Thursday, January 8, 2009

christmas in january

We're celebrating Christmas with our neighbors today as we haven't been able to get to them with all the snow till now. The news reports about Washington state being afloat are true - lots of road closures and things adrift now that the snow is melting and the winter rains begin in earnest. WET! Great reading and writing weather:)

On the home front, Paul is busy practicing his violin and trying to polish an old Civil War tune - a lively reel - called Soldier's Joy. He thinks he'd like to play banjo next. Wyatt is dreaming about beekeeping and basketball. We go to a high school game tonight for the first time ever. I don't know a basketball from a biscuit so this should be interesting. Hopefully Randy will be home in time. He's been working on a yacht down at the marina and has some interesting tales to tell. Personally, I think yacht-owning is extreme and I wouldn't want to be held accountable for that kind of excess but Port Angeles is noted for these big boats. This particular yacht has a game room below with glass panels in the floor where you can see through to the ocean and all that marine life, etc. If this is the best man can do, I wonder what heaven will be like?

I'm thankful for my humble little house and garden and woods. When Christmas is over today, I have to hurry back to the Red River and start editing again. I'm already dreaming of that next book. Interestingly enough, I just received my copy of the Chronicle from the Kentucky Historical Society and read that they've been given the nation's most significant collection of firearms from the master gunsmith Benjamin Mills. An old-time Kentucky gunsmith! This ties in very nicely for researching that next book.

Hope your day is sunny and dry wherever you are.


  1. I am assuming you celebrated belated Christmas with the Gores I right? Glad your snow is melting but I bet it is extremely wet there! So glad all the writing and editing is going well....a nonstop job for you I know but you wouldn't have it any other way, ha! Maybe one day Paul will get to play the violin for us! Zach is playing basketball again and always loves it. I know Wyatt does too. I grew up in a basketball family, ha (Polly and all the Feagans of course) so I do love it! Hello to all!

  2. What fun that you didn't let snow stop your Christmas celebration, only delay it. Hope all the water makes your Spring green and pretty. I just caught up on some of your blogs. So glad you persevered and kept on writing. Actually a lot of us writers can't quit even when we tell ourselves we should. And the best person to please when you're writing is yourself. Of course, that editor at the publishing company is a very close second. ;) August is getting closer and closer.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    Yes, the Gores shared a belated Christmas with us. Would love to see Zach play ball! It's a complicated game but my boys love it too. I'm just content to sit and watch them wear themselves out:) Hello to all there!

  4. Yes, Ann. August will be a special month for us both! Can't wait. Till then lots has to be done. But you are so right - might as well stop breathing as writing. I think that's what it will take. Some sort of heavenly compulsion, I guess. Glad you understand:)