Wednesday, January 5, 2011

save the date!

You are cordially invited to attend

The Colonel's Lady book launch

at The Colonel's Lady Tea Room and Cafe

Saturday, August 6, 2011

10:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

624 Lexington Avenue

Winchester, Kentucky

I'm getting so excited about this book event and it's still months away! But I wanted to post it here as the New Year rolls in and again this coming summer right before the event itself. If any of you are in the area, I'd love to see you in person! You'll be treated to a wonderful assortment of finger foods, Kentucky style, chilled fruit punch and other delectables. If you're hankering for a cup of tea or coffee despite the 90 degree Kentucky heat, you can have that, too:)

I'll be in authentic 18th-century costume (YES! I already have my dress!) and the serving girls will also be in colonial dress, as will the tea room's gracious owner, Dawn. We're so excited about combining our love of Kentucky, southern hospitality, good food, and good books! No RSVP needed.

Recently I was thrilled to get my copy of the Baker Catalog for new summer releases 2011. This goes to retailers (and authors). I think the spread for TCL is quite nice. They included an excerpt from the book - one of my favorite romantic scenes... I don't think you can enlarge and peek, but go ahead and try:) I hope you fall in love with the characters right along with me!

Are you reading any historical fiction right now? If so, what draws you to a particular time period in history or a certain author?


Winners of the devotional giveaway in the previous post are...

Gillian and Trinity Rose!

I'll keep the other names in the hat for another giveaway I'm doing soon. Bless you all!


  1. Laura, I wish I could attend your launch. It sounds like it's going to be a wonderful affair. For those of us unable to make the trek to Kentucky, I hope you'll post pictures. I want to see you in your period costume.

    What a wonderful spread in the Baker catalog. That should pique the interest of the booksellers. It definitely got mine. =)

  2. Keli, Thanks so much for wanting to be there in spirit:) Wouldn't it be fun to have the funds and the time to do a book event in every state? Also, I appreciate the reminder to take pictures. I always forget that part! I don't think you'll be disappointed in the dress. It's silk taffeta and patterned after an 18th-century gown. Am glad the tea room is air-conditioned:)

    Yes, Baker does a fine job with their catalogs. It's always a thrill getting one and seeing your baby there:) Bless you for your gracious comments!

  3. "Go ahead and try"?! Laura Frantz, you little tease! I'm just kidding ;) but I do hope you can give us an excerpt to this sure to be FABULOUS book soon! Oh, but that spread does look beautiful and I'm struck once again by how GORGEOUS Roxie's cover truly is! :D Your book launch sounds AMAZING! Since I probably won't be able to come (I can always hope though!) pretty, pretty please promise to take a bunch of pics, especially of you in that period gown, and post them here!

    Praying that this event is as wonderful and as magical as you hope it will be and that you and all the other very blessed ladies that get to come and meet you will have a fantastic time!! Who knows, hopefully I'll be one of them ;)


  4. Sounds wonderful. What a great idea for a book launch. Love the cover. I wish I could make it, but it would be quite the trek. But please, like Keli suggested, post pictures.

    So, how did you find an 18th century gown?

  5. That's a gorgeous spread! I'm getting all excited to start reading!
    Your book launch sounds perfect. I'm planning to attend a wedding in Ohio in August, but I think it's later in the month, but if I can work it out I will be there! I'll at least be there in spirit!

    I'm still reading a colonial by Amber Stockton, Liberties Promise. But I'm also writing a colonial novella!

  6. Hmmm. I wonder how far away Winchester is from Knoxville?

    Happy New Year! I can't wait to get my hands on your book. My focus right now is reading, not writing...I just don't have time to do both and that makes me sad. I will, however, make an exception when you're book comes along.

  7. Will be there, no dress mind you, but I'll definitely be there with bells on. (Hope the horses don't mind lending them to me.) :) Will be so good to see you again!!

  8. Laura, you are such a tease! I can't WAIT to read this book, and now to read this exciting news about the launch party?! I don't know how I'm going to contain myself. ;) I would love to take a road trip, but since I don't know if that's gonna happen, please, please, take TONS of pics! I can't wait to see the dress!

  9. Amanda, You're always so thoughtful to think of others - I hope some ladies will come and be blessed! I wish it was right by you as I'd so love to meet you!! Now that would be a real thrill!!

    I don't mind being called a tease at all:) So glad you're hooked already! I think they print everything on that nice, glossy paper which really makes a cover pop in the catalog. Oh, to have Roxanna's gown! Mine is actually almost as fancy and has the most delicious rustle as it's pure silk:). Now to hunt for some stays...

    I promise to take lots of pics. I need the reminder. I've done book events in which not a one was taken because I overlooked it. Having a photo aversion doesn't help! But I really want to share this with you all so promise to have someone lined up to take lots of shots. Thanks so much for sharing my excitement - it makes it even more magical!!

  10. Rita,
    I would love to meet you and wish Kentucky was a bit further north:) As for the dress, I really feel it was divinely arranged. I've been wanting a period costume for several years and just happened to go to ebay for the first time a couple of months aqo. They had a wonderful collection of period gowns and this one jumped out at me. I decided not to bid and just buy. Turns out the seamstress is a very gifted artist from California who sews these amazing gowns for the models in her paintings. She was selling this one dress (and other items) to fund her colonial artwork. If you have a chance, go to and look at her incredibly detailed work. The colonial scenes she does are so true to life that I get fresh goosebumps/inspiration each time I visit.

    Anyway, thanks for asking. It's such a pleasure to have you here!

  11. Carla,
    I'm so thrilled you left the 19th-century to join us colonial lovers:) You have such great history right in your own backyard living where you do - Rita, too! And Amanda!

    Your Ohio weddng sounds so nice. Winchester is in the middle of Kentucky and is a tiny town of only a few thousand people, but close to Lexington and Berea where I was raised. It's my last chance to have a KY book event as my next series takes place in Pennsylvania. Anyway, I'd love to meet you at some point. Like you said, you'll be there in spirit if naught else:)

  12. Britt,
    Since I just traveled from KY to Knoxville, it's about 4 1/2 hours or so. I wish I could whisk everyone magically to the event and back! It's quite a trek round-trip. One of my friends is coming from western KY and it's going to take her over 5 hours one way. I sure don't expect anyone to do that though though I'd love to see you!

    I understand your sadness about the writing/reading dilemma. I am trying to cultivate more reading time and THAT makes me sad as I've lost touch with so many great books. Anyway, thinking of you and praying for you as this new year begins!

  13. SQUEEE! for the book launch. It sounds absolutely perfect and so much fun. How I wish I could be there. Can't wait to hold this book in my hands, Laura. I'm so excited for you!!

    Last year (thanks to YOU) I discovered the incomparable James Alexander Thom. I'm still working on devouring his fiction, and as you know they aren't snack food. Feasts, every single one, and a reader has to pace herself. :)

    I joined Historical Tapestries' Historical Fiction Reading Challenge. I've just posted my review for January(Thom's PANTHER IN THE SKY) on my blog. I'm a newbie at writing full length reviews, but it was fun. I plan to do one a month.

  14. Oh how fun! I wish Kentucky was a little closer, I would so be there and you know I'd dress up ;) I never miss a chance, lol. I hope you take lots of photos! I cant wait to see your dress.
    And I cant wait to dig into The Colonel's Lady! I'm starved for some good old time fiction ;) I've been so scatter brained these past few weeks (or months) with reading. I have like 12 books going at once and none finished :S I've been watching a BBC mini series on netflix called "Monarchy" about all the british kings and so its only fitting I picked up a book about his wives at the library the other day. But I guess thats historical non fiction ;)

  15. August 6, is definitely going on my calendar! Unless something happens I will definitely be there! You're only going to be 20 minutes away from me, so how can I not? The menu sounds wonderful. I will try to remember to bring my camera.

    Right now, I'm still reading "The Girl in the Gatehouse" by Julie Klassen. I have about 100 more pages to go. I'm really enjoying it. I will read from just about any time period. I have many favorite historical eras, it's actually easier to say which ones I don't like.

    Congrats to the winners!

  16. Ooooo I so wish I could come! All I can say is you better take a ton of pictures and post them here or on Facebook especially of you in your dress, I'll bet you'll look terrific!

    Right now I'm just starting to read Unexpected Love by Andrea Boeshaar, it's book 3 of a series. It's set in the 19th century. I love where this book is headed since the main character in this book was also featured in the previous book, Uncertain Heart. He wasn't the nicest guy. I'm looking forward to how he changes and evolves in this story. I know it's going to be interesting!!!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  17. Laura, I would pack up and be there in a heartbeat if I could. That's going to be a truly blessed occasion! The Colonel's Lady Tea room is the perfect location and your hostess sounds like such a sweetie.

    I loved the two-page spread in the Baker catalogue, too. That cover is so striking that it reaches out and grabs you.

  18. Oh, I would love to go!!!!! But that is a pipe dream so you'll have to take lots of pictures. How fun for you to get to go to Kentucky again!

    I have a couple of historicals on my must buy really soon list...thye are just reaching my Christian bookstore or will arrive early Feb.

    Lady in the Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes

    Sharpshooter in Petticoasts by Mary Connealy

    Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen.

    But shhhh....this is a secret. I'm supposed to be blogging about them tomorrow!!!!

  19. Oh Gin, I'd so love to see you there!! I told another Kentucky friend to bring smelling salts as I might not make it in that heavy gown:) Luckily, Winchester is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Berea. You could almost go by horseback! However you get there, I'd love to see you!!

  20. I wish I could attend, Laura! I'm sure you'll put lovely pictures up on your blog and help us all feel like we were there . . . When I read Courting Morrow Little this summer, I had only just started blogging. (My first blog post was July 31.) I hadn't even considered writing about books. Now that I include book reviews, I'm looking forward to picking up a copy of The Colonel's Lady and encouraging folks to read it. That will be fun!

  21. Reading Here burns my candle by Liz Curtis Higgs

  22. I want to attend this so desperately! But I just don't think Oregon and Kentucky is close enough to drive...and if I am saving for ACFW, well I would have to forgo. :( But I'm with Keli, lots and lotsa pictures!! I wish I could see you in person in this outfit, I am sure you will be stunning!! :D

    And congrats on that spread, WOW, looks fantastic!!!

  23. Oh, how beautiful. How fun that book tea will be, I can't wait to see the pictures. I am just starting Ginger Garrett's Wolves Among Us ARC. I've never had a comb-binding one before. How do yours come out? Do they have the cover picture? Am I allowed to ask this? I wish I had this one :)

  24. Well, I'm dying to get my hands on The Colonel's Lady, but I doubt if I'll make it to Kentucky in August. One can always hope.

    I am actually reading a Biblical fiction right now. I like to read a wide variety!

    Michelle V

  25. Laura,

    I'm going to google map it and see how far it is from Ohio : )

    I would love to see you and be there for this special event!

  26. LAURA! I've got you on my calendar. Oh, I hope I can come. That's the weekend before school starts, I have a feeling - but it's a WEEKEND.

    What am I reading? I just finished Susan Page Davis' "The Sheriff's Surrender," book 1 in her "Ladies' Shooting Club" series. Did you know Susan lives about an hour from me?

    I also started Melanie Dickerson's "The Healer's Apprentice" on the computer, since I don't have an e-reader. has a fairly good reader. Her writing reminds me somewhat of yours, even though it's a totally different time period. There's just a lushness that the two of you have that makes me think of lying back on a thick down comforter! :)Luxurious is the word I'm looking for.

    I haven't gotten my Baker catalog yet. I'll look forward to it!!


  27. I wish I could go! I always wanted to dress in 18th century costume. I would kind of like the Baker Catalog as well, though I am neither of the parties they ship to.

  28. Lori, I'd love to have you there! Though I think you might forego the fancy dress for something a little more comfortable/practical! I promise to post lots of pics. Wearing this dress will be quite a learning experience. Maybe my books will be richer for it!

    Oh I'm so glad you like James Thom. There are few writers as gifted as he. He even writes romance well though there's not quite enough of it in his books for me:) I loved your review of Panther In The Sky. Will look forward to your next one eagerly!

  29. Heather, You remind me so much of myself. I tend to get on a historical tangent (like the wives of King Henry VIII) and then read EVERYTHING I can find on them:) Same with the Russian royal family, the Romanovs. So I understand that bent completely! Ever growing and learning that way, I think, and great fodder for your art and writing. The monarchs sound fascinating.

    I, too, have too many books going at once, mostly nonfiction. And I really would love for you to be there in costume. I know you are a costume kind of gal like me! I think you'll love the dress. Need to hunt up some gloves as those were essential - and figure out my shoes and garters:) Bless Mary over at her beautiful blog for helping educate me about dressing the 18th-century female form:) Now for that corset!

  30. Michelle,
    I'd love to hear the historical periods you don't like! The stone age tops my list, for one. Something about those neanderthals (am I even spelling that right?) is somewhat unappealing and unromantic:)

    I hope you can come to Winchester. I had lunch at the cafe a couple of weeks ago while home and we finalized the plans. It should be lovely and it's air-conditioned! Meeting you will be such a highlight if it works out. We have to get a pic of us together!!

  31. Renee, I love that you read so widely in the CBA and general market:) Now you've piqued my interest about the Boeshaar books!! The title is lovely and I like the little bit of blurb you shared. Bet the cover is a good one...

    Maybe I should do a Fort Pitt book launch in the next few years for this Pennsylvania series. Think I could get you over there?!

  32. Lorna, I so wish you could be there as you are a pro after that big Lake Manawa launch:) Dawn, the owner of the tea room, is so gracious and such a great cook! She is already planning the menu and it sounds wonderful. She's married to a "real" colonel and has 4 children whom I met while there. I'm still trying to get over the pumpkin bread pudding wiwth caramel sauce:)

  33. Kav, If you're blogging about them I'll be right over tomorrow:) I need to read a Mary book and confess I haven't yet though I hear wonderful things about them. And Laurie Alice's book is coming my way soon, too! I need to get a hold of Julie's so you are way ahead of me!

    I've just started Linda Chaikin's latest Hawaii series. Need to read Masquerade next. Oh, also reading one of Bernard Cornwell's historicals. What a writer!! Sigh. Need. More. Time.

    I am bound and determined to meet you in person one day, even if I have to come to Canada to do it:) Randy keeps wanting to drive up that way...

  34. Renee Ann, I can't thank you enough for your support/encouragement and for posting TCL's cover on your blog. I had wandered over there one day and was so delighted to find you'd done that!

    I can't believe you've been blogging for such a short time as you're a pro! I do remember trying to dig through your archives after I first met you to learn more about you and you didn't have any:)

  35. Belovedgraceful,
    Just yesterday I ordered Here Burns My Candle! I hope you're enjoying it. Am wondering if you've read her other historicals? I'm actually rereading Thorn In My Heart right now. My favorite of hers so far is the Davina book - Grace In Thine Eyes. Heartbreaking but so well written.

    So glad you stopped by! Bless you bunches.

  36. Julia, I've heard of Ginger's books and they look so appealing. I think the one I remember has a girl with a wolf or dog on the cover but I may be wrong! Her covers are so lush looking from what I remember. I've never read an ARC before (except my own)!

    I'm not familiar with comb bindng so you're way ahead of me there. I do wish our books were printed deckle-edged. That is the old-fashioned page edging that is so lovely and beautiful, at least to a book lover like me. I am sure it's expensive and I've only seen it done in the general market. If I'm not answering your question, please ask me again! It's late and I've been gone all day!

  37. Michelle, I'm so glad you want to read Roxanna's story:) I'll always be so appreciative of your wonderful book reviews!!

    Biblical fiction is really coming into its own. Lately I've had the pleasure of handing out bookmarks for Jill Eileen Smith's upcoming Bathsheba and it looks to be very interesting. Her covers are beautiful! Anyway, happy reading!

    Praying the Lord brings us together one day! We'd have a grand time talking books:)

  38. Colleen, I wish it was only a few miles for you!! I'd love to see you again:) But I have a feeling it's pretty far - farther than your drive to Indy!

    Wish I could zing up to Ohio at some point. I may come back to do research in PA/Pittsburg in the next year or so. And I just might have to swing by your house:)

  39. Casey, I realized after planning this that some of my dearest readers like you and Amber and others are on the west coast!! I'm so glad you're saving for St Loo:) It will be worth every penny! And Jules will be there with bells on as that is her neck of the woods!

    I promise lots of pics and bookmarks for all who can't come! Your prayers would be so appreciated!

  40. Regina,
    I can't wait to see you and hug you again if you come!!! But I know it's a trek! One of my reading friends is coming from Paducah and it's so far! But at least once you get here there's plenty of complimentary food and beverages:) And air-conditioning, as I keep mentioning!

    I so envy Susan living near you! I think she may have moved down there from up Carla's way. I've heard she's a lovely person. I envy you living so near Ruth and Kaye! Now that's a lunch date I'd like to have!

    OH MY, you spoil me with such a "lush" analogy. Being partial to down comforters, I LOVE that!! I checked in at Melanie's blog when she posted that cover months ago as I was so taken with it. So now you've hooked me for sure!!

  41. Adrienne, So glad to see you here:) I'm glad you like to play dress-up like I do:) Or at least want to try! There's just something so romantic and feminine about those old dresses. I think I will feel transformed once I'm in it - if a bit breathless and HOT!

    I don't know how folks get the Baker catalogs. I only get the one my books are in and yet they come out 3x a year. I'd love to be on their mailing list for everything they send out. If I figure out if we can get on their mailing list, I'll be sure and let you know:)

  42. Ruth!! Love that you think this is a huge teaser!! And I'm thrilled to think you're anticipating this book. It's quite different than the first 2 but lest there by a spoiler tucked in there somewhere I won't say more...

    I promise lots of pics (even one when I'm swooning in the big dress - lol!)! Now to just find the perfect colonel and stuff him in a costume. Am thinking Richard Armitage might fit the role quite nicely:)

  43. YES LAURA!!!! You know I would SO be there even if I had to walk and I'd bring friends. ;-)

    BTW I finished Unexpected Love and it was VERY good. I think you'll like it. From what I've read I think this series is an update of books that were published years ago as Heartsong Presents novels. Either way I think it's a great series. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  44. Well, Renee, if you liked it, I'm sold on it:) I'm going to look it up. Also, many thanks for saying yo'd come to a PA launch in future!! It's so fun to think about. If I survive this one, that is:)

  45. PA is drivable for this upstate NY Renee, also. I'm just saying . . .

  46. I'm not fond of ancient history at all. I like Biblical history, and I find Persia interesting. I think that has to do with the connection to Esther. I don't really care for the Greeks or Romans. I am starting to enjoy medieval history. I think it's because I'm starting to understand the politics of the time more. Also chivalry is romantic. ;) I don't like Chinese history at all. I do find Japan very interesting though, probably from reading James Clavell's Shogun, and watching the miniseries.

    I read Linda Chaikin's Hawaii book during December. I read it while we had ice and snow on the ground. Seemed like a really good time to "visit" Hawaii. I did enjoy it.

    It looks like Heather and I have similar taste in documentaries. I've also been watching the Monarchy series on Netflix. I thought it was good.

  47. Oh, I love the deckled edges, too. They would so fit your books, I think :)

    I know its a strange question. Its neat to get the books early, but I get disappointed when they have no "covers" or no cover pic. I think the cover is so pretty and I think colorwise will look really pretty next to Morrow :)

    Ok, I'll admit I cheated and looked for the online catalog for Baker, dying for that excerpt...but they only have up to April releases on the site.

    I've been doing planning for my Creative Writing for 9-12 year olds class. Not sure what to expect as I haven't done anything with this age set since student teaching. More used to the preschool site, but I think it will be lots of fun.

  48. Julia, I think it's wonderful you're willing to teach a writing class. That's such a great age group and there's lots you can do! That's when my love of writing really took off. My favorite assignments were always the ones in which we had to rewrite the story or create an alternate ending. I'm not sure that they do much of that today but it was so appealing. I even remember the stories involved - Alice in Wonderland and a short story called The Most Dangerous Game.

    Love what you said about TCL looking nice colorwise beside CML:) I hadn't thought of that. And so happy you like my books enough that you want to read that excerpt!! Bless you.

  49. Renee Ann, I'd so love to meet you in person someday! My husband has quite an interest in upstate NY for some reason. I think the history and the beauty of the area are so intriguing though I know so little about it. The Finger Lakes region sounds so nice - at least I think that's in NY!

  50. Michelle,
    I'm like you and have never been bitten by the Greek and Roman bug. But I am a medieval fan also (though I can never remember how to spell it)! Robin Hood has renewed my interest in that time period. It's a bit sad when I think I'll not be able to read all the books I'd like before I die, thus there must be an amazing library in heaven:) Maybe then we can meet our favorite historical folks!

  51. Yes, Laura, the Finger Lake Region is definitely NY and very beautiful! And north of where I am (Albany/Hudson area) is some great country: Schroon Lake, where Word of Life Bible Institute is (excellent speakers), and Lake George/Fort Ticonderoga (of Last of the Mohicans fame, though the movie wasn't filmed there). . . And, speaking of beautiful places, I couldn't remember if I'd mentioned a BBC series available through Netflix called Lark Rise to Candleford. (Reading your comments about Robin Hood made me think of it.) Lark Rise has beautiful places and people in to-die-for gorgeous dresses!

  52. Renee Ann, You're the 2nd person this week to mention Lark! I am definitely going to check it out. Am thinking they might even have it at our library. Just last night I wondered what I was going to watch after Robin Hood. We're up to episode 10 now, not sure how many we have to go. And I'm trying to get Wives and Daughters by Gaskell. I used to not watch tv/movies but you and Ruth and others have sparked my interest. It began with my watching North&South! How can I ever thank you readers enough for that!

    Oh, your home state sounds wonderful and so rich in history. Being a Last of the Mohicans fan, I remember that it involved that area. Strangely it was filmed in steamy North Carolina! On the Biltmore Estate, if I remember correctly. I'm afraid the only place I've been in NY is NY City! Quite memorable. My editor also lives there. My heart has always pulled me into the nether regions like you're talking about though...

  53. Bells for sure!! She would be the perfect hostess. :) You've got the prayers, I promise. :)

    I have an award for you too. :)

    Have a fantastic day!!

  54. If you don't mind my asking, which grade(s) did you teach, Laura? I always picture you as teaching junior high, which I think is such a fun age (though I am slightly fearful of what that entails when it comes to my own children).

    We just finished Homer Price (or donut boy as Liz calls him) and are starting Mr Popper's Penguins. I think we hit on a good program for us with Sonlight...especially when you hear the please can we read just one more page. And that's for books like The Usborne Book of Houses & Homes and The World of Animals.

  55. I love what you said about the alternate endings...mind if I keep that in mind. I was tempted to ask if I could pick your brain for your best ideas so thanks for sharing :)

  56. Julia, I never mind your questions:) I come from a long line of teachers (the past 125 years or so) in Kentucky. So I naturally thought I'd be a natural at it:) Was I ever wrong! After college, I did post-grad work in education to be certified for secondary English (middle school through high school). My student teaching was in middle school - baptism by fire. While I liked the kids and the subject matter and LOVED the curriculum, I HATED being onstage so to speak every day in front of everyone. I switched to early childhood ed and was a preschool teacher for a couple of years but didn't like it any better. I'm sure my mom was scratching her head as she taught for about 40 years in elementary/middle school. So I went into social work next and loved that but my heart remained committed to writing. Every job I ever had I brought my writing to and scribbled in spare moments. So there's my teaching background - much more than you wanted to know, I'm sure!

    I've always admired those writers who can teach writing. Teaching is definitely a gift. It sounds like you really enjoy it. I did love homeschooling though...

  57. Julia, Forgot to say that Liz's "donut boy" is a much more fun title than Homer Price!! Out of the mouths of babes...

    The Sonlight curric. is one I've heard great things about:) The litmus test is just what you mentioned - when they beg for one more! Sounds like you have an avid reader on your hands:)

  58. Casey,
    Bless u for the blog award! What a creative one, to boot:)

  59. I would love to attend the book launch, but will likely not be able. I'll have to see. If my sisters are up for a road trip I might consider it. We all live in NC so it would be quite a distance. Not as far as the west coast, but still far.

    I am very excited to read The Colonel's Lady! I know you said that this book is going to have the male point of view as well as the female's. Are you planning to write all your future books like that? I absolutely loved that your first two books did not have the male point of view. It kept us readers guessing along with the heroine what everyone else thought and would do. I also love all the description, atmposphere, and narration that you put into your books. When I was reading Courting Morrow Little I remember reading along one afternoon. Suddenly, looking up out the window I realized I was in my chair in the corner of my bedroom and not floating down a Kentucke river scouting for Indians. We readers are drawn in to these books from page one. Please keep writing these page-turners! :)

  60. Sylvia!
    I've been missing you here and hoping you are well! Since you are one of those elusive non-bloggers who just gift us by appearing, I feel truly blessed this morning:) And I am soaking up your every word here! And I love learning that you're from NC. I overlooked that previously or maybe it's not been mentioned. I have relatives in NC who I saw in TN last month. They're in the Mooresville area. We went and stayed with them a few years ago and I got to see more of your beautiful state! In fact, I've always said that after KY, I'd most like to live in NC and then Virginia.

    You said some very critical things about what you like about my books, one in particular which I've struggled with. Writing solely from the heroine's perspective really does let the writer and reader /utilize/enjoy the suspense of the plot quite a bit more and leads to those charming twists and turns. While I enjoyed getting into my hero's head for the first time ever in my Colonel McLinn, it made for quite a different book! I like my leading men to be a bit mysterious. He is quite a conundrum still but his thoughts are laid out plainly on the page.

    It will be interesting to see what you and other readers say about this dual perspective. One thing my editors asked me to do was to use both hero and heroine's POV from here on out. I don't know why that is except most CBA romances are written from that perspective. I think mine are more historical fiction than romance, however. There is a HUGE difference. Anyway, many readers have asked me to expand my POV, also. Am glad you, like me, like the female POV so much.

    I'd love to meet you and your sisters if ever you're in my vicinity! But no pressure - NC is a far cry from Winchester. I promise to post pics and send you bookmarks!

    Again, thanks so much for sharing your memories of reading CML with me, sitting and then looking up and realizing you weren't on that river. Those little details are often denied authors yet are the very heartbeat of what we do!! Bless you so much.

  61. I am watching season 3 of Lark Rise right now and it's helps when there's eye candy too. ;-) Renee Ann, if you've seen season 3 I'm sure you could probably guess who I'm talking about! I hope you get to watch Lark Rise, Laura. I'm sure you and your family will love it. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  62. Hi, Laura--just read your last comments to Sylvia. Now I'm really interested to read your latest! I so enjoyed your first books, but I also love it when a book has the male point of view.

    That was something I missed in some of my old-time favorites. Eventually, I wanted Mary Stewart or Victoria Holt to put the male perspective in. Sometimes the hero did not seem equal to the leading lady and knowing what was going on inside might have helped that.

    You know how in a story if the villain is dastardly, it makes the hero's victory over him that much sweeter? I'd give up the suspense to see inside the hero and have him impress me enough to make his pairing with the heroine seem right. (Sometimes we readers fall in love with the hero before the heroine does--but that still doesn't mean the book's a romance!) I know your readers will still love your books.

  63. Hey, if I drive home from Michigan and go through KY maybe I can make it. I would love that! What do I read? Anything you write! As the moderator of the Colonial American Christian Fiction Writers group, I guess that would be easy to figure out what else I especially love! Hugs!

  64. Sylvia, I so love your comments on POV! And I think they would generate a great discussion. But I also know how it feels to write something and then wish you could take it back. Instant sympathy there as I'm often second-guessing myself! I won't post if you're at all uncomfortable. I have hit the delete button many times myself. We really are on the same page POV-wise, so to speak:)

  65. Renee, OH MY! If you like I know I'll like:) I'm going to add to my queue along with Cranford and Wives&Daughters. Last night we finished season one of Robin Hood...sigh. It's going way to fast! I'm especially curious who the leads are in Lark:) Bless you for sharing yet another quality series with us here!! I OWE you a million times over for North&South!!

  66. Renee Ann, I soaked up your every word here:) I ALWAYS fall in love with my hero even though he's fictional and just assume/hope the reader does, too. I've read some books where the hero is just not very appealing and it really ruins the story for me. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no two readers will respond to the the hero in the same way, I guess.

    Now I'm really anxious for you to read TCL because of your comments about villains:) I have quite the bad man in this one. TCL is more historical fiction than my first two as it's based on the life of a real Revolutionary War hero. I'm still not quite over him:)

  67. Carrie, I would dearly love to see you in KY if it dovetails with a trip home for you!! I think you'd like the venue very much. The house is actually a 100 year old floral shop with several floors. The food is fabulous!! Everything will be complimentary for you readers/guests so it should be a nice summer respite.

    And I have to put in a shameless plug about our Colonial Group!! I'm amazed at all we're learning and sharing and how much I look forward to the emails from members! I have a feeling it's going to be one of the most popular groups out there:) You get most of the credit!

  68. Renee Ann, Forgot to mention that I was cleaning the garage out yesterday and found some of my old Victoria Holt books (Snare of Serpents and The Shivering Sands, etc.). Happy to know you enjoyed her work as much as I did! I think she trained me more than any other writer I read during my formative years of writing:) With all her pen names she was so prolific! And she lived to a ripe old age:) I do think, like you, that her heroes were a bit unknowable. She was such a master of dialogue and not much narrative - unusual for when she was writing as it was often the reverse. Anyway, hats off to Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy, Phillippa Carr and all the rest:)

  69. oh, how fun that would be!!! wish I was going to be in Kentucky then but probably not. You'll have to take pictures to share with all of us who can't make it to the tea.

  70. Lisa:)
    Isn't it crazy that we're neighbors! You'd think I could wander down to Oregon for some kind of book event instead of going all the way to KY! But having you for a reader is the next best thing! Hope you're staying warm and expecting some snow like we are!