Monday, November 7, 2011

to die for

I'm such a fan of British history and when a new book popped up about Ann Boleyn - with a beautiful cover - I was an instant fan before I'd even read a word. And then the author and I bumped into each other online and she invited me to lunch:) We happen to live within a few hours of each other so off I zipped in my old red Jeep around Puget Sound to Port Orchard.We met at author Debbie Macomber's tea room for "high tea." And talked nonstop for three hours about books!

The tea room and gift shop were already decorated for Christmas and across the way is Debbie's knitting shop - a beautiful building that made me want to start clacking my needles.
Now back to Sandra's book...

The cover is stunning. I felt an instant kinship since I have a headless heroine myself;) And the prose... Oh my! Here's one lush line...

She loved him to the point of anguish.

Now that's to die for in my opinion! I won't tell you who's anguishing for whom. You'll just have to read the book! And you have a chance of doing so right here. I have a signed copy for one of you. Just leave a comment if you'd like to enter the drawing.

I love what Liz Curtis Higgs said about this book:

"Sandra Byrd's first venture into historical fiction is nothing short of brilliant. All the Tudor details are perfectly placed, like gemstones in a royal readers a wider glimpse of history, a greater measure of hope, and an ending that satisfies at the deepest level. Simply put, To Die For is the best historical novel I've read in many a season, a masterpiece of history and heart."

You can visit Sandra at her beautifully done blog and see other books she's written and check out her mentoring and editing. Thanks, Sandra, for a wonderful tea! And a to-die-for book:) Winner announced this Friday, November 11th.

What are you reading right now?


  1. hi laura! this book sounds (and looks!) so good! How fun that you two got the meet up, and you know I love knitting shops :) I'm interested to hear about her take on Anne Boleyn...

  2. Laura this sounds like one I would really love to read. Sure would be nice to win it.I've never heard of Sandra Byrd before so thanks for posting this.
    I love Debbie's books & sure would be nice to visit her tea room.I love to knit too.

  3. I have a copy sitting on my TBR pile, so please don't enter me in the drawing -- but thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Laura! :) Sounds like you and Sandra had a lovely afternoon. In answer to your question, I just finished Lynn Austin's Song of Redemption, and am currently reading Allison Pittman's The Bridgrooms!

  4. Love the pics, Laura! I'm so glad to hear good things about this author! I just bought this book as a Christmas gift for my sister, who is also into this time period.

    Right now I'm rereading some well-loved stories with my English classes--The Hiding Place in one class and Screwtape Letters in the other. Guess I need to make some time for my TBR pile :)

  5. Heather, This is your kind of book:) At least I think so as we have similiar taste in reading material. Yes, Debbie's knitting shop is to die for, too. I've never seen such a beautiful place with every color of yarn in existence, surely. I made sure I didn't linger long as I would have filled my basket with too much stuff. And I don't even knit!!

    I imagine you are into the Christmas spirit with all your artwork right now. I have to hop over and see what you've been up to lately. So good to see you here! You've been missed!

  6. Wilma, I'd not heard of Sandra before this either and think she's a best kept secret:) Her next book is titled "The Secret Keeper" which sounds so intriguing and will be out in a few months.

    I'm so glad to know you knit. I wish we lived closer and I'd ask you to teach me! Seeing Debbie's beautiful shop was really amazing as it was so beautiful and creative and BIG. The tea room gift shop was stocked with her books and I'm glad you're a fan. Me, too! Thanks so much for coming over and commenting and being in the drawing:)

  7. "High Tea". What a perfect way to get better acquainted and share a love of books. Sandra Byrd is a new name to me, so I would be interested in reading her historical work. A well researched and accurately detailed historical fiction is a great delight. Thanks for this introduction, Laura.

  8. Ruth, I spied your TBR stack recently and was so glad TDF is on it. Your Austin and Pittman sound scrumptious;) I've one of Allison's earlier books - Ten Thousand Charms sitting here. Have always been intrigued by the title and premise. Love the cover. I can always count on you to serve up some great reading material and that's one of the reasons I like asking that question:) Bless you today! And happy reading.

  9. Oh Renee Ann, You can't go wrong with Lewis or Ten Boom. You must pick those books - what a legacy to leave your students. They're also ones you can read again and again and dig deeper. At different seasons of my life I absorb different things, if you know what I mean. Love the Lewis quote you had on your blog recently! And that incredible picture to go with it. You have an eye for beauty.

    Thrilled to hear Sandra's book will be a Christmas gift. She has 3 in this particular series. Plus she was a Christy award finalist not long ago for a book called "Let Them Eat Cake." She's a wonderful writer and a dear person. I can't wait to see what she thinks up next.

    Bless you today and thanks so much for being here!

  10. Mary, I'd so love to send this book your way:) I think it's your cup of tea, no pun intended! It surely is mine. You've described Sandra to a T, too. She writes richly and beautifully with just the right historical detail that plants you firmly in the story. A wonderful reward for all that winterizing you've been doing! Me, too! And the tea was delicious. It's been a long time since I've had high tea anywhere and on this blustery, rainy day near the water it was a real treat.

    Thanks so much for being here. Always love seeing you.

  11. This book cover is gorgeous. I saw it at a store and loved it. I would like to be entered. Thanks for the giveaway.

    arsmelser6 at gmail dot com

  12. Amy, "Gorgeous" is certainly the right word! Thanks so much for entering the drawing:) I think you'll love the story!

  13. Hi Laura! This book has been on my reading wishlist. I've read a lot of great reviews about Sandra's book, and yes, the cover is "to die for"! :-) And I love that line - "She loved him to the point of anguish". It is beautiful! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

    gwen dot gage at gmail dot com

  14. Hi Gwen, Oh, we're kindred spirits in regards to that lush prose:) Bless you for that! Glad you're hearing some great reviews out there. Me, too. This genre is a refreshing change for historicals and I wish we'd see more of them. Thanks so much for entering the drawing!

  15. How wonderful, another book about Anne Boleyn! I aboslutely love Tudor history!! I love reading different authors take on the life of Anne Boleyn. :) This sounds like a fantastic book, I look forward to looking for it in bookstores.

    I just started a new book last night called Crossed by Ally Condie. It is the 2nd book in her Matched Series. It is actually a YA book but since I work with middle schoolers and they enjoy books such as this I though I would read it. Another book on my slate my middle school girls told me I need to read is a book series called the Uglies. It sounds interesting, it is about a world where everyone is "ugly" until they turn 16 (I believe) and have a special surgery to make them "pretty". It actually tied into one of our bible studies about acceptance and popularity recently.

    Anyways I hope you have a wonderful fall day Laura!

  16. Oh, how fun!! :) We have a tea place called The Madder Hatter's Tea Party in my home county (you might recall the name from the the CML book discussion on my blog!), and it's so fun to go there with family and friends - a little mother-daughter tea time. :) Sandra sounds like such a wonderful person, as I know you are!

    I have To Die For on my TBR pile, so please don't enter me! I am so excited to read it, although I must confess that I'm a book cover junkie, and I like savoring the anticipation... If Sandra ever reads this, I'm so sorry for the delay in my review! I'm hoping to get to it in December after the INSPY awards and other review obligations... So much to do!

    Anyway, I've missed you, Laura! Great to see you back in the blogosphere. :) Hope you and your family are doing well!


    P.S. I noticed that you posted the trailer for Love's Christmas Journey! I learned about it through a link on Bluerose's site, and I'm so glad I did! My friend and I definitely preferred it to the prequels, and another girl got caught up in the show and decided to stay and watch it, too! ;) (The upstairs T.V. room is also the kitchen, so girls come and go all the time.) I really enjoyed it! You can read my review here:

  17. I just finished To Die For, yesterday :) Great story! My review will be up soon. Sandra has written YA and romantic comedies so I wasn't sure how she would make the switch. I shouldn't have worried!

    If you love France and pastries, check out her French Twist series, too - yummy!!

  18. This books sounds wonderful! Not only that...I will be going to tea very soon...something I love to do during the holiday's! So glad to see you back Laura....

  19. HI Laura!!
    What am I reading right now? Well, it's not fiction but I've recently started reading The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian again. I read it years ago when my older kids were very young. We've moved into another stage in their lives (high school, middle school, girls, sports) so I decided it would be good to read it again.

  20. Hi Laura! What a wonderful treat to get to meet Sandra Byrd and have tea at Debbie Macomber's tea room! It sounds like a lovely time.

    I've heard wonderful things about this book, and with you giving it such high recommendations, I think I'll have to read it. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy. : )

    scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

  21. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, Laura. I so appreciate being on your blog and can't wait to host you, and your wonderful books, too. Thanks, too, to everyone who read (or will read!) To Die For. It was a labor of love, a lifelong dream, and I'm so blessed to be able to hold it, gorgeous cover and all, in my hands!

    Lunch again, soon?! :)

  22. I just won this book myself! I would definitely have bought it and I can't wait to get to it!

    Your tea time sounded just wonderful!

  23. Book with covers such as these are books that call to my heart. LOL! I'm a sucker for a time period novel with a lady in a fine dress on the front. Heheee!!!!

  24. Oh Laura, you know how much I love anything British. :D I might just have spent yesterday afternoon watching the second season finale of Downton Abbey through internet streaming, lol.

    Sounds like you had a lovely trip to Debbie Macomber's tea shop. I've read several of Sandra Byrd's novels, and really enjoyed them. I borrowed To Die For from the library awhile back, but didn't get the chance to finish it. :( Too many books, too little time. I definitely want to be entered in the contest.

    I've not been reading much lately, it seems I have so little time right now. I was thrilled to pick up Tasha Alexander's new book, A Crimson Warning at the library tonight. I'm looking forward to starting it!

  25. I love British monarch historicals! And the cover really is awesome. Have you read Phillipa Gregory's Red Queen and White Queen (two books)? So, so good. And at the same time it makes you extremely grateful to be an American woman in the twenty-first century. :)

    Still haven't had a chance to read TCL. But it's on my Christmas list. :) So that'll change, come January.

  26. Count me in! =) Sounds like a really interesting book. Loved the line about the headless heroines. Made me laugh!

  27. i just finished reading 'the girl in the gatehouse' by julie klassen...

    thanks for the chance to read this beautiful story, laura :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  28. Okay, gals ... I'm envious of your trip to the tea room. Sounds like you had a lovely time. :-D

    I've had my eye on Sandra's book for some time and would like to be entered to win a copy.

    The cover is so stunning,it's one of those books that I'd rather get in hard copy instead of purchasing it for Kindle. And I've heard/read great things about the story.

    If I don't win, it will definitely be on my Christmas list! ;-)

    dawn(at)dawnkinzer(dot) com

  29. How I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall for your convo with Sandra about books! This is one superb novel, and quite possibly my favorite of the year (tied with yours, of course). *wink*

    (Not an entry)

  30. Right now I am reading Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin. It's about the pack horse librarians in Eastern Kentucky during the Great Depression. It's a fiction book.

  31. Laura,
    Oh it sounds like you and Sandra had a wonderful time. And those little desserts look so yummy.
    "To Die For" looks very intriguing, and aren't those gowns beautiful? I just started reading MaryLu Tyndall's "Surrender the Heart".

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter for the book.


  32. Cassie, I'm fascinated by your reading list and chuckling a bit about the Uglies - love the premise! I can see how that would work well for Bible study and teens, etc. Like you, I am a HUGE fan of YA and have quite a few YA historicals, mostly Ann Rinaldi. I've even dreamed of writing in the general YA market in future.

    So glad you're a Tudor fan and want to enter the drawing! I wish I had a book for each one of you. It's that good! Praying for you and your middle schoolers today, Cassie. Bless you!

  33. Amber, Oh, so glad you enjoyed Love's Christmas Journey:) I thought of you when Angi told me and now I'm rabid to watch since you like it even better than the others. I've really enjoyed reading your reviews on them and was surprised to find we shared so many of the same thoughts! I do hope they keep them coming. I missed this one as we were watching another movie, one I'm ordering today to give away here for Christmas. But no spoilers;)!

    It's wonderful to come back and see you here and catch up on all you're doing. I'm thinking you're an Inspy judge. That's a perfect fit! You are one amazing multi-tasker being in college and writing and everything. I wish I had been as organized as you!

    Love the name of your local tea room. Makes me want to come down that way. BTW, I'm going to be doing a group book signing this spring in Portland with other Revell authors so if anyone lives near there I'd love to see them! I don't want anyone to make a trip but if you live around Portland, I'd so love to meet you. More on that later...

    Bless you today, Amber. You're always such a bright spot:)

  34. Rel, It's so fun to find your review of TDF up this morning:) As usual, great thoughts and insights. I need to read the rest of Sandra's books. She's one of those talented people that covers contemp and historical so very well, something I couldn't do. And she's just as delightful in person:)

  35. Debrjean,
    So good to see you here again:) I've been keeping that prayer request close to my heart. YES, high tea and the holidays are a perfect pairing! Our little town has a Teddy Bear Tea for parents and children coming up in a room full of live Christmas trees that are decorated and will be auctioned off. Our little church does the same. It's my favorite event of the year. I'm glad you get to enjoy tea, too! Wish we could meet and partake together!

    Thanks so much for entering the drawing. I think you'd really enjoy this book. Bless you and yours today.

  36. Lisa, That's one of my favorite books:) She has an amazing testimony! And I love her Praying Wife and other books along that same line. Prayer is so powerful! Both you and I are in that busy time of raising middle and high schoolers, plus you have a little one, too. I've felt the Lord telling me more and more that prayer is what our family needs to get through this tumultuous time.

    Bless you for being here. Did you know you're my oldest blog reader!? Not in age but in years following me. Thank you for being so faithful! And for entering the drawing:)

  37. Michelle,
    It's so fun keeping up with your books and reviews on your blog - and I think you'd love Sandra's latest. I can't wait to see her cover for the next one in this series. Though this one will be hard to beat!

    Hope your subbing is going well and there's lots of baking happening in your kitchen:)

  38. Sandra, Oh, what a treat to have you here and to spotlight your beautiful book. Love what you said about it being a dream and blessing. God is so good at bringing that to fruition if we cooperate and write our hearts out! YES, lunch soon - only we'll be hard pressed to come up with as perfect a venue:)

  39. Debra, Well, I'm smiling knowing you just won this one! That's a perfect match:) Stay tuned for her next one in spring of 2012 - The Secret Keeper. Can't wait!! And happy reading...

  40. Sweet P, Same here! I'm such a fan of period costumes and covers. That said, I think my next book cover will be very different and I'm a bit nervous. We may not have that woman in a gorgeous gown like Roxanna. But it will be fun to see what the design team comes up with. I know Sandra was over the moon about this cover. It's like something you want to frame! And it's even prettier in person.

    Your name is in the hat:) Bless you for your comments!

  41. Michelle, What would we do without libraries? Your latest find sounds great! And it's a pleasure to put you in the drawing. When I posted this I hoped you would come by since you're a big British fan. Thanks to you and Ruth I really need to get my hands on DA:) I've watched the trailer and it looks so very interesting. I should check out watching online. Thanks for that tip.

    Hope work is going very well for you. Big adjustment but hopefully greater rewards, too. Bless you for being here!

  42. Sally, My favorite Christmas gifts are books:) So it makes me smile knowing TCL is on your list - thanks so much for that. Hope you enjoy the story! I am still missing those characters. That's the strange thing about writing. When people are buzzing about one book, the author is already 2 books down the road. I've never quite gotten used to that!

    Hope your writing and everything is going very well. I always love it when you pop up. Thanks for being a blessing and encouragement!

  43. Oh Sally, I haven't read any of PG's books but see them at Costco all the time. The titles are so intriguing. And she is one prolific author! Your name is in the hat for Sandra's book!

  44. Mandy, YAY, you're back!! Glad you got a chuckle:) When you think about it, poor Ann was certainly that! I never saw the irony till now. OH MY...

    Hope your fall is going well and you're getting some beautiful fall color. Just wanted you to know I'm remembering your prayer request and will keep on. Thanks so much for being a faithful reader here!

  45. KarenK,
    Your name is in the hat:) And you've listed one of the books on my list. Actually, I have a few of Julie's to catch up on. I really enjoyed Lady of Milkwood Manor. The cover of TGITG is beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping. Have a blessed day!

  46. Dawn,
    So glad you want to enter the drawing:) I really understand opting for a beautiful cover to hold over Kindle. I've actually used my Kindle very little this year and have decided I'm just one of those people who need a book in hand and a lovely cover has a lot to do with that.

    And that tea room is right in your neck of the woods! I can see you and Annette there as I think you'd love it. I'd love to meet up with Judy Gann there, too. OH MY, maybe we can plan something for spring!

    Happy writing and reading to you today!

  47. LOL, Christy;) I just used the fly on the wall expression with my marketing director as they have been titling my next book! Oh, to sit in on THAT meeting...

    I'm beyond thrilled to know you not only read Sandra's book but enjoyed it so much!! You're probably as anxious as I am to see her next cover to go with that beautiful title. And then there's a third!

    Thanks for chiming in here and being an encouragement to us both. You're a keeper:)

  48. Carissa, Oh, love those Kentucky books! I know Austin makes it shine. Being a Kentuckian, you have a special appreciation for it, I'm sure. I've seen the cover and need to put it on my list. I remember Publishers Weekly saying that Lynn Austin can't seem to write a bad book. High praise! I agree.

    Hope you're studies are going well and you're able to enjoy autumn. I've heard it's been a beautiful season there this year. I sure miss it. Bless you for being here! Your name is in the drawing...

  49. Angi, So glad you're enjoying MaryLu. It was a privilege to endorse one of her books this year. She has a wonderful blog, too! Her Wordless Wednesdays are my favorite. So glad you want to enter the drawing. I have another coming up for those of you who are Tamera Alexander fans - her latest is out this month and I just rec'd a copy - Lasting Impressions. Plus I want to share Thanksgiving menus here - oh, so little time and so many post ideas. Maybe that's what a fall break does!

    Bless you, Angi, and have a great day!

  50. OH MY, hope I haven't left anyone out as far as responding to comments! I feel so blessed by all the interest in Sandra's book! Thank you all!

  51. Oh, Laura - You're coming to Portland in the spring??? If there is anyway I can be there, I want to be there!! :D Portland is only an hour away from my school!

    And thank you so much for your kind words! :) I'm eager to hear about this Christmas movie you watched! I love Christmas movies, and I recently bought one (along with the romantic comedy Leap Year) when I was at Walmart, called Christmas Lodge. I'm eager to watch it!

    As for being a multi-tasker, I have a lot to work on there... I tend to spread myself out too thin when it comes to blogging and reading...but I love it! Right now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, though, with tests and papers coming up. I must confess, I'm quite the procrastinator, which always seems to come back to bite me. I guess I work well under pressure, but it's still quite stressful! But I am so blessed, and I don't want to lose sight of that. God is so good to me! And Lord willing, I'll hopefully be able to be home for Thanksgiving this year!! :)

    And yes, I'm one of the INSPY romance judges this year! I'm very excited to be a part of it - I just have to fit in some time to read 2 of the books before December. :)

    Sorry to go on and on about me - it is wonderful to catch up with you, though! And it would be such an honor and privilege to meet you in person!! I so hope it will all work out!


  52. Amber, Don't you dare apologize!! You're not going on and on - I love hearing about what you've been up to! It keeps me young:) All that organization will serve you in good stead once you're into publishing and deadlines. I look back and see what great preparation that was for me once upon a time. I just wish I had your energy!!

    And I'm thrilled you're an Inspy judge as they need quality ones. I'd pick your category (romance), too, if I could.

    And I'd absolutely LOVE to meet you if it works out for you to come!! I think we're holding it at a Lifeway store in Portland. I promise to send you more details when things are finalized and tell you just who all will be there. We're very excited to do this. Portland is about 5 hours for me but that's doable and I can come in a car rather than fly. Much more my style:) Thanks so much for your excitement!! I'd love to get some pics of us:) Lord willing, we'll do that.

    Extra prayers with you as you tie up another school term and exams, papers, etc. I know you'll come through with flying colors - and maybe can get to the Mad Hatter for tea when you're home!

  53. I don't know which I like the look of better---Sandra's new book or Debbie's tea room! So glad you had a nice visit with a new friend.

    I'm currently reading Judith Miller's "Postcards from Pullman" series which has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. I'm trying to read up stuff that's been in my TBR pile forever, however I would love a chance to win To Die For! Your endorsement coupled with Liz Curtis Higgs' makes it sound wonderful. I do love me some historical fiction.

  54. Mary! You'd love this book! So happy you're here and shared what you're reading. I've not read a J Miller book (love her Amana covers) but did have lunch at her table in Sept. She's such a nice lady who knows so much about writing and publishing. I'm ashamed to admit I have books on my TBR stack that are now several years old and might be buried treasure. Oh my...

    I do love me some historical fiction, too, dear friend;) Thankfully there's more out there than we can handle! Bless you today!

  55. Getting together in the spring sounds like a great idea, Laura. Annette lives only 10 minutes from me ... and did you know that Sandra also lives only 10 minutes from us? We've gotten together a few times for lunch or coffee. And Judy is a sweetheart. Always fun and encouraging to hang out with other authors. :-D

    I forgot to mention that I just finished reading and reviewing THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPE by Melody Carlson for Revell's blog tour.

  56. Dawn, Let's aim for spring - so glad you're game! We'll try to round up any writers. You live in a prolific neighborhood:) I think it's great Revell is coming out with some Christmas releases - and I'm so glad you're part of the tour!!

  57. A full tea, a new friend and a good book. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than that!

  58. Oh, I quite agree, Sarah:) And right now I'm writing a new scene and listening to Christmas music on Pandora. It doesn't get much better than that, either! Bless you for saying so.

  59. Oh I LOVE British history, particularly Tudor times! I've been meaning to read a book around Ann Boleyn, particularly after watching the movie "The Other Boleyn Girl". And that's not because I loved the movie so much. In fact, I pretty much hated it - it made me ill. So I've wanted to read about Ann from a different author's perspective and see how it differs.

    That's so lovely Laura you were able to meet Sandra for tea!

  60. Helen,
    So glad you're here, all the way from OZ:) Somehow it feels closer than that! I honestly don't think I'd be able to watch that movie either and enjoy it so appreciate your honest opinion. I imagine, because the times were so violent then, the movie was, too. That said, I think you'll like this book very much:) In fact, Liz C. Higgs said that Sandra's book does one better than Carr as it brings hope, etc.

    So glad you're back from your trip. You were missed!

  61. I've been away too long and just now catching up. This blog post was such a treat!!

    Right now all I'm reading are my own lines. Everything else is just a blur...

  62. Oh Carla, SO GLAD you're back - and thought to come by here! I won't even say that you've been missed because that is a gross understatement. I'm hoping you are feeling stronger and your major deadlines have passed. Can you believe we'll hold your first book in just a couple of months!? I'd love to spotlight you here when that happens and do a giveaway, my treat. Prayers with you and welcome back!!

  63. Beautiful Cover! My kind of book for sure!!

    I am reading Allison Pitman's,For Time and Eternity! It is a great read. This story is wonderful and heart breaking at the same time! She does a fantastic job of holding your attention in this book! Have you read it? It was free on Kindle. I am 93% done with it. When I click the final page, I am going to download the sequel, "Forsaking All Others".

    How far away is the tea room that you went to? You know I am so jealous of you! That place is my cup of tea (pun intended LOL). If I am ever so blessed to come see you, we must go there! How fun to be owned by Debbie Macomber! I have never read any of her books. Are they any good?

    I want to send you an email soon with some personal updates. When I get a moment I shall.


  64. Thank you SO MUCH, Laura! I've certainly missed you. I'm feeling much better at last. I got my galleys today and it will go to print next week. I can hardly believe it.

    Thank you for that touching devotional today (Wed.) - brought me to tears, so true.

    {{{ hugs! }}}

  65. YES, Stacie:) Allison is a fav! Heartwrenching is the word but beautifully written without being melodramatic like so many historicals. I'm reading Ten Thousand Charms and it's very good with a very unique story premise. The cover is beautiful, too. So glad you've found her!

    I'd love to catch up with you via email when you have time! And if you come this way we will have to have tea there:) You'd love it! It's about 2 hours from here but the drive is so pretty even in the rain. And I didn't even get lost! It's been years and years since I read a Debbie book. She has so many now I don't even know where to start. She also has some great cookbooks out.

    Happy reading to you! It's just not the same till you check in here:)!

  66. Carla, I know just what you mean as I did the same. I always post things that mean so much to me personally so am thrilled if they mean something to someone else, too. We all have so many struggles, most of which we can't talk about, or can't even put into words. Beth does that beautifully here.

    Anyway, your presence is so welcome and "felt" here. When you're away I feel a bit blue!

  67. Laura, it wasn't so much the violence in the movie, but the debauchery. Truly icky! I love period movies so much I used to just go and watch any that came out at the cinemas, but I've been put off by some lately. I am more selective now (not to mention, a mother with far less time and money... :D)

    Missed your posts too Laura, so I'm glad you're back blogging :) The internet certainly makes the world a smaller place.

    Can't wait to see/hear more details about your new book!

  68. Helen, Oh, I should have known it was more the debauchery than the violence if Hollywood had a hand in it:( Ick is the word! Like you, we are very selective about what we watch and almost never go to the movies. Little ones absorb so much that good and bad that it's wise to keep their minds clean as long as we can.

    Thanks so much for being a regular reader/commenter here:) I tried to leave a comment on your blog this morning but Google Chrome said I had too many "redirects" and wouldn't let me go there. I can view it via regular Google but can't leave comments. Grrr. Time for that tune-up I've been talking about! All this talk of cookies and browsers is making me crazy!

    I'm so glad you want to hear more about this next book! Guess what? I'll have a new title for you on Monday. Revell just sent me the official one and I can't wait to share it here!

  69. I liked this one, too. I was wondering how she would pull off a Christian novel around the Tudor reign but she did fantastic.

    I find I have to sacrifice reading time in order to be able to write a bit...but I try to snatch at least a few minutes a week because I know the two are so intertwined. I love reading Christmas books this time of year, I'm excited about Kathi Macias and Chris Fabry's Christmas books. Chris is a great storyteller and Kathi has a great heart for the persecuted church.

    Thanks for sharing your devotional on the Beth Moore study. It really blessed me.

  70. Julia, I'm so glad you told me Chris has a Christmas story out as he's fantastic! And I love Kathi's music and am so thrilled she has a heart for the persecuted church - wow! Glad, too, you enjoyed Sandra's book. There are so many blessings to be found in books that I'm constantly thanking God for the gift of fiction and non-fic.

    As for the devotional, oh, so happy it meant something to you! It sure spoke to me personally and I was really hoping it would touch others, too. For all her blondeness (and I can say this as I'm a blonde, too!), Beth Moore says some of the most profound things I've ever heard. But we know WHO is backing her, huh;)

    Thinking of you and C and the littles and praying for you today.

  71. I'm so sorry you're having problems posting comments on our blog! We love having your comments. From the sounds of things, the "redirects" problem might stem back to that time when we were having problem with our site's address. It's remembering the old cookies from that time.

    Oooh so excited about your new book title! Can't wait to hear it on Monday :)

  72. Helen, You're such a sweetheart - no apologies needed! I think the main problem is my laptop which needs a good cleaning. It's not just your blog I can't comment on. I can't on most blogs now, sadly, and then only on Chrome. Sometimes I can't access my own! I would love to be computer savvy. I have a feeling you and Jess are! You know about cookies, anyway, something I don't understand at all... Sigh.

    Oh, I so hope you like/love my new title! I do. Can't wait to post! Here's hoping they don't decide to change it between now and then, lol;)

  73. If you like reading about this era, I wonder, do you know about Margaret George? Her books are a project, but they're always good and I'm definitely a fan. I just finished "Elizabeth I" but she also has books about Henry VIII and Mary, Queen of Scots. This one looks interesting. I'll have to check it out!

  74. Oh, Library Diva - love that blogger ID;) Very memorable and really resonates! Thanks so much for stopping here and telling me about an author I'm now dying to look up. I miss my old connection with this period in history so appreciate the info. I know a Margaret George (just not THE MG) so the name will be easily remembered. And I'm a fan of reading projects as you aptly put it. I like meaty stuff:)

    Bless you and thanks for being here!