Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Seeker winner...

Today's winner for a new, signed copy of The Seeker is...


Congratulations to Regina and a big thank you to Ann for providing a copy of her latest release. For those of you who would still like a chance to win yet another copy, please stop by Ann's blog and comment there. She has some great giveaways going on and always picks interesting topics to blog about.

See you Monday!


  1. Congratulations Regina!!

    Looks like I'll be making a trip to the Christian bookstore tomorrow ;) THANK YOU Laura for the opportunity and THANK YOU to Ann, too!! You ladies are SO sweet and SO kind to offer your WONDERFUL books in a giveaway! We really appreciate it :)

    See you tomorrow Laura!! Can't wait to here about your retreat :)

    Amanda Stanley

  2. Whoa! I'm so excited! Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I will SO look forward to reading this book!

    You are a blessing!

  3. Bless you for your enthusiasm, Amanda and Michelle! You are the greatest:)
    And Regina - I was tickled to death when I drew your name! I didn't want to notify you but let you have the fun of discovering it yourself. But I did email Ann bright and early this morning to give her your addy. That book will have a sweet, short trip across the state:) Bless you and happy reading!

  4. Thanks, Amanda, for being a good sport and still wanting to read the book. Love your enthusiasm. And Regina, I'll get the book in the mail this week. I'll have to look on my map and see exactly how far across Kentucky you are from me.

    Glad you chimed in with good wishes, Michelle. I always say if 2 people are in a drawing and I'm one of them that pretty much guarantees the other person will win. :)