Monday, November 22, 2010


It's snowing wildly this morning! Actually it began yesterday and made our Sunday very special. We went on a drive and watched cars slide into ditches, kids making snowmen, people putting up holiday lights and everyone (?) enjoying a generous dusting of white.

In my fictional world, I love snow:) I even wrote a snow scene for the epilogue of The Colonel's Lady. I could almost smell the gingerbread baking and the pungent greenery twisted around the stair rail with ribbon and all those bayberry candles melting in tin holders.

As Madeleine L'Engle said, I leave chronos (real time/clock time) and enter kairos (God's timelessness) when I write. Today is a good writing day with a big fire in the fireplace and white woods outside my windows.

Since it will be crazy busy starting Wednesday, I have to make the most of it. I'll be fixing a 20 pound turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cranberries, deviled eggs, rolls, chocolate cream pie... I don't think the menu varies much across America:) My neighbors, however, shun turkey and always have lasagna! Thanksgiving always means a lot to me since Wyatt was my Thanksgiving baby. And we always put up a Christmas tree on our deck with lots of lights to start the holiday season. In all this snow it will be a beautiful sight!

I'd love to know what you're doing for Thanksgiving this week. Do you have any special traditions? Foods? Is it a quiet day or one filled with traveling, family, and friends?


  1. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones gathered around you, Laura.

    Our college daughter is coming home for a visit, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her. That will make my Thanksgiving special.

  2. Oh, snow! How perfect! I am in such a holiday mood that its ridiculous! I think Audrey and I are going to put the tree up today. She hasnt been feeling too good but boy does the girl love to decorate! I think she'll enjoy it.
    Our Thanksgiving will be relatively quiet, we'll head to my grandparent's where my Grandpa will cook it up! He's an amazing cook. He was one of 5 boys and his mother decided he'd be the one she taught all her kitchen secrets to. And boy are we all glad!
    I'm going to cook a turkey breast and a little mini feast for just we 3 so we can have some left-overs. I'll never forget last christmas we had a blizzard Christmas Eve (which is pretty amazing here in OK!) and we were all snowed in and couldnt go anywhere. I just made us our own dinner and we spent the day quietly together. It was so lovely!
    Best holiday wishes to you and yours! And how special to have a Thanksgiving baby! Now there's a story I'd love to hear...

  3. Snow!! I love a snowy thanksgiving. We've only had a few dustings here, but further north there is snow indeed. It sounds like you have a scrumptious feast planned. We are spending the a few days with my Mom and my brother and his family are joining us from Massachusetts. We'll be missing my Dad's presence and his good cooking this year. It won't be the same.

    Happy Birthday to Wyatt! Brad turns 50 the day after Thanksgiving this year!

  4. LOVE this photo! . . . And it sounds like you make a beautiful holiday memory for your family. I can picture a lighted Christmas tree on the deck of a house with fresh snow in the yard . . . The kind of tradition that will warm your boys' hearts in years to come!

    We do the typical big Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and sister (two sisters are in other states) and nieces and assorted husbands and their precious little ones. My niece's five-year-old daughter is my special buddy. (She thinks I'm her age, only taller!) She's making place "cards" for each of us with construction paper and paint. And I'll bring a game for us to play and make sure to have "prizes" for young and old. We just enjoy being healthy, happy, and together--like you and yours!

  5. Laura,

    I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

    I'm very thankful that God has gifted me with a new and precious friend.



  6. Enjoyed today's post, Laura. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Love, love, love the new book cover. That blue gown is to die for.

  7. First, I have to say, thank you for the laugh- it is a very special Sunday when you and the family can watch other cars slide into ditches, LOL :D I think it's so funny because here in RI we always say that at the first sign of a snowflake, it never fails, everyone seems to forget how to drive!

    Temps here on the east coast lately definitely feel like it should snow! Yesterday even smelt like snow in the air, but alas, the floors of heaven weren't duty enough to be swept ;) Oh, I just love snow!! Snow brings with it a special wonder that makes you feel like something magical is about to happen *sigh* Definitely looking forward to those snow scenes in TCL!!

    I love the pic you shared- would love to have my Thanksgiving in a room like that! My Thanksgiving sounds a lot like yours, though instead of a whole turkey we make 2 turkey breasts because no one likes the dark meat. I'm looking forward to my moms delicious stuffing- she puts apples and dried cranberries in it, (YUM!) and, of course, being surrounded by loved one :)

    But, this Thanksgiving is sort of bittersweet for us because right after all the joy, my dad has to leave for a few weeks on a business trip. We're just praying for traveling mercies and for the Lord to encourage him while he's away from us- we're a very close family and this is the first time we'll be separated for more than a day from each other. But I keep thinking of what a dear lady at my church once shared- "Your prayers go where you can't go." I shared that over on Amber's blog this morning for her awesome military post, so maybe the Lord is confirming it to my heart here...

    Anyway, enjoy your good writing day, my friend :) I pray you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    Amanda Stanley

  8. Oh, Laura, that sounds just lovely! :D

    I hope you have a wonderful writing time, as well as a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    I have to say that I wish it would snow here... I think it's been very close, but mostly it's just cold and rainy/windy. However, on a happy note, I was surprised yesterday by a visit from one of my friends from high school and her parents (they were driving through and stopped to see me!). I got to give them a tour of the campus, and it was so fun! They are such sweet people. :)

    Anyway, as you know I'm winging my way to Texas tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family! I'll miss being with my mom, dad, sister, grandparents, and uncle, but I'll also enjoy being with my dad's sisters and all the family there! They are so kind and welcoming! Plus, it will be a lot warmer there than up here! ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. Pecan pie, ALWAYS pecan pie! And turkey, but I am afraid turkey might not be on the menu this Thanksgiving. They just aren't growing and it might be chicken. Believe me I protested very loudly over this one!

    We are going to have some good friends over as well, it should be a wonderful day. It's my favorite holiday. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Laura!!

  10. Keli, I know you must countdown till your daughter comes:) I remember my college days and doing that as I was always so glad to get back to Kentucky. Praying the 3 of you have a very blessed day - with lots of yummy leftovers!

  11. Heather,
    Hope Audrey feels better soon. Decorating will be good medicine, especially if she's anything like her mama:) Your grandpa sounds like my kind of cook! Randy is one of 5 boys, too, but he can burn water! I'm afraid he didn't learn a thing about the kitchen. But he can chop a mean stack of firewood:)

    I remember your blizzard last year and how you were snowbound:) I bet that provided endless inspiration...

    Wyatt arrived just in time for me to eat a big turkey sandwich and pumpkin pie in the hospital 14 years ago:) It was a very sweet holiday for us. Now he's no longer my 8 pound baby but he did invite me to his school luncheon this Wednesday and we'll have turkey together:) So guess he's still my baby, after all!

  12. Yum! Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving?

    I have THREE Thanksgivings. Breakfast, lunch, and supper. Breakfast at mom's with my Dad's family - Eggs, buttermilk biscuits, gravy, bacon, country ham, sausage. You know. Southern fare.

    Lunch with Dan's parents. They're having lasagna, too.

    Supper at my mom's family. The traditional ham, along with chicken 'n dumplin'.

    I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to have met you!

  13. Happy birthday to Brad, Carla! I know this holiday will be bittersweet for you all as your dad will be so missed. I remember you saying that he was a fine cook. I wonder if they celebrate holidays in heaven? I am always thinking strange things like that! Thoughts and prayers with you at this time.

    I was thinking how much you must be anticipating your contract come the new year:) I am soooo thrilled for you. To hold your book in my hands will be such a treat!!

  14. Oh Renee Ann, Your holiday plans sound wonderful! I chuckled that your little neice thinks you're just her age, maybe because you're so much fun and play with her which is a real compliment! Love your wording about how memories "warm our hearts" as that is certainly a lovely thought. Downright novel-worthy:) Praying you have a wonderful day in every way!!

  15. Brenda,
    Your words mean so much. I feel exactly the same way about you, dear friend!

    I loved your blog post this morning:) Praying you have some time to write amidst all the Thanksgiving merriness. Thinking of you and praying for you!

  16. LOL, Amanda:) I had a good chuckle myself when I reread those opening lines. Sometimes I'm funny and don't even know it!

    I love hearing about your holiday and also about your dad's upcoming trip. I promise to keep you all close in prayer. This must be hard as I sensed you have a very close family who tends to do most everything together. That's such a gift. But I'm guessing/hoping he comes back before Christmas and that will be your best gift ever! Love what you said about prayer going where we can't. So true. I'll remember that with my brother in Spain, etc.

    Your mom's stuffing would be tops on my list as I love anything with cranberries and apples. And I'm not a dark meat fan either. But our dog loves all those bones:) I love this holiday for so many reasons, one of which is not cooking for a couple of days afterward as there are so many great leftovers.

    There IS something magical about snow! My thoughts exactly. It's still pouring snow as I write this and everything is just so incredibly beautiful - the woods outside my window, mostly evergreens, look like bonafide Christmas trees. So lovely they don't even need lights.

    And I'm so glad you are looking fun to reading the epilogue in TCL:) Thanks so much for saying so! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  17. Whoops, Amanda, Pardon that one typo! But hopefully you'll know what I mean:)

  18. Rita,
    Wonderful to see another Colonial writer here:) That makes my day! Thanks for the compliments on the new cover. I do think it's very pretty and am counting that as one of my blessings this Thanksgiving. Wish I could nab that blue silk gown:) Wish I was as creative about titling my books as you are. Your upcoming titles are so beautiful. Just the kind I favor. Blessings on you and you family!

  19. Amber,
    How neat that you had some unexpected company - which was a blessing:) I know they loved seeing the campus and spending time wit you. My prayers are with you as you have what sounds like your first Texas Thanksgiving! You're so sweet they just might not let you come back! I can't wait to hear your impressions when you get back. Be sure to gobble up some Texas food while there as they're known for their good cooking:)

    We're heading to be with my dad's side of the family, too, in a couple of weeks in KY and TN for an early Christmas reunion.

    Anyway, bless you for taking time here as you prepare and pack and who knows what else:) See you when you get back! Prayers with you!

  20. Oh...and I think its so neat that you have a Thanksgiving baby :). Mine alternate having Easter on their birthday some years. That sounds like fun to go to his Thanksgiving dinner. Does Wyatt get to help cook the dinner? And do they dress in costumes or is that out of vogue now? I remember those paper hats & collars.

    Sad, I'm finding a lack of depth in many of the Christian fiction books I've been reading lately. I'm glad you said Cramer writes about some of the deeper themes. I feel like I am wasting my time if a book doesn't have spiritual & literary depth.

  21. Casey, This is my favorite holiday, too:) And I LOVE pecan pie like you. But we have such trouble getting good pecans here (not so in KY), just like you have some skinny turkeys:)

    I think I love Thanksgiving so much because it really is a day to consider ALL the blessings in our lives and because it starts the holiday season and doesn't have the Christmas day letdown.

    Enjoy your day with your friends. It sounds delightful and I know you make it fun wherever you are!

  22. I hope you're enjoying the snow. There is something breath-taking about seeing the world blanketed in white. I enjoy it, as long as I don't have to get out in it.

    I love the Madeleine L'Engle quote, could be true for reading as well as writing.

    I am leaving for home on Wednesday morning. I have the entire day off, and won't be coming back to Lexington until Sunday. Yay for a mini vacation!

    Your Thanksgiving menu is almost identical to ours. I admit I've been dreading it this year. It's the first major holiday since my grandmother died, and since my grandfather went into the nursing home. So, a lot of changes this year. We're actually not cooking at home, but will be going out to eat. New tradition, or maybe it's reviving an old one. When I was a little girl, we always went out to eat on Thanksgiving. In fact, I thought it was strange that people cooked Thanksgiving at home, lol!

    We'll be going to Jenny Wiley State Park to eat. They always have a good Thanksgiving buffet. Then we'll go see my grandfather at the nursing home.

    Happy Birthday to Wyatt, I hope he has a great birthday!

    Amanda, I will remember your family in my prayers while your dad is traveling.

  23. Britt, I'm afraid it's the other way around! I want to come to YOUR house:) I forgot to mention sweet potatoes, corn pudding, pea salad... Your mention of one of my all-time favorites, biscuits and gravy ~ and chicken dumplings!!!!!! I get excited just reading them. Once when I was a girl, my brother and I had a dumpling-eating contest. My Kentucky granny had made 70 (I don't know how on earth we counted them...maybe before they went into the pot?). We tied! And we didn't even get sick! Amd we still LOVE them.

    Your week sounds wonderful. Prayers with you, Britt. I count you a definite blessing!!

  24. Michelle, Your eating out Thursday sounds so good to me. I've often told Randy I'd love to do that and I think we will one day. It would be a nice feeling to leave the table without all that clean-up:) I sometimes lament that it takes me a whole day to cook and it's down the hatch in 15 minutes or less! With these boys anyway.

    As for the snow, we now have white-out conditions and the wind is gusting up to 50 mph. I'm snug inside but Randy is working and the boys are stuck at school while they decide what to do with the buses, etc. I can't get up my driveway! The sweetest thing happened a few minutes ago. A little bird braved the wind and snow to come and light on the ledge of our glass front door. He looked in at me as if he wanted in, too:) That's never happened before. Oh, and now we have "freezing fog" - what on earth is that, I wonder!?

    I do understand your feelings about the holiday. I know you must miss your grandma very much - and also your grandpa being in care. Lots of changes, like you said. If you're sensitive like me, you feel them forever. Since we lost my granny, it's just not the same either. She always made such a huge feast and none of her dishes can be duplicated as she didn't go by recipes. Praying your day is full of unexpected blessings. You're so thoughtful to pray for Amanda. That's what I love about all of you here. You have a wonderful care and concern that goes beyond the blogging norm.

  25. Julia, I remember those hats and collars, too:) Quite puritan in nature! Wyatt does love to cook but the kitchen staff are happy to keep those middle schoolers out of the kitchen. I was a bit sad as I was the only parent who came last year. Either that age group doesn't want their parents there or parents can't come because of work schedules. The elementary had a good turnout though. The school did a wonderful job of cooking so we were able to enjoy 2 Thanksgiving feasts:)

    It's interesting that your reading criteria is similar to mine. I really understand your reasoning with books. My time is so severely limited that a book has to be very good or I set it aside or give it away. Sadly, that's happening more and more.

  26. Do you keep track of your site traffic, Laura? Because I had to come back to look at that photo a few times. God has given me a beautiful home, but I love to soak up Home and Garden and photos like this once in a while!

    I read Julia's comment 'cuz she's a new blogging buddy and has mentioned the trouble with finding satisfying reading material before. I was wondering if you two have read Safely Home by Randy Alcorn? . . . Maybe your comment about wondering if we'll have holidays in heaven made me think of it!

  27. Renee Ann, I'm so glad you soak up the photos:) I don't know what I'd do without Google images! This is truly a beautiful American Colonial kitchen/dining room. It has the bittersweet I love and is done in the rich, warm colors that I like to use in my books.

    Strangely enough, I never look at site traffic! And I may be the only author who doesn't. But I'm so glad you're a regular and like the same type photos and posts.

    I have read one Randy Alcorn book - nonfiction - on tithing, and it blew me away! I am sure I still have it as it was a keeper but can't think of the title. Now you make me want to read this one:) So I'll add to my list. I know I'll like it. Thanks for the recc!

  28. Loved the Madeline L'Engle quote! Had Costco pecan pie slice for breakfast this morning. Can I come to your house and eat? Sounds yummy!

  29. Oh Carrie, Costco pecan pie is wonderful - as is their pumpkin:) And now they have bread pudding, too. OH MY! Your day sounds as JOYful as mine. I spent the afternoon making chocolate crinkle cookies to feed the "blizzard boys" when they came in from school. School is cancelled tomorrow and sadly, the luncheon along with it. Just talked to my mom and she said it's 70 degrees in KY so guess you are enjoying that, too. Bless you bunches!

  30. Laura and Michelle, that you so very much for your prayers! I told my dad you ladies were praying and he said to say thank you, too :) Yes, Laura, my dad will be back before Christmas, which will be the best gift ever, just like you said! But he will miss my moms birthday on the 14th :( My parents met right after the blizzard of '78 (too funny since were talking about snow here) and have never been apart since, so this is the first b-day for my mom without my dad. But, I know we're being kinda selfish, especially after reading Amber's "Monday for the Military" blog posts. My dad is just going away on business, not off to the threats and dangers of war. It's kids and spouses in those circumstances that my heart truly breaks for. I take comfort in the knowledge that the Lord is with my daddy and will bring him back safely. But, again, we thank you for your prayers :)

    Oh, and Laura, I knew what you meant ;) Speaking of typos, I meant to say that I guess the floors of heaven weren't "dusty" enough to be swept, not "duty" enough! Although it seems they were dusty enough over Washington. Praying Randy and the boys all get home safely in those "freezing fog" conditions. Goodness, I've never heard of that before. And, please tell Wyatt I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

    Prayers & Blessings,
    Amanda Stanley

  31. Amanda, It's such a privilege to pray for you and your family. That's so neat that your parents haven't been apart and actually met after a blizzard:) I know you'll miss your dad very much. He sounds like a wonderful husband and father.

    And I forgot to mention earlier how much I loved your heaven analogy and I didn't even notice the misspelling! These comments are so full of typos today I am ashamed to call myslef an author! You can tell I'm excited to hear from all of you (and to have a snowstorm at the same time) as my fingers are way ahead of my brain...

    Wyatt thanks you for the birthday wishess:) He thinks my blog is a very interesting place. And having school cancelled is a wonderful early birthday present!

  32. I'd love to see a picture of your tree with lights. Did you show a photo last year, maybe? I might just be remembering you write about that in one of your posts.

    We are sticking close to home for Thursday and going to my Dad's. He lives about 25 minutes away. Truly just over river and through the woods! ha ha
    On Friday the kids and I are heading down the coast to see my Mom and my in-laws for a day. Coming home on Saturday. My hubby has to work... yuck!

    We had a light sprinkling of snow this morning. It was so pretty. Like God dusted us with powdered sugar.
    Tonight is supposed to get super cold and freeze hard. the roads will be awful tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful, blessing-filled Thanksgiving!!!

  33. Lisa, Love your powdered sugar analogy:) We have a little more than a dusting - about a foot! School was cancelled today for the boys. It's SO cold out but they want to go sledding and all the rest. Sounds like it's very cold for you all as well.

    Your turkey day plans sound good! Over the river and through the woods in 25 minutes is just about perfect:)

    You have a good memory about that deck tree! I remember us talking about that last year. I will take a picture and post as soon as we get it up and going. Need to get some colored lights as ours all expired from last year. The winds were so bad last year the poor tree kept being blown off repeatedly and the lights kept getting seriously rearranged:) I finally gave up!

    Praying you and your family have a wonderful holiday full of blessings, too!

  34. This is the first year we have placecards made by my granddaughter (and her mom). I love Thanksgiving because it's about family and food, and very little about meeting expectations!

  35. Debra, YES, that has to be one of the best things I've ever heard about why Thanksgiving is so special to so many of us. It really IS about family and food and very little about expectations. Thank you for that reminder:) BTW, I am a huge fan of placecards. Though I think you are way too young to be a grandma! Have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

  36. Laura,
    That's sort of sad that the parents don't come. I'll bet it is because of work hours. I know even when I went to school there were only 2 stay-at-home moms in my class (I was lucky that mine was one). I'll bet he really appreciates that you are able to make it to his school programs.

    @Renee Ann,
    You are the second person that has recommended Randy Alcorn. If they are anything like his devotionals I'm sure they are great. I found a neat little company Lamplighters, that puts back in print old Christian fiction classics (especially for children). If you're interested, its

  37. LOL There's something wrong with this: "We went on a drive and watched cars slide into ditches"...if the cars were sliding into ditches, you could have too!!!!! Glad you made it home safe and sound.

    I'm in snow envy. We had our first freezing rain and it wasn't pretty...well, okay it was beautiful...but hazardous to walkers like me!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. Ours has come and gone, but I'll think thankful thoughts on Thursday. You'll be at the top of the list!

  38. Sorry, Renee Ann. This is the correct site for Lamplighter books if anyone is interested:

  39. We're heading over to my husband's aunt's house for Thanksgiving. It's a yearly tradition that we enjoy. Especially since we don't have to do any cleaning the week before to get our house ready for guests.

    I spent this past weekend reading all of your blog entries from the beginning and I can't tell you how much delight it has brought me to read about your writing journey. You truly are my favorite christian author.

    God Bless.

  40. Kav, LOL, indeed:) You and Amanda were right on that and I never even caught it! Maybe because you both are my bad weather blog buddies in Canada and the east coast! We nearly made the ditch a couple of times ourselves... I haven't been able to walk as I'm afraid I'll fall. Something about breaking my hands and the work I do is very unappealing:) I'm sure you can relate.

    Thanks so much for your gracious words - you're such a blessing to me!

  41. Gillian,
    It's so neat to think of you taking time and reading my past posts and finding some merit in them:) And I love that you say I'm your favorite Christian author. That just delights me! Thanks so much! I think you must have the gift of encouragement as you spur me on to keep writing my best. You've given me a wonderful gift going into Thanksgiving.

    I hope this holiday is full of His best for you - that He'll warm your heart in unexpected ways. I so understand the not having to clean part and going to your aunt's house. That sounds like a great plan to me!
    ~Phil. 1:3