Friday, March 4, 2011

what page are you on?

Thought I'd share two upcoming CBA covers I discovered this week. Some of you readers are very savvy about cover scouting! Thought I'd try and beat you this time;) Have you seen these yet?

Just finished: Shadow Patriots by Lucia St. Clair Robson

Now reading: Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander

Up next: Mine is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs

Haunted by: Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs

Researching: Keeping House: Women's Lives in Western Pennsylvania by Virginia K. Bartlett

Wanting to read: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

First Kindle download:) Lady in Waiting
by Susan Meissner

I'm happy to announce that the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card giveaway is...


So...what page are you on?

Happy Friday!


  1. Not sure what page exactly, but I'm currently reading In the Shadow of Evil by Robin Carrol, next up is Vicious Cycle by Terri Blackstock and False Pretenses by Kathy Herman. All have great covers too.

  2. Winter, No page necessary:) I can't remember where I am either! You've mentioned some great books and I have a feeling they're right along the lines of what you write. You're in great company:) The anticipation of that next book is half the pleasure. Thanks for listing what you're enjoying as it provides GREAT reading ideas for the rest of us!

  3. Did you buy a Kindle??? Or just get the app? She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell is FREE right now for download. :)

    I am reading Surrender the Night by MaryLu Tyndall- SO GOOD! I don't know what will be next though. :) Depends on what comes in the mail and what I have on my stack. :)

    I have seen those covers (on FB) SO PRETTY! We are SO blessed in the CBA. :)

  4. Oh, Laura, these cover are beautiful!! Thank you so much for posting them... and adding to my wishlist ;)

    I'm currently reading - "Surrender the Night by: MaryLu Tyndall & "Who Switched Off My Brain" by" Dr. Caroline Leaf

    Up next - "Lady in the Mist" by: Laurie Alice Eakes :D & "Stepping Heavenward" by: Elizabeth Prentiss

    Praying you have a beautiful weekend in Jesus! Happy reading, dear friend :)


  5. Casey,
    YES! After everyone's comments here on that Kindle post, I took the plunge and ordered one Tuesday eve and it came yesterday:) After a wee spot of trouble getting it to connect (blame it on the big woods), I finally landed in the Kindle store. And picked Lady in Waiting. I LOVED The Shape of Mercy and Susan taught a class I was in last year at ACFW. Needless to say, she's as fine a teacher as she is writer.

    Anyway, I didn't think I could sneak these 2 covers past you:) You're way ahead of me usually. And thanks for the tip about Siri's book right now! I'm sure other Kindle users will take note!

  6. Amanda, So glad you like the covers:) More cover candy, as I think of it...

    You and Amanda are on the same page, so to speak, with that Marylu book. I've heard she's terrific and I have TFATS of hers in my TBR stack. Love reading what else you're reading and anticipating. It really does bless the rest of us! Happy weekend to you!

  7. Hopefully this post will go through, blogger was bad earlier and ate my comment. :(

    I love both of those covers. I'm looking forward to Kim Vogel Sawyer's, I think it sounds very good.

    Just finished: The Tudor Secret by C.W. Gortner

    Now reading: The Second Duchess by Elizabeth Loupas

    I seem to be in a Medieval/Renaissance mood right now.

    Up next: Mine is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs. :D I won it on her facebook page on Wednesday, I'll likely start frantically checking my mail for it today, lol.

    Haunted by: I'll have to say Here Burns My Candle also, but I'm thinking The Second Duchess is also going to haunt me a bit.

    No researching for me, but I am juggling a couple of history/current events books. Empire by Niall Ferguson and Down with Big Brother: The Fall of the Soviet Empire by Michael Dobbs.

    Wanting to read: Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen arrived at the library this morning. I'll have to chose it, along with the other 8 books I've checked out from the library this week.

    Downloaded from Kindle this week: For the King's Favor and To Defy a King by Elizabeth Chadwick. (See what I mean about being in a Medieval mood right now).

    Congrats to Elise!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Laura!

  8. I love the colours on Kim's bookcover. Really draws the eye. Wouldn't it be a fun job to be a bookcover designer?

    I am on page 331 on Pursuit of Justice by DiAnn Mills. It's the first book I have ever read by her and I'm lovin'the page turning suspense. I feel like if I blink I might miss something important! LOL.

    Here's a question for you, oh all-knowing inspirational writer. (I'm buttering you up.) Is there an easy way to find out debut releases? One of my reading goals this year is to support new writers in the inspirational market but I need to know who they are first.

  9. I just finished 131 Christians Everyone Should Know. I am reading Hearts West: True Stories of Mail Order Brides on the Frontier. I am wanting to read Julie Klassen's The Girl in the Gatehouse. I wouldn't mine reading Mine is the Night either. The Maggie Brendan cover is unlike the rest of her covers so far.

  10. When I saw SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY was free on Kindle, I figured it was probably time to read it (I've owned the actual trade paperback since it came out---I couldn't resist that cover!).

    I read it in two sittings in two days. I didn't mean to---I actually sacrificed a few hours of my own writing time to do it, but it was WELL worth it.

    I was going to start Cara Lynn James's LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT (which I got as a Kindle download from NetGalley), but it was 3:30 a.m. when I finished reading Siri's book. And I really do need to get some work done!

  11. Congrats on your Kindle, Laura! I have a page on my blog where I post free Kindle downloads. I only post books from authors I'm sure are writing from a Christian worldview--just to be on the safe side. But I find out about some of them from this site

    I so enjoyed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society! I'll be interested to hear what you think of it. I'm actually reading excerpts from Frankenstein right now (on my Kindle) . . . what can I say? High school British Literature rocks!

    BTW, Amanda mentioned a sweet book I haven't read in years, Stepping Heavenward. It's a good one!

  12. Yes, "cover candy" describes it perfectly! And Casey's right about being blessed in the CBA! Christian fiction covers are so much more beautiful than what you'd find on other covers in mainstream fiction, especially in the genre of romance. And they only seem to get better and better! Thank you again for posting these, Laura :) And I just read the product description for A Whisper of Peace over on and I can't wait to read it!! Sounds so interesting :)


  13. Working on several books, but I dropped everything to re-read Beastly by Alex Flinn, before going to see the movie tomorrow.

  14. Just found out through my friend Katy that Melanie Dickerson has a new one coming out at the end of this year and its loosely based on Beauty & the Beast!!! Here's the link if you wanted to check it out and the cover is BEAUTIFUL!! It's titled "The Merchant's Daughter" :)


  15. At the moment I'm reading "Duplicate Death" by Georgette Heyer. I just finished "Stars Collide" by Janice Thompson and "Remembered" by Tamera Alexander is up next. I've been re-watching alot of Andy Griffith episodes recently and that has put me in a Mitford mood. I might re-read those in a couple of weeks.

  16. I love the covers! They are gorgeous, have you seen the cover for Jamie Carie's new bok releasing in September? The book is called Pirate of My Heart. It is gorgeous!! I just finished a wonderful book by Janelle Mowery called When All My Dreams Come True. Next up is a Tudor Era Historical Fiction book called By Royal Decree by Kate Emerson and then I have 2 books by Julie Klasen waiting- The Apograthy's (I know I butchered that spelling)Daughter and The Girl in the Gatehouse!

  17. That upcoming Kim Vogel Sawyer book looks so good! :D

    Today I'm hoping to start Surrender the Night by MaryLu Tyndall. I can't wait!!! I'm also hoping to read Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith soon.

    After that I'll probably go on to Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews, and who knows how many after that! Thanks to the book swap on my blog today, I'm going to have an even bigger TBR stack, which is nothing to sneeze at. ;)

    I just finished reading Journey to Riverbend, which was a very thought-provoking and intriguing Christian Western. :)

    In school I started reading Appaloosa (a Wester) for Lit of the American West, and I'm going to start Dracula for Brit Lit over the weekend. Creepy! ;)

    So much wonderful reading!!

    Thank you again for doing the Amazon giveaway (I'm sorry I didn't post the winner on my blog today)! You are so sweet, and I'm so glad to call you my friend! :)


  18. Michelle, I'm still smiling about your book win:) You must tell me when you start:) Think I said that before. Am wondering, hoping, mine will arrive so I won't lag too far behind and we can discuss like last time. That was a lot of fun. As iron sharpens iron, and all that...

    Love your list. I get on a roll with certain periods, too. My Tudor tangent went on forever. The last one was the Romanovs and anything Russian. I got stuck on the 18th-century:)

    I know what you'll be doing this weekend!

  19. Kav, That's such a good idea. I don't know of an easy way except word of mouth - or perusing the publisher sites which will bring books up and say debut author (at least Revell and Bethany). I can tell you of only one that I know of - Elizabeth Camden (The Lady of Bolton Hill). Another is Katie Ganshert (I think) with Waterbrook - contemp fiction. I promise to let you know when I hear of others. Then there are the authors like Serena Miller who are debuting with Revell but have written for smaller houses. That's a terrific idea and I encourage you to pursue it.

    DiAnn is terrific:) Very personable, too. And a good teacher! Thanks so much for sharing here.

  20. Adrienne, You're right - Maggie B's new cover is very different than her first western series. I love the series title of this one - Blue Willow Brids.

    I hope you enjoyed 131 Christians. I'm so enjoying my 50! Trade ya:)

  21. Kaye, You inspired me to read and NOT work today:) I was in a "play with my Kindle" mood and so read 19% of Lady in Waiting this rainy afternoon. I've just finished the proofers questions and mercifully there were only 10 for TCL. Sounds like you are a Siri fan! I'm very excited about her colonial novel coming out next year. But then I'm way ahead of myself...

  22. Renee Ann, I'm so glad you refreshed my memory about your posting about free downloads. Since I wasn't using Kindle till now I overlooked that. Thanks! Publishers seem to really be making use of that a lot these days as it helps bring new authors and readers together.

    Frankenstein rocks:)

  23. Amanda, You are right about A Whisper of Peace. I was especially intrigued by the fact that the heroine is half native. When I first saw the cover I thought it looked like our little Rosebud all grown up:)

  24. Ruth, Leave it to you to introduce something totally new to the mix:) Love that! Now I'm going to check out Beastly - though I'm still dying to watch a few others you've mentioned...

  25. Amanda, There you are again:) I'm so glad you check back in and tell us about new covers. If anyone else has a new cover sighting to report, please come back and list it here! Bless you!

  26. Ah, Sylvia, I am such a Mitford fan myself. Father Tim and gang are dear to my heart. I haven't read the last one but have all the Mitford Series and often wish I lived there! I'd move to Blowing Rock where Jan Karon is in a heartbeat - North Carolina is like heaven to me!

  27. Cassie, YES! Thanks to your comment I just found Jamie's latest on CBD. For some reason it doesn't come up when you click on the title page but if you click on the box that says VIEW COVER, then the cover will come up. Love that ship! And the way the girl is centered on top... Thanks so much!

    I can't spell some of those titles either:)

  28. Amber, You brought all those college English classes back:) I took a ton of Shakespeare which sometimes shows up in my work. I think the Love Among the Ashes cover is so captivating. I'll be looking forward to your review! And no worry about not posting Elise over your way. She's one of my FB friends and I waved her down over there:) She said she's downloading CML, bless her!

    Happy reading to you, dear Amber! And thank you for hosting me!

  29. A heartfelt pardon for my typos above. Somehow Blue Willow Brids didn't quite convey what I meant, not to mention those other pesky errors! I think blogger needs a proofreader!

  30. I'm glad I looked at the other comments--that new Jamie Carie cover is lovely! (Thanks, Laura, for giving us that hint about how to see it on CBD!)

    Renee Ann--As I said in my last comment, I'm taking a Brit. Lit. course right now, and I'm enjoying it! :) We were going to read Frankenstein, but we're reading Dracula instead, which I'm still looking forward to reading. ;)

    Laura--Hope those are good memories of college lit. classes. ;) Your work is so well-written and lovely, like fine literature and still page-turners. :) I don't blame Elise for ordering CML--it's such an amazing book!!

    Love Amid the Ashes looks even lovelier in person, and I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

    Have a great weekend!!


  31. I have to share this, today I won Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith. This has absolutely thrilled me too. I've been waiting on it to release so I can read the entire series at once. I had pre-ordered Mine is the Night from amazon, and had added a couple of other books to the order so it would be eligible for free shipping. I canceled that order on Wednesday, when I found out I'd one MITN. Bathsheba was one of the other books in that order. Now, if I somehow end up winning Against the Wind by Bodie Thoene, I'm going to be totally amazed.

    Glad you're enjoying Lady in Waiting, I loved it when I read it a few months ago.

    No book today, lol. I even told the mailman I was expecting a couple of packages.

    You're exactly right about what I plan to do this weekend. Especially since it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

  32. Finished: Saloma Furlong's: Why I Left the Amish. Not for the faint-hearted, but an excellent dose of reality to counter any tendency to over-romanticize that culture.

    Now reading: all research. But I picked up something by E.L. Doctorow to read soon!

    Looking forward to: organizing my life enough to sequence the books in my "to-be-read" queue.

  33. Love the "cover candy!" I hadn't seen those ones yet.

    Congratulations on your Kindle, Laura! Hope you continue to enjoy it. : )

    I'm reading Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer (page 100).

    Next up is The Frontiersman's Daughter! ;-)

    Have a fantastic weekend, ladies!
    Michelle T.

  34. Those are pretty!! So happy you got a Kindle. Be sure to check out the free books. This site has a lot of blabbering about the Kindle versus other e-readers that I don't read but they also list the free books: Hope you find something you like free. I just downloaded the Kathleen Morgan and Mary Lu Tyndall titles Amanda mentioned. Looking at the list they also have Siri Mitchell, Jill Eileen Smith, Lynn Austin, etc.

    I'm reading Broken Wings by Carla Stewart. The cover makes me think spring may actually come :). Also reading The Organized Homeschooler by Vicki Carauna and trying to figure out a workable paper system.

  35. Hi Julia! I downloaded Kathleen Morgan and Judith Miller last night:) It's amazing the quality of CBA free titles as well as general market. I'm loving my Kindle. It was an early bday present from Randy and I've already had one night up late reading in bed:)

    You remind me of myself several years ago - knee deep in homeschooling and loving it:) Broken Wings is a beautiful, evocative title. Spring is on the way!

  36. Michelle, You've made my day! I hope you are blessed by Lael's story. It's a bit dark compared to Karen's upbeat work, but hang in there:) So glad you've joined us to talk books. I get so many good ideas that way - others, too. Am glad you added that "T." to the end. I have so many Michelles in my life, I sometimes get mixed up:) But I think I'd know you without, too. You're a blessed reminder that I missed Julie's journal jots yesterday and need to go over. Bless you today!

  37. Rosslyn,
    You bring up an excellent point and one that has long troubled me - the tendency to over-romanticize a lifestyle or culture that isn't Bible based. Sounds like an excellent book. And I so understand how research crowds out pleasure reading (though if you're like me, research is pleasure:). Good research books, anyway.

    I smiled when you mentioned Doctorow. One of my favorite quotes of his is "Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader. Not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon."

    I'm so glad you're here as I was thinking yesterday of Kav's question about connecting with debut authors - and you are one of them! I hope Fairer Than Morning is going to be available on Kindle, though with such an attractive cover, I just might have to buy the real deal:)

  38. Michelle, You are somethin'! YAY! And another Revell author! I have Michal sitting here in my stack and need to get busy or she'll have her next series written:) I'm going to be on her blog this fall. Jill is such a thoughtful person.

    Don't panic but Liz is in Florida - or so I think! But I bet that book is in the mail already:) Can't wait till you get - maybe today? If so, you'd better come back here and tell us!

  39. Kav, Another debut (I'm pretty sure) author is Dorothy Love. Her cover and blurb for "Beyond All Measure" is so lovely. You can find her on Amazon or CBD:) Will try to think of others...

  40. Laura - you always have the most interesting discussions on your blog. I may not always participate, but I enjoy lurking.

    I'm reading The Inheritance of Beauty by Nicole Seitz and am only on page 32. Seitz is one of those gifted authors (like you) who tells her stories using beautiful prose.

    Also, I'm with Kav. I LOVE supporting debut authors. Hmmm, maybe some enterprising person could start a blog ...

  41. Brenda, So glad you're here! As a lurker or otherwise:) Excellent suggestion about a debut blog - it even has a zing to it. I know when I first got started and didn't know a soul, that would have been such a blessing. And I don't know that it's been done... Any takers?

    Nicole Seitz is on my list:) Thanks for the compliment. Writing - words - are beautiful, or should be. Hope your own writing is going wonderfully well - last I checked it was!

  42. I'm inspired now, Laura, and just created a site for debut novels for 2011.

    Now, to collect the information. So, if anyone knows of debut novelists in the CBA (for 2011), I'd love you to email the info on to me.

  43. Awesome, Brenda! I'm smiling from ear to ear:) This is a true gift to debut authors! I encourage everyone to send Brenda info - I certainly will! Plus it's a great way to encourage new authors and keep up with current publishing trends. Thanks so much!

  44. I keep a pretty large wishlist on CBD, and I went through it looking for debut authors, and here's what I came up with.

    Mesu Andrews---Love Amid the Ashes
    Elizabeth Camden---Lady of Bolton Hill
    Rosslyn Elliot---Fairer Than Morning
    Joan Wolf---A Reluctant Queen
    Anne Mateer---Wings of a Dream
    Catherine Richmond---Spring for Susannah
    Dorothy Love----Beyond All Measure

    I've sent it to Brenda on goodreads.

    I did a little happy dance at the mailbox today, because it's here!!!! It only took one day to travel from Louisville to Lexington. I'm so looking forward to reading Mine is the Night, but I need to finish The Second Duchess first.

    I am looking forward to reading Jill's book too. I've bought Michal and Abigail when they released, but I've not read them yet. I was waiting to get Bathsheba before I started reading them.

  45. Oh, Michelle! I'm sure Brenda is as thrilled as I am with your list!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. It really is fun to scout them out and see what's coming. I'm going over to look at a couple of these names, brand new to me in a minute...

    I am just green over that book:) I'm so glad you got it today!! Good thinking about waiting to read Jill's series together. I was beginning to think I'm the only person who hasn't read Michal! But Jill did tell me how to say it with the Hebrew pronunciation which is quite pretty:)

  46. First of all I just want to let you know how much I'm enjoying your devotional posts. A peaceful place.

    Great covers! I'm always amazed at the great job they do. Shadow Patriots looks quite interesting and I may pick it up.

    I recently finished Julie Klassen's The Girl in the Gatehouse, Lady in the Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes, and am now almost done with Colleen Colble's The Lightkeeper's Bride. Next up a colonial Liberties Promise by Amber Stockton. And then the Glassblower by Laurie Alice Eakes.

  47. Carla, Fun to hear what you've been reading:) And thanks for the thumbs up on the devotional posts. They're sure enjoyable to fnd and share, including the pictures.

    We've been talking about debut authors here and you're one of them for 2012! With 2 books set to release just a few months apart, that seems like some sort of a debut record:)

  48. Oh Carla, A word of caution about Shadow Patriots. I hesitated to post it as it has 2 off color scenes that were quite shocking though I fear they are historically accurate. That said, it is a very well written book by the same author who wrote the epic Ride the Wind, the captivity story of Quanah Parker's mother, Cynthia, who was taken by the Comanche. Just thought I'd better add a footnight here...

  49. I cannot believe I'll be making my debut next year! Pinch me please! Thanks for the heads up on the book. I visited the author's website and read an excerpt, intriguing.

  50. Laura ~ yes, I have seen the covers and am waiting on a remaining few before I post them on my blog!

    Well, you will love Within My Heart, I'm certain. Tammy is one of my favourite historical writers, alongside your good self, Laura.

    I've just finished Ann Gabhart's Angel Sister and am keen to get into Kimberly Stuart's Operation Bonnet and the ARCs I have of most of the books Michelle mentioned.

    Hope you love the Kindle - I have a stack of books on mine which I need to get to soon :)


  51. Rel, No doubt you'll have a few covers I missed - you always surprise me:) And delight me that way! I see you have a Dale Cramer interview up and I'm coming over to read that. His latest is on my list, probably for the Kindle, which I'm loving BTW! The only drawback is the lack of covers or the black and white. Just finished Susan Meissner's Lady in Waiting last night and downloaded some free CBA books. Anyway, see you and Dale in a minute:)

  52. I do think it is important to have a great cover!! That is why I picked up Courting!!

    Can I be honest? I did not care for Lady in the Mist that much. I really wanted to like it but the book just didn't grab me!

    There are new free ones for your Kindle. Siri Mitchell is one of them. She is one of my favorite authors too!!

    Here is the link for the free fiction just in case you need it again.

    Have a great week!!


  53. Stacie,
    There you are:) Hope you're having a good week! I appreciate your honesty - reading is such a personal, subjective thing. I don't care for many of the books I come across. I think that's why our keeper shelves are far smaller than our toppling TBR stacks. If only it was the reverse!

    Another interesting thing is that we tend to like some books by an author more than other books written by that same author. I'm finding that out now and it will be interesting to see reader reactions to TCL which is very different than the first two which are more companion books.

    Thanks for the Kindle link! I LOVE these free books!

  54. YAY for you!! I'm not as far ahead of the cover "curve ball" Renee Steeler Girl always finds them before me. :)

    I'm glad to know Susan taught a class, that means I have it on my conference recordings. I liked the other one she taught a few years ago. :)

    Have a great day, Laura! :)

  55. Hey, Laura! Love these covers and the authors! Marian B. and I are are especially excited about the Blue Willow series by Maggie Brendan since we are both Dutch! It's about a woman who comes to America from Holland with just a few possesions, one of which is a Blue Willow teacup, I believe. I don't know if everyone has noticed the Blue Willow plate in the background on the cover of Maggie Brendan's book.

    Reading this series will be bittersweet for me because my mom recently passed away...she was Dutch...and she collected Blue Willow items. I know I will shed a few tears reading this series, because of the memories, but tears heal. God in His perfect timing to have this book come out at this time in my life...

  56. Congrats Elise on winning the giftcard...have fun deciding what to spend it on!

    Laura, congrats on your Kindle purchase! I know you'll love it like I love my Nook! She Walks in Beauty is definitely an amazing book, I love the whole Gilded Age setting!

    As for my book list, I just finished:
    Patchwork Dreams by Laura V. Hilton
    Reading: Surrender the Night by Marylu Tyndall
    Up Next (Nook book): Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
    Haunted by: Courting Morrow Little
    Want to Read: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

    XOXO~ Renee

  57. Oh, WOW, Was Shadow Patriots good? I am A BIG BIG fan of Lucia St. Clair Robson. :)

  58. Casey,
    You're in for a treat with the Susan CD:) I wish her class had continued all day! And I loved her latest release... Bless you right back!

  59. Renee, YAY! You're here so that must mean you're feeling better. Hope so! Love your list... You always have such a great mix of general market and CBA books, something I strive for, also.

    You're the third person this week to tell me you found CML haunting. That is a such a compliment as I've always wanted that and value that in other's writing. You've made my day, in fact:)

    And I'm absolutely loving being a Kindle-ite:) However it's spelled!

  60. Hi Stephanie! YES, Shadow Patriots was an incredible read except for those 2 shocking scenes which were so out of tempo with the rest of th novel they didn't seem to belong at all and actually detracted from the story IMHO. I was unprepared for the sad ending also...

    That said, I'm glad to meet another fan of her writing. She has the most unique style - clear and crisp with a wonderful vocabulary and subtle humor. I took notes while reading as it is chock full of 18th-century facts:)

  61. Diana, I'm so touched by your Dutch connection and how the Lord ministers to us even through fiction. It will really give you something to look forward to and take you through that difficult date. I'll be thinking of you. Isn't Marian great?! I'm so thankful we've connected on Facebook. It's been a true blessing. Praying, dear friend!

  62. Ooooh, you got a Kindle! So how is it? You have me thinking about it now. My husband really wants me to get one. Im not sure how well I'd do with it though.
    I'm reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle". Plus a YA book from the library called "the Dark Garden." I cant resist a ghost story!

  63. Heather, You read such interesting things. I always want to go investigate:) I am loving my Kindle! It really is a very different reading experience. I just finished Lady in Waiting and yesterday downloaded Dale Cramer's Levi's Will which hooked by the second page. It makes a stellar birthday present, anniversary, or anytime gift! Glad Will is giving them a thumbs up:) I think you'll like if you go for it!

  64. Hello Laura...I just finished reading 'The Courting of Morrow Little' and loved it! I sat up half the night reading it & ( after my morning Bible reading & prayer.)...have finished it at approx. 2pm this afternoon. I 'Kindle-gifted' your 'The Frontiersman's Daughter' to my daughter & she loved it as much as I did. You have a wonderful gift from the Lord...I've never written an author before...but...thank you! for the superb reading experience you gave us. You transported us right into the lives of the characters. I hope you write many more books! sincerely, Maggie Ann

  65. Maggie Ann, Welcome here! I'm so happy you decided to contact this author:) And I love the details of how you stayed up late with CML, Kindle-gifted TFD to your daughter, and what you like about my books. That blesses me immensely. As a new Kindle user, I just learned that you can send books to other Kindles and am still somewhat amazed by that.

    I just visited your 2 blogs and find them so restful and spirit-filled. I think this is a divine appointment as my current heroine is renowned for her spinning and you posted that wonderful video, which I've now watched and reposted on Facebook. Bless you for that! I'm ever learning here and readers like you are a true inspiration. Anyway, lest I write a novel, I'm really touched you took the time to look me up on a rainy Friday. I needed that! Please stay in touch!

  66. Hello Laura,
    Thank you for visiting my blogs and for the nice comments you left. I am so honored...excited...thankful to have 'met' you online through your beautiful blog. You must be a very special person to answer my comment personally. I am going to print your comments to me and place them inside the covers of my books by you. =)

    I have been told that our family has Cherokee bloodlines married into it along the way, but since it is only word of mouth, we cannot prove it.

    I wondered if you were a spinner, I'm glad you got to see Ruth's video...she's the best, and it is very enjoyable, the way God provides the wool and its capability to be spun and woven into garments.( I love those little shawls they wear on 'Larkrise to Candleford)' 'bbc video (youtube) they criss-cross and tie or button in the back. How practical.) And the wool is a delight to touch and wash....card and spin. A love of seems =).

    Thank you again for the comments...I loved them!

  67. Maggie Ann, You are so welcome. I really like making personal connections here. Must be my southern roots:) And I'm so fascinated with the fact that you spin. I don't but wish I did. You should see the comments since I posted Ruth's video on Facebook! Ruth even has a fitting name:) Seems we're not alone in our interest. As a writer, it is often hard trying to imagine what those old-fashioned routines were like. You help keep it alive!

    My great grandfather was Cherokee so I find your native roots so interesting. Wish I could go back and spend time at his knee. The questions I would ask!

    Thanks again for coming here. Your comments blessed me so that I had to leave another here for you:)