them! (And I'm still saving Courting Morrow Little, which I know will be fabulous!)

    And I have to tell you: last Saturday night when my roomie was gone, I sat down in front of my laptop and watched all of North & South--in one sitting! I simply couldn't stop!!! I just loved it, everything from the acting, the setting, the music (oh, the music!)...what a beautiful, wonderful story! I'm so, so glad I learned about this movie from your blog! :D

    Oh, and thank you to Amanda for mentioning my blog! And to you, Laura, for enjoying the interview! Tamera Alexander is definitely a must-read author! I agree with Amanda about From a Distance (I haven't read Rekindled), and I also highly recommend the Inheritance! I'll hopefully be reading Within My Heart (for review) soon...so many books, so LITTLE time!

    Well, I hope all is going well for you! I need to remember to find a good balance between homework, reading, and writing, but so far this semester is going well! :)

    Talk to you soon!


  45. Hi Amber,
    Hope you are all settled in and the semester is an inspiring time for you in every way ~ I can just imagine how busy you are! But good to know you are surrounded with great books:) And I'm so happy to hear you are now an official North & South fan! I wish I'd watched it back to back like you. I think it's seamless then, like reading through a book in one sitting. The music is so beautiful like you said. Can't wait to watch again!

    I must have been away (fiddle camp) when you hosted Tamera. Great job on that! Looks like I have some catching up to do...

    Thinking of you and praying your school start is GREAT:)

  46. I need to second Lori Benton on her Charles Martin recommendation. I've read all of his works and they are beautiful reads. You'd love them, Laura, as he definitely has a lyrical way with prose.

    As for "I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires", that's a must-read by Cathy Gohlke, but read "William Henry is a Fine Name" first as it's the first in the series. Both are excellent works.

    I so look forward to meeting you next week. As you said, it'll be fun to put faces to all these cyber-names.

  47. Brenda,
    Ah, another Martin fan:) That lyrical prose quality hooks me every time! Now I have to add him to my queue. Glad to know that the Gohlke is a series as I dislike reading things out of order. You really do miss something if you do that, I think. Thanks for caring enough to tell me that. I think I'll bring an empty suitcase for all the books available at the book store next week. But then I'm on a book budget:( There were some complimentary copies given out last year which delighted many...

  48. I just checked out Tamera's blog and didn't find much about her new series either. Hopefully she'll be updating it soon! When she does, I'll let you know ;)

    And, I wholeheartedly agree, Amber's blog is like striking gold! Her posts always bless, encourage, and inspire, as does their author :) The Lord has truly blessed me with meeting some amazing people on these blogs who have become dear friends, present company included!!

    Prayers & Blessings,
    Amanda Stanley

  49. Kav,
    Isn't that a funny feeling ~ knowing the author:) I'm surprised you got anything done at all! Good thing her next book is coming out in June if not before. I think her timing with the conference is just great. She'll be signing those books right and left.

    It's so true ~ the CBA has much better covers than the general market. Am not sure why that is as it must be far more expensive to have an art budget for those. Another thing that makes me chuckle is the size of CBA trade ppbacks. My mom, when she first rec'd TFD, said to me, "It's so...BIG!" I had to laugh as I'd never really thought about it but CBA books are quite large compared to the general market. They truly have a size all their own:)

    Bless you, Kav, and hope you can return blissfully to your WIP now that Making Waves is now on your has been read list:)

  50. Thanks, Amanda, You are such a gracious person:) Please let me know more, especially if you see her cover for this first book in the series, as she talked about it being ready soon. That will be a real treat!

    And I'm like you, having blogger buddies is so much better than flying solo through cyberspace!! I would just quit this here and now if not for all your comments. It is such a delight to have dear friends in different states! Bless you bunches:)

  51. Beautiful covers!

    I'm looking forward to reading Beguiled by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand. The cover is gorgeous, and I love Deeanne Gist's books.


  52. I think I'm having withdrawls from North and South. I was a good girl, and took it back to the library last night. Now I'm trying to talk myself out of checking to see if Tates Creek has it on the shelf and going there to pick it up. Good thing Beaumont doesn't have it, or I would so stop there after church tonight.

    Alas, I believe I will content myself with the 2006 version of Jane Eyre, and the 3rd season of Robin Hood. Speaking of Robin Hood, you really should watch it, Laura. I don't really see RA as the villian in the show, to me that's the Sheriff of Nottingham (and what a delicious villian he is), to me Sir Guy is more of an anti-hero. He's more of a gray hat, although I'd say it's probably the darker shades of gray.

    I wonder if you and I were on C19 at the same time this past weekend, and if we read the same fanfictions, lol. I did register over there, but I don't know if I'll do more than just lurk and read fanfic. If I do end up posting, the username is Chelle1917.

    I can't wait to see the cover of The Colonel's Lady, I meant to mention that yesteday, but my brain was going much faster than my fingers, as usual.

    I started reading Deanna Raybourn's The Dead Travel Fast yesterday evening. It's pretty good so far, very gothic, and at times very like a Victoria Holt novel.

  53. Michelle,
    Don't laugh but I watched it AGAIN! This makes the third time in a week or so. Guess I'm officially hooked:) Tates Creek is my old neighborhood so go gem 'em! Did your DVD have the commentary on episodes 1 & 4? If so, it's very worthwhile. I was amazed at how closely filmmaking resembles book writing. All that creating a set, infusing your characters with life, then editing away. I like the fact that they shot the train station kiss scene at the very last. I'm always surprised at how they mix up scenes when filming and move all over the place. I'm surprised the actors keep things straight. No such thing as filming in sequence. But oftentimes I don't write in sequence so should understand that!

    Fun that we might have been on C19 at the same time:) I'm so dull I used laurafrantz as my username. No anonymity there! I doubt I'll ever post either but it's a fun site to cruise in a spare moment. Only there is so much info I think I'll expire before I get to it all.

    I've read Dee's first book and it is very good, very Victoria Holtish like you said but in an edgy sort of way. She is wildly popular and Ruth on booktalk loves her and does some killer reviews of her work.

    Okay, you've sold me on Robin Hood with RCA:) Will see if I can get through our library. Bless you and can't wait to show you the cover, too!

  54. Kristen,
    Dee is so talented and it's neat that she teamed with a male author to write some suspense. I love the Charleston setting:) Happy reading to you, dear friend!

  55. Brenda & Laura,

    I've read William Henry is a Fine Name, too, and thought it a wonderful book. I haven't read the sequel yet. But I shall.

    Brenda, we seem to have similar tastes in books! Have you read Linda Nichols? Love all her books so far too.

  56. Laura, Michelle

    I loved reading your comments on North and South.

    Regarding C19, can I just urge you to de-lurk and introduce yourselves. I've been a member for a few months (I was also late to the party) and it's a wonderful and friendly board and and we don't bite, honest!

    You will also find there are a few other published authors who are members.

    Currently we are looking forward to the publicity surrounding the new series of Spooks (which Richard stars in) which begins on September 20th.

  57. Clare,
    Welcome here! It's always wonderful to meet someone who loves N&S like I do:) I find C19 a fascinating place! The sequel threads just fascinate me. Some of the writing is very fine. I think I will, at your gracious invitation, de-lurk, and join in the fun. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to do a giveaway of both the movie and the book in future and I'd love to ask readers what they think happened once John and Margaret got off the train in Milton...
    Hope you'll join us!

  58. I just started a new book last night and could hardly put it down.
    It's titled A Place Called Home by Lori Wick.

    ANd love the look of Karl BAcon's book.

  59. Lisa, So good to see you here:) I haven't read that Lori Wick book but loved The Princess. I bet you'd like that, too. Hope I'm keeping my titles straight!

    And thanks so much for taking a look and quoting TFD's opening line! I remember it so well, of course, but would you believe I have to think a bit before remembering Morrow's!

    Since I don't think you've read it yet I'll give you the opening line from the prologue as a tease:)

    "Morrow paused on the river trail to wipe her brow with the hem of her linsey shift."

    Then fast forward 13 years to chapter 1...

    "Morrow took out a painted paper fan, her gloved hands trembling, and recalled the look of horror on her aunt's face moments before as if she'd stepped into a coffin instead of a keelboat."

    Am wondering if your kiddos are back in school? And you're home alone with little Miss L? Headed over to find out:)

  60. Wonderful covers!

    Civil War? Finally! It's been too long coming. I recall the excitement at seeing Cathy Golke's YA novels in that setting and I hope this is a sign that more historical fiction and historical romance novels will prove that the 'not buying Civil War' days are over.

  61. Debra,
    Isn't that a beautiful cover?! I think there is now a return to Civil War stories which will make many readers very happy. Am not sure why it fell out of favor like it did. I'm so anxious to read Cathy's work. Many kudos for that all around both from readers here and the web. Bless you today!