Monday, January 24, 2011

snowed in

I'm only going to be able to post once this week as I'm snowed in, not literally but figuratively:) The galleys for The Colonel's Lady have arrived along with a couple of interviews. I now need to be alone with my dangling modifiers and overuse of adjectives, not to mention some very creative interview questions. Thanks, Casey and Renee!

But don't feel sorry for me. I adore every minute:) I have my little woodstove flickering for ambiance in the corner, plenty of cranberry juice and sparkling water with a twist of lime, my trusty Thesaurus and Webster's Dictionary, some favorite Scriptures, and Q-U-I-E-T.

Prayers appreciated as I tackle this. You have mine...

Whatever you would do, begin it. Boldness has courage, genius, and magic in it. ~Goethe

Live deep instead of fast. ~HC Canby

The world does not consider labor a blessing, therefore it flees and hates it, but the pious who fear the Lord labor with a ready and cheerful heart, for they know God's command and will, they acknowledge His calling. ~Martin Luther


  1. Best wishes on it all Laura!! I can just see you now- and each step takes us that much closer to TCL being in our hands, right? ;) Have a FANTASTIC day with it all!!

  2. Love these quotes! I'm going to use them with my students. We've been snowed in here, but I'm afraid I didn't accomplish as much as I'd planned on my days off.

    How great to have a worthwhile project to tackle and a cozy place to do the work! Praying for your focus and productivity. (I know that my ability to focus seems to deteriorate more every year--the price of getting older, I guess.)

    Happy Monday!

  3. I wish you well as you work on the galleys, Laura.

  4. Hi Laura! I wish you all the best with your writing and your questions. I saw that you were "cold called" by Casey the other day, have fun with that! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. Love your description of your cozy fire, your trusty provisions, and your awesome task! I will be thinking of you and praying God's blessings as you work. Thank you for sharing the quote from Martin Luther. I really needed it as I am up to my eyeballs in housecleaning today!

  6. Just think of it as editing for a reader's rapture!

    Right now, editing is my favorite process, I love it.

    But ask me how I feel when I'm published and have revisit that which I thought was done with my galleys!

  7. Well I think that's a fabulous way to get snowed in, and you wont get frostbite ;) Oh, how I wish I had a little woodstove here! It sounds so lovely. We dont even use our fireplace! Lol, probably because I still dont feel 'grown up' enough to play with that much fire ;)

    That first quote really speaks to me! I'll have to snatch that up and remember it. Since the new year I've been following along the inspiration day book "Simple Abundance" have you ever done that one? I love it. Even though its written for women, I'll make my husband read some entries ;)

    Well, happy writing and editing!~ I'm so glad your well of inspiration continues to be full~

  8. Praying for you Laura! This is very exciting for me to see an Author "birth" a book. I would love to hear more details as you go along.

    Here are a few quotes for you

    Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~Charles W. Eliot

    Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures. ~Jessamyn West

    My Favorite!

    No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books. ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  9. Praying for you!

    I found a great quote in my John MacArthur read today:

    "I have already said that I am a Christian; and he who says that has thereby named his country, his family, his profession, and all things else besides."

    -Eusebius, quoting the early martyrs

  10. Thanks, Casey:) I'm enjoying the galleys as it's been a few months since I've visited these characters. And I'm still seeing a few things to change - the true blessing of the galleys. Once the pages arrive I can change very little. YES, in your hands soon. A mere six months or so!

  11. Renee Ann, So glad you like the quotes and find them useful to your students:) Two of my favorite quote books are from Jan Karon of the Mitford Series - Father Tim's quotes actually. That's where these 3 come from.

    Snow days make great reading days but I'm afraid I don't get much else done either when it comes. And I so understand your comment about focus! Not only that, I don't have the stamina I used to have. Sigh.

    If I don't look at the peeling wallpaper, my new little library is the perfect place:) Bless you today!

  12. Keli,
    Thanks for your kind thoughts. You'll be seeing your first galleys this year and I'm so excited for you! I know every publishing house is different but they probably all use the track changes/Microsoft Word feature. So thankful for that:) It's always fun to see a smiley or two from your editor therein. Bless you as you write, edit, read today!

  13. Renee,
    You always pop up when I need you:) The Cold Call questions were fun! So are yours, BTW, and very creative and not so run-of-the mill writing type stuff!) I need to send Casey's back to her today. Thanks for the reminder!

    Go STEELERS, indeed! I have a feeling you're looking forward to the superbowl!!

  14. Mary,
    I SHOULD be up to my eyeballs in housecleaning! Instead it's paperwork... My poor house will be tackled tomorrow, I hope. Glad you like the Luther quote. I found another by his wife I'd love to post soon.

    I so appreciate your prayers for the work and all else. And love that you like the sound of my writing space! Bless you bunches:)

  15. Ah, Winter, editing for a reader's rapture ~ now THAT makes a fine quote! And it really is what the galleys are all about:) You aren't alone in loving the editing process. Many writers do. I have come to appreciate it more over time, especially when you get to polish a beloved scene. Creating is bliss and then editing is a step below for me - still enjoyable but different. Must be that analytical mind of yours!!

    Hope your day is wonderful in every way. So good to see you here!

  16. Love the sound of that, Heather ~ Simple Abundance. Somehow it fits you! And you sound like me as I often have Randy read some of the readings I come across, and vice versa. It's a great way to add perspective to your day.

    LOL about not playing with fire:) I had a terrible fear of matches growing up... I love my fires but they're a lot of work, dust, getting the wood, and all else. But there's not warmth quite like it. And it makes me feel very Lael-like:)

    Hoping you are inspired in huge ways today and your project for Miss A came together well!!

  17. Oh, you've mentioned some of my favorite authors here - West and Browning, Stacie! Bless you for that! All 3 quotes are wonderful. I'm kind of a quote queen, always looking for more and I've never seen these so you've handed me a real treat!

    I love sharing book details and am glad to know you like that sort of thing. I'll try to post more about my series in future as well as The Colonel's Lady as it goes to print.

    I so appreciate your prayers. You readers are the reason I write! I've been working on acknowledgements in the galleys and that's fun. I haven't forgotten you readers so be sure to read those author notes:)

    Hoping you see those bookmarks soon! And praying you have a blessed day today!

  18. Julia,
    So glad to learn you are a John MacArthur reader:) I have stacks of his stuff and his study Bible is my favorite. The Eusebius quote is very deep and true and oh so memorable. Thanks for sharing that here!

    I thought of you yesterday as I came across Kitty Luther -

    "I would never have known the meaning of various psalm, come to appreciate certain difficulties, or known the inner workings of the soul; I would never have understood the practice of the Christian life and work, if God had never brought afflictions into my life."

    Your prayers mean so much. Bless you.

  19. Every time you sequester yourself to write, WE are the winners! Happy writing!!

    We're expecting a little snow tonight, and tomorrow, I'm off work. My plan? WRITE THAT SYNOPSIS.

    Prayers both ways!!

  20. Well said, Regina:) I'll remember that sequestering part! Winners, indeed! It's good to know that despite the snow you are accomplishing much. Thanks so much for telling me what you're up to. SYNOPSIS sounds dangerously close to sending something in:) Can't wait to hear more! Prayers with you all the way, my Kentucky friend.

  21. It's funny in a way how technology alters reality. Your book is up for pre-order with its beautiful cover and in fact you're still working on it.

    I guess it's like having a table full of guests in the dining room and still doing last minute prep in the kitchen. (and we're all anticipating how good it will be!)

  22. Blessings as you work on the galleys. This excites me. Means you are getting done and I can't wait to see how this book has evolved. And yes, I WILL read it cover to cover again and I'm sure it will feel brand new!

  23. Praying for you, dear friend! And thank you so much for keeping your readers in prayer too, you are such a blessing :) And how exciting to have the galleys in!! We're getting closer and closer!! :D

    And I love those quotes you shared, especially the one by Martin Luther. I have a great one by him I thought you might like :)

    "No one can believe how powerful prayer is and what it can effect, except those who have learned it by experience." ~Martin Luther

    Praying your week is filled with the powerful effects of prayer, my friend!


  24. Debra, Love your analogy! I'm always a bit sad when a book comes out because, like that much prepared for meal, it's consumed in a heartbeat though it took years of work! But at least we have fun in the writing, huh?

    You mentioned another interesting thing - how the cover appears long before the book is released. My agent feels publishers shouldn't promote the cover so early as it loses its spark or push, so to speak. I'm not sure. I love looking at the cover over and over and feel it embeds itself in reader's heads, or so I hope, and makes them excited to read. This is a crazy biz, huh? Hope your writing is going wonderfully well, dear friend!

  25. Lori,
    Oh, I so hope you enjoy upon a second reading. Quite a few things have changed:) Strangely enough, the new scenes are the ones my editor likes best! They were written under duress as I always struggle with rewrites and like to take my time. Strangely enough, they're my favorite, too.

    I've actually been working on the acknowledgements and YOU are in them, of course. I sure hope you like what I've written! It's from the heart, anyway. And I mean every word. But no spoilers here, I promise:)

  26. Amanda,
    You gave me the prayer quote at just the right time. It's wonderful and so true! When you see answers to your prayers firsthand, you see the power behind it! And you can pray with more confidence because He really does hear and answer.

    I've been thinking of you and hope your dad isn't having to travel and is home. You're getting some snowy weather, that's for sure!

    I so appreciate your prayers and as I said you have mine. The work is going well so I know your prayers are being answered! I work on the galleys in the morning and then this new series in the afternoon. Last night I hated to break for supper but alas, we had to eat and watch Robin Hood.

    Just so you know, we watched Marian being buried in the Holy Land. I have a feeling things are going go change dramatically from here on out. She was such a good bone of contention between Gizzy and Robin. I am sad to see her go! Anyway, hope you have a good book, Amanda, and are enjoying the beauty of any snow your way!

  27. Good points, Laura. Thanks for the encouragement. Things are going well with the WIP.

  28. Oh, how I wish I was figuratively snowed in and not literally snowed in! I've forgotten what the ground looks like under all this white, LOL! We have gotten WAY too much snow lately and are expecting another foot between tonight and tomorrow, with a possibility for more on Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I love snow but this is just too much and is making leaving the house difficult. But my family is home safely and my mom and I have plans to cook up a storm the next few days, so the boys will be happy ;) We made pizza and calzones today and making a mini Thanksgiving feast tomorrow from turkey to cranberry sauce! So I guess being snowed in isn't all that bad... though, I don't know how good it's gonna be for my waistline, LOL ;)

    Anyway, yes, my daddy is home and has no plans for traveling anywhere. You're so sweet with the things you remember and ask :) And how exciting that you finished the second season of Robin Hood! Marian isn't the only character they get rid of though. In season 3 there is no more Will or Djaq either and instead they add a few new characters that did nothing for the show IMO, even a long lost sister for Gizzy... didn't particularly care for her. Although the very last episode in season 3 was good, but I won't tell you why in case you want to watch that season.

    I'm so happy you liked that quote and it could bless you in some way and so happy to know things are going well and moving along with the galleys and the new series!! Continued prayers, my friend :)


  29. Amanda, So glad your dad is home and you and your mom have plans to cook up a storm:) That sounds heavenly if one is snowbound! I can understand all that white weariness. Just heard tonight that this is your 6th storm on the east coast!! End times weather, I'm thinking:) When you factor in that our weather tomorrow is supposed to be SUNNY and 60 degrees I can hardly believe it! That never happens here! Neither in July or January!

    Anyway, bless you for checking back and saying such thoughtful things. You are a GEM.

  30. Debra,
    You are so welcome. Thanks again for coming by - you are always a bright spot!

  31. End times weather is right, my friend. Jesus is certainly coming soon!

    Enjoy that warmth and sunshine for the both of us :)


  32. Did you know this author? I noticed she wrote for Revell..How sad!!


  33. Stacie, Isn't that so sad? I really feel for them, especially since our children are the same age and it could have been me and my teenage son. I didn't know Leisha though I was aware of her books. Interestingly enough, her last novel dealt with the death of a parent and child. I have been praying for the family. Her younger daughter's name is Hosanna. Isn't that beautiful? Thanks for the link here. I was thinking of posting about it but you've done a beautiful job of mentioning it here. Bless you, Stacie!

  34. Laura,

    "I've actually been working on the acknowledgements and YOU are in them, of course. I sure hope you like what I've written!"

    Oh, thank you! That's so sweet and it means a great deal to this writer's (and friend's!) heart. Now I REALLY can't wait. XOXO

  35. Lori, I'm so delighted you're delighted:) It was so easy thinking of what to say to you there! Can't wait till you get your copy. Your on the Revell list, remember:)