Friday, July 2, 2010

happy 4th to you!

Our regularly scheduled episode of Morrow's World has been moved to next week in honor of the 4th of July. Since the 18th-century is my favorite time period, July 4th has special meaning to me. Thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures here. As I edit The Colonel's Lady for the last time before turning it in August 1, I'm writing about the American flag when it had thirteen stars and soldiers wearing Continental uniforms like the one below.

My Colonel McLinn is quite dashing in uniform - look at all those buttons! I've heard General Washington was a sight to behold in uniform, also, especially astride his horse. He had a natural dignity that made people pause and take notice. If I could leap back into history, I'd like to have been at Valley Forge or one of the battles of the revolution or the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Isn't this the most charming colonial house? The struggling widow, Betsy Ross, was running her own upholstery business in Philadelphia when George Washington came to her and asked her about sewing an American flag. Since she was quite savvy with her scissors, she cut him a lovely star to show him the design she had in mind. He agreed and the rest is history:)

We're headed to the lake on Sunday for a cookout with Randy's family. Though it usually rains, the boys will take their swim gear, anyway. The fireworks display over the lake is quite spectacular!

Do you have plans for the 4th? If you could travel through time to the 18th-century, what event would you like to have been a part of or witnessed?

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Happy 4th of July to you all!

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  1. I plan to clean. We were going to the Lake for a pontoon boat ride...but alas...sicknes in the family has slowed us down.

    God Bless You, Morrow, and your weekend.


  2. I'm under the gun with an unexpected edit, so plan to head to church on the 4th and after that... well, we'll see how things are going. I'd love to get together with some friends who moved to Alaska, but are back visiting just now.

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend, and a lovely time at the lake! And happy editing. Can't wait to read TCL in finished form. :)

    Love those photos! You still find the best ones.

  3. Happy 4th of July Laura!! I LOVE these pictures! That colonial house is certainly charming :) Imagine what it must have been like to live there?! *sigh* And what is it about a man in uniform that makes a lady swoon?!

    I'd definitely leap right back into history with you, but you knew that already ;) If I could go back I would like to see (and hear) the midnight ride of Paul Revere. That has always fascinated me- his bravery, his dedication, and his love of country. I also find it to be parable of sorts to what a Christian is called to do, to go out on our own "midnight cry" to tell this lost world to "get ready, Jesus is coming!" I would have also loved to have been there for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, too! All those great men in history in one room, WOW! But, I don't think women were allowed :(

    For the 4th of July we all stay home because the firework show in my neighborhood is like something from Disney! My dad and brother are even getting in on it this year :) There is something about fireworks (and falling snow) that's just magical to me- like something special is gonna happen with their arrival. LOL, I'm crazy, I know :P

    Laura, every update you give on TCL makes me anticipate it even more!! Can't wait to see what's in store for Colonel McLinn and Roxie ;) Gosh, and I can't wait to see the cover of it, too!! Prayers and blessings on the rest of your revisions :)

    Praying you and your family have a BEAUTIFUL 4th of July my friend, with NO rain and LOTS of fireworks!!

    Amanda Stanley

  4. Love these photos. This time was so special in our nation's history, and is what I think of when thinking of being patriotic.
    Not too long ago I saw an episode of "Ghost Hunters" at the Betsy Ross house ;) I just liked seeing the footage of the house, hehehe, betsy never showed up ;)

    Hmmmm....what would I do....I'm not sure! Perhaps I would have rather have been out on the frontier in those days, where the war wouldn't have been taking place on my doorstep. But it would have been fun to be in Williamsburg too, or wandering the seascape near Salem. Both those places have a big pull for me :)

    Happy 4th!~

  5. We'll probably go to see the fireworks, but most of the weekend I'll be creating my own fireworks as I get my book sumbission ready to send off next week. The weather is beautiful here right now (in the 70's, sunny, slight breeze - perfect!) so perhaps I can do some of my writing outdoors by a lake.

  6. I would love to witness the piece of 18th century history during the Great Awakening in Newbury, Massachusetts (home of my ancestors)and here George Whitefield preach there. It would be amazing to be part of that enthusiasm for the Lord!

  7. Tomorrow we will take the kids to the pool then meet up with my brother who is in town for dinner and fireworks. We are trying to keep our Sundays to quiet church, home & family right now.

    Some of my favorite fourth of Julys have been at Williamsburg. It is so neat to hear the colonial marching band play as the fireworks explode.

    I'm going to agree with Carla on the Great Awakening. I have an ancestor that was a cousin to Jonathan Edwards and I would have loved to have heard him preach.

  8. Laura, I am loving these photos! I didn't realize they had cameras back then :-)


    If I could go back to that time period I would simply want to be in a regular household to see how it was run. I would probably need to be wealthy so I could have servants wait on me---I don't think I could be handy enough to cook, sew, spin, churn and all that stuff. I could read, write, and take care of babies and that would be about it.

    I went to the library yesterday to return a book and felt that magnetic draw to the shelf of new releases. I couldn't believe it when I found a big, thick, juicy biography on Betsy Ross!! I had to check it out but it is also on my list of books to buy. I have been waiting for a bio of Betsy forever.

    Tonight my town is having its annual 4th of July Extravaganza which I will eschew. Being in a hot, noisy crowd of thousands of revelers does not appeal to me. My daddy's birthday is 7/4 so we will be over there having a laid-back, relaxing time.

    Enjoy your holiday fun! I hope your boys get to swim no matter how cool and rainy it might be!

  9. On the 4th I'm attending a Goodbye Extravaganza. Three couples from our church are moving in the next couple of weeks, so we're going to send them off with fireworks!!

    Let's see... for an event to go back and see... I have to admit, I'm still stuck on John Adams, so I think I'd love to see his passion as he addresses congress, or in court.

    Have a great weekend, and here's hoping Washington weather holds off and gives us some sun:) (I'm not holding my breath)

  10. Love the photos. I have a friend from a messageboard who lives in Philadelphia, I must I get a little green when she talks about the historical areas.

    I would definitely join you on a sojourn back to the 18th century. I love Patrick Henry's speech, so I believe a trip to 18th century Williamsburg would be in order. I'm an anglophile, so I'd have to choose London too (maybe I should duck after saying that, lol). I've read a few books a few books which discussed the Revolution from the British pov, rather interesting stuff.

    The weather is actually rather cool right now. Our lows have been in the 50's, and it was lovely when I was out at lunch today.

    I plan to go to the library tomorrow, checking out more movies for the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the Horatio Hornblower series. Tomorrow I have The Last of the Mohicans (which I've not watched since the mid 90's) and the BBC version of North and South (third time's a charm, I will watch it this time!). Sunday, I'm going to church, and I'll have hot dogs, potato chips, and watermelon.

    I pray you have a wonderful weekend, and finally see some warm weather!

  11. What part of Colonial history would I like to be a part of? I think I'd like to empty the wastebasket in Thomas Jefferson's room after he agonized over writing the Declaration of Independence. Can you imagine the wonderful words that were tossed? I'd also like to have seen a religious service with the Continental army. We visited Williamsburg on a Sunday, and were able to observe a recreation of a religious service as it would have been done under British occupation. VERY interesting, the pointed remarks that painted the Americans as practically "of the Devil."

    What are we doing? Tomorrow we go to Murray, KY to see daughter #1 sing in an abridged version of "1776." I can't wait!! Sunday will be church, and then a cookout with my parents. Hmmmm. Wonder if Mom has watermelon?

    Happy Independence Day, Laura!

  12. Michelle, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE North & South!!! Yes, its a 4hr mini series, but OH is it worth it!! You've inspired me to watch it again :) John Thorton and Maragret Hale are one of my favorite historical couples! And the actors who play them in this BBC version are just AWESOME!! I hope you enjoy it :)

    And Laura, if you haven't seen it yet, well, I HIGHLY recommend it ;)

    Amanda Stanley

  13. Happy Independence Day! Sounds like a fun time of food, family and fellowship. After church we are coming home to grill and maybe take a nap! Love the photos of this post!! :)

  14. Britt, Hope you all are feeling better soon! It's no fun being sick in the summer and we've had some bugs ourselves:( Love the pontoon ride plan! Bless you right back and hope this week is a good one writing and otherwise:)

  15. Lori,
    Go Edit! Sounds like what I'm doing:) Hope you get a bit of a break! Looking forward to hearing good writing news from your end:)

  16. Amanda,
    Oh your family/neighborhood fireworks sound like such fun! And I love your pick of Revere's ride. What an interesting night that must have been!
    Thanks for you well wishes on my edit ~ I really appreciate and need prayers. This month is HUGE work-wise and any you send my way mean more than I can say:) I pray for my readers here, too so it is a double blessing:)
    Can't wait to show you the cover for TCL when the time comes. Right now they're deciding on the title and I hope they keep this one as it is the essence of the book!
    Bless you, dear Amanda. Enjoy all the 4th fun!

  17. Heather,
    I have always had a fascination for the sea and Salem, too:) Not to mention the place of my heart - Williamsburg. Sigh. I just love the link you sent on FB to Margaret Hunter's dress shoppe!! I know that provides inspiration for both of us. BTW, your George is just delightful!

  18. Carla,
    I'll be shooting some fireworks off for you once you get this book project in:) I don't think I've been this excited since my own was simmering! I like to think of you at work in your air-conditioned office ~ or the lake setting. Bless you, Carla. Prayers with you all the way!!

  19. Carla,
    Forgot to say I would also find it thrilling to take part in any aspect of the Great Awakening. Julia's link to it is so fascinating! I think our country is due for another revival.

  20. Julia,
    I'm with you on Williamsburg and the 4th! I'm still amazed you spent your honeymoon there:) Glad you are having a quiet Sunday. Quiet times are so important. A little fireworks go a long way as I don't like loud noises:)

    I'm fascinated by your link to J. Edwards! I've only read a little of the G.A. but find is so interesting ~ and so needed today. Bless you and your family this week, Julia!

  21. Happy birthday to your Dad, Mary! I think it's really neat that he has a holiday bday:)

    I'm with you and would have wanted to be one of those women with lots of household help. I find it staggering to think about all that they did chore-wise as it was never ending. I would have been one whipped woman. Tending babies and reading are two of my favorite things:)

    Oh, you've intrigued me mightily about Betsy Ross!! Will have to check that out. Bless you!

  22. Kristen;
    Am wondering if you are under the same grey sky I am this morning? Sounds like you'll have fun at that festive send-off for your friends! You probably won't even notice the weather:) If I could get out of going to the lake today, I would. Something about sitting and shivering with the wind whipping off the water is just not very appealing. Sigh. Maybe we'll be surprised?!

    I'm with you and would love to revisit John Adams. I am so touched by the fact that he and Jefferson died on the same 4th of July years later (50 years, I think). God certainly had a hand in that!

  23. Michelle,
    I find P Henry so fascinating, too. If you get a chance, please read the Ann Rinaldi book called Or Give Me Death. It touches on Henry's wife who lost her mind in a very moving way. I agree with you about the POV difference between the British and Americans. When I went to school in England, my favorite class was a history class on the American Revolution and believe me, it was very different than our history books teach us!

    So glad you like the Hor. Hornblower series! I love them. Your mentioning Mohicans makes me want to run through that again. Bless you this weekend and week!

  24. Regina,
    You always have the most intersting thoughts/insights. I bet old Tom's basket was overflowing! But wow - he was ever so eloquent and brilliant!! I've been studying the radical church dissenters in Virginia ~ they really were painted like the devil by the British!

    I know your daughter's performance was wonderful. What a moving thing for the 4th of July weekend. Your mention of watermelon made me smile as that is what those first settlers had at Fort Boonesboro:) Bless you and your family this weekend and the coming week!

  25. Suzanne,
    So good to see you here and glad you like the photos. Me, too! I had to limit myself as I wanted to post 50 or so! A nap sounds good to me right now but best be off for church! Have a wonderful day!

  26. Amanda, YES! North and South! Haven't watched but am now so very tempted:)

  27. Hope you had a nice 4th Laura...I love anything about the turn of the century..It may have been a lot more work back then but it was a good life :)

  28. I love North & South, too. The book and the movie. Cranford is excellent, too, although I strangely preferred the book over the movie. Going to have to watch Horatio with everyone's recommendations.

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  30. I get excited about the Jonathan Edwards connection because I don't have a lot of family that share my beliefs, so its neat to know I have a heritage of faith. :)