Tuesday, November 16, 2010

style with Sherry Kyle and a giveaway!

This book is so bright and appealing I always smile when I see it. And its creator, Sherry Kyle, is just as endearing:) It's a joy to have her here today. I thought you'd like a look at the inspiration behind the pages of this very needed, unique book.

Sherry, tell us about your journey to publication...

When my daughter, Brittany, was in 1st grade, she asked me to help her write a story about how her younger sister became part of our family through adoption. I had taken a children's writing course through the Institute of Children's Literature and knew the basics of crafting a picture book, so I sat down with my daughter and we wrote My Special Someone, complete with illustrations. At that time, a woman in our church who ran an adoption business was also taking a publishing course at the local college. We connected and she offered to publish our little children's story. It is now out of print, but you can see the cover on my website.

What prompted you to write The Christian Girl's Guide to Style?

The Christian Girl's Guide to Style is one of a series of books from Legacy Press. I had purchased a couple of other other Girl's Guides books for my daughters and they loved them. All the books have fun quizzes, crafts, and stories that point 8-12 year old girls toward who they are in Christ. As a writer and mom, I wanted to write a book about a topic that I not only enjoyed talking about, but also saw a need in the children's market - learning to be stylish inside and out!

As we know, girls are bombarded every day with clothes, fashion, and trying to fit in. As I searched my Bible, I came across Colossians 3:12-17: "Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him." These verses were the blueprint for my book.

What do you hope is the takeaway value of your book?

Each girl is special and unique with her own personal style. But more importantly, true beauty starts on the inside.

Please tell us about your novel coming out in April, 2011...

Delivered with Love is a contemporary novel about a young woman who discovers an old love letter in the glove compartment of her late mother's VW bug. Claire drives up the coast to the town of the sender and searches for him, only to discover he's not what she imagined. You can watch my book trailer here

Favorite Scripture? Snack food while writing? Best writing advice?

My favorite Scripture is Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I usually need something to drink while I'm at the computer, whether it be coffee, tea, or a Sobe water. If I snack at all, it's usually a piece of dark chocolate. Every once in a while, I like to make a bag of my own trail mix - Honeynut Cheerios, some nuts, pretzels, raisins, and dark chocolate chips.

The best writing advice I can offer is to learn the craft. Go to a writer's conference or take classes. Oh, and don't forget to have fun!

Please leave a comment for Sherry and enter to win a copy of this wonderful book. Winner announced Wednesday, November 24th:) This book would also make a great Christmas gift, birthday gift, or anytime gift. Thanks so much, Sherry!


  1. This sounds like a really fun book! And one I'd like to read my self. As the mother of a little girl, I'm already wondering how I'll handle those teen years when she's struggling to either be part of the crowd or find her own voice. This sounds like a great guide for that!~ :)

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks for commenting. My style book is geared for girls 8-12, but I've had moms say they like it too! I forgot to mention that the book comes with a free gift— a cute little coin purse!


  3. What a fun book! And a fun interview to read while home on lunch break. Thanks to both of you!!

  4. What a fun blog and book trailer, Sherry! I teach junior and senior high age students in a Christian school. My junior high girls are voracious readers, and I've just begun feeding that hunger with some of my favorite books from Christian authors. I'm always glad to discover a new author to check out. Your book would touch on some of the things they're struggling with. And Delivered with Love looks like a sweet story, as well.

    Thanks for hosting Sherry and this book giveaway, Laura! Your blog is always a grand place to visit!

  5. Hi Heather and Sherry!
    I think it's great you're already thinking ahead even though she's only 3, Heather. It sneaks up all too soon! Sherry is the perfect person to write this book as she even looks stylish and is so much FUN:) I can't say enough about how much her message is needed in our culture right now. My granny used to say to me, "Pretty is as pretty does." At the time I didn't know what she meant...

    Bless you for your comments!

  6. Jerri,
    So happy to hear from you! Consider yourself entered in the drawing as I bet you know a girl out there somewhere who would love this book. I have one for Kaylea and need to get it in the mail to Spain before Christmas. Wish I had dozens of them to distribute at church!

    Thanks so much for commenting:)

  7. Renee Ann, Bless you:) I certainly think it's grand when you stop by! I love hearing about your teaching ministry (it really is!) and the way you incorporate books into your classroom and the lives of young readers. Your days sound very full! I admire anyone who can teach. I was trained as a teacher but found it so very challenging in ways I wasn't equipped to handle:) My mom, on the other hand, taught for over 30 years or so - elementary and middle school.

    It's a joy to help spread the word about Sherry's book. What a needed message!

  8. Wow, Laura. Your mom taught the younger grades for over 30 years! It takes effort to keep your love for the kids fresh and strong and to keep up with them physically. I admire her commitment!

  9. Jerri, Thanks for the encouragement. :) I'm like you and spend time looking at blogs at lunch.

    Renee Ann, I went to a Christian school my whole life. I LOVE it that you teach junior and senior high students. Fun! My husband is a teacher, so I know how much work goes into it. You're a special bunch. How great you are looking for Christian authors!


  10. Love the whole premise behind this book. Don't enter me in the draw, Laura. I read about Sherry's book on another blog and have already ordered it. :-)

    I'm very excited about 'Delivered With Love' -- what a fresh, intriguing idea. My mind is already working overtime thinking up all the directions it can go. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it in the spring.

  11. Kav, Thanks for being here:) I, too, had some interesting moments after watching the trailer, imagining all the different directions this novel could take:) Love the cover. Sherry might turn me into a contemporary reader yet. I think I remember Sherry visiting you Inkspys:) It's great fun to share the word about such a great book. Bless you!

  12. Renee Ann,
    You'd love my mom - she's a bundle of energy and creative ideas:) And I think she really misses teaching. She stopped officially about 2 years ago and was over 70!

  13. Wonderful!! I love that we, as women, can encourage the young girls to be beautiful because they are beautiful in Christ. I would love to go through this book with my 9 year old daughter. She hasn't yet reached the hard teen years but I believe it's wise to instill Godly character when they are young.
    Thanks for offering this book.

  14. Lisa, I think Casey would love this book! You, too. It has such an important message like you said. And then you could save for little Miss L:) So good to see you here. I need to come over and visit!

  15. Wow, I missed 2 posts already??

    I think this is a fun book and wonderful idea. I'm very pro anything that shows teen girls how they can be pure/modest and still have lots of fun with fashion.

    Elizabeth is 5, but she's already a fashion diva, well, sort of. We have this really nice thrift store here and what I will do is show her 6 or so acceptable shirts and then allow her to pick the two she wants. So far its working, we'll see as she gets older. Unless we are going to church or certain places she gets to pick from her drawers though...and we get some real interesting combos :)

  16. Julia, You were missed! Glad you're here now:) I thought of you moms with young daughters when posting this. I thought you'd appreciate this book very much. So glad you let her pick out her clothes like you do! That builds such confidence and responsibility though she may have some interesting combos, like you said:) I wonder what colors look good with her beautiful hair... Green or blue, I'm thinking.

  17. Sherry, Just checked out your website. I LOVE the idea of adoption stories in the Bible.

  18. This is the kind of thing that would have been great in my youth. I do hope my nieces will soak this sort of this right up!


  19. Julia, Knowing your own plans for adoption, I knew you'd appreciate Sherry's site and story:)

  20. Margaret, Please consider yourself entered in the drawing! I wish this sort of book had been around when I was that age, too. Such a needed subject, esp. in today's immodest world! Bless you for reading and commenting. That sure blesses me!

  21. I missed this post, lol. I see you posted it on Tuesday though, so that explains it. Shouldn't surprise you that I was a little preoccupied with the news of a certain royal engagement that day. ;)

    This is a wonderful interview. I love the cover of the book. It's so cute!

    Reminds me of when I was a youth leader with middle school ministry, and we spent part of the summer talking about modesty with the girls.

    I will have to put Delivered with Love on my wishlist. It sounds great, so I'll be looking for it!

    And I will have to make your trail mix sometime, sounds like a great snack.

  22. Michelle, So glad to see you here and have you meeting Sherry. Neat about your past involvement with MS youth:) Since my boys are that age, I know how much modesty is needed.

    And I just SMILED so BIG when you mentioned the royal engagement! Funny thing is I actually watched a documentary the night before the announcement about Kate and William and then shebang - they were engaged:) Since I love royal weddings and all things British, the least of which is Richard Amrmitage and North&South, this should be quite a do! She's a beauty, that's for sure, and it was nice to see Diana's engagement ring again. He seems like a nice sort of fellow, the prince:) Will be fun to follow in the days ahead...

    Bless you for commenting. It's not the same till you do!