Wednesday, July 21, 2010

blog tours and such

Thanks to my dear friend, Kelly, here are 2 recent pics from a Christian bookstore. I nearly jumped up and down when I saw Lael and Ian:) This week Morrow is on blog tour with Revell. My publisher really pulls out all the stops to connect authors and readers on the web. I'm so grateful! I've met some of you because of my first tour with The Frontiersman's Daughter and am meeting more wonderful bloggers this time around.

Since I don't have an official list of who is participating yet (Revell bundles the reviews and sends them to me when the tour is over), I will highlight the ones I know about here. Bloggers have until Sunday, July 25, to post their reviews. If you run across a particularly good one I might have missed, I'd love to know about it:) Some of you who aren't part of the blog tour have already written reviews ~ thank you from the bottom of my heart!

So far, these are the ones I've had the pleasure of reading...Michelle, Becky, Rel, Mary, Ashley, Holly, Patricia,
lollipops, Theresa, Kaye, Karla, and Kristina.

Hats off to all these wonderful readers and reviewers!! And to those I haven't met yet! After I posted this, another in-depth one rolled in, complete with a picture of Red Shirt. Bless you, Andrea!

Since I'm busy meeting this next deadline which means reading the manuscript over and over and over again, double-checking a timeline of events, and an author note, I probably won't check back in till the weekend. Till then...

Happy reading!


  1. Hi, Laura, wanted to stop by and let you know I've posted a review of Courting Morrow Little. When you get some free time, drop on in.

    Winter Peck

  2. Winter,
    Thanks so much for participating! Your website is so well done. I'm going back to your blog to leave a comment shortly. You're welcome here anytime!

  3. Oh, I could hardly get over here fast enough to let everyone know that our dear Michelle - that's right! - who is here faithfully rain or shine (or sweat/humidity) is blogging!! And her new space is so lovely and so inviting. Let's see if I can get this right (I've only posted and deleted 3x now)...

    So happy for you, Michelle:)

  4. Hi Laura -
    Thanks for mentioning my review in your blog post - and including the link!
    Loved your book - and I look forward to reading more of yours in the future!
    Blessings -

  5. It's a privilege to have you here, Andrea. Thanks so much for taking time for my stories. Readers are really an author's heartbeat! I hope you like The Colonel's Lady just as much. Bless you for blessing me!

  6. Those pictures are beautiful! You must be so thrilled!!! And I hope all is going well with your deadline. I missed the tour for Courting Morrow Little, but maybe I can be part of the tour next year for your next book!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week! :)


  7. Oh, Laura! I'm so excited for you!!!
    Seeing Lael there gave me goosebumps, I will never forget her.
    I hope the blog tour goes well. From what I see you are already getting amazing reviews.

    So happy!

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  9. Good morning Laura!
    WOW, those are some great pics! And that is SO awesome Morrow is touring this week!! I'll keep my eyes open for any reviews you might have missed :) I'm so blessed for you my friend, you deserve every word of praise and then some!!

    And how cool that Michelle has a blog! It looks SO pretty and I can't wait to read her review on Morrow! I got a chance to read Andrea's, and it was great and I really liked the way she did it, very in-depth, like you said.

    Praying for you as you make your finishing touches on TCL :) And I think I remember you saying something about some book cover news?! Oh, I just can't wait!! :D

    Amanda Stanley

  10. Lauraine Snelling is another favorite here too! I have everything she wrote, but I am so waiting to fill my shelves with all of your work now. Starting Morrow today. I feel like a kid again in sheer anticipation!

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  12. Wow, congratulations. I have read just about all of the books on that first sign. I hope all goes well with your deadline!

  13. Thanks for posting the link to my blog, and putting it on your blog roll. ;)

    It's been quite fun to see Morrow showing up on blogs this week. I can't wait to introduce Morrow to my mom. Her birthday is next Tuesday, so I'll be giving her the book this weekend.

    Praying all goes well with your editing, my friend.

  14. After being blessed with the opportunity to review Courting Morrow Little I was so sad that I had not yet gotten to read Frontiersman's Daughter. I definitely plan to get a hold of that one now!

    Michelle V

  15. Laura,
    Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Funny you should mention my site, I'm actually in the process with my web designer of making a new website to focus on me the writer. I'm currently finishing up my first historical and well, rodeo suspense doesn't quite fit that bill!
    And I can't wait to see The Colonel's Lady. I'm falling in love with that time period, it's about as interesting to me as the Civil War period.

  16. Lovely to be mentioned here, Laura :) Looks like Morrow is getting well deserved kudos!

  17. Hi Amber,
    So glad you're here:) If you can, please stop on over to Kim Ford's site as she's doing a giveaway for CML starting today through next week. Maybe you'll have a book to take on your next adventure! It's
    I know she'd love to see you ~ and anyone else who visits!

    And I'd love for you to join the tour for The Colonel's Lady:) I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to those characters about now!

  18. Carla,
    Oh your enthusiasm means so much. I've been thinking about you and praying about your submission ~ the Lord is bringing it to mind A LOT!

    It's wonderful to have a second book come out and have it resonate with readers. There's always the fear that it won't meet expectations or won't live up to the first book which an author has likely labored over for years. I've heard, and don't know if it's true, that a bad second novel can break/end/hamper an author's career. But we know WHO is really in charge, don't we?

    Bless you today.

  19. Hi Amanda!
    I'm dedicating my next post to you as you gave me that beautiful quote by one of our great missionaries! I have a bio of Hudson Taylor on my bookshelf and it's one of my very favorites. He was an amazing man.

    YES, I have some TLC cover news and can't wait to share that with you on Monday:) Thanks for your gracious words here. They mean so much.

  20. Laurie,
    Bless you for stopping by ~ I know time is as precious for you and your art as mine if for me and my writing! It delights me no end that you are reading Morrow's story. A friend of mine chuckled as I told her after writing about 2 teenage girls (Lael and Morrow), it was a real pleasure spending 400 pages with a mature spinster:) Roxanna is 28!

    Thanks so very much for all your encourgement and support. You're a blessing to many.

  21. Monica,
    Thank you and welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you like what you see. Hope you come back soon. I'm off to visit yours if you have one:) Bless you today.

  22. Adrienne,
    I bet you've read most historical fiction authors in the CBA as I know you're well read:) I also think you read widely in other genres. Wish I could do that but I'm so stuck on history! There are some wonderful contemporaries that have been nominated for the Carol Award. Susan Meissner's White Picket Fences comes to mind. She's such a wonderful author. And I've heard Bonnie Grove's Talking to the Dead is exceptional. (Hope I have the authors and titles right)! Can you tell I'm addled by this deadline:)

  23. Michelle,
    Please tell your mom happy birthday for me:) I like to think of you celebrating somewhere in Kentucky ~ with Morrow, to boot! That sure delights me!

    The deadline is going well and I just have to read through the manuscript one more time. I'd like to get to the place where I stop changing things but my editor just about has to rip it out of my hands before I do!

  24. Hi Michelle,
    Oh such gracious words!! You are one of the few (?) reading Morrow before Lael. I'd love to hear what you think. The Frontiersman's Daughter is very different. Some like it better but I'm hearing that a lot of readers prefer Morrow's story. Or maybe you'll be like me and love both:)
    Thanks so much for stopping by ~ your comments always bless me.

  25. Winter,
    Can't wait to see your new look/site! Glad to know you're working on a historical though rodeo suspense sounds wonderful to me:) I'd love to hear more about your WIP and will look forward to that on your site. Web design is so interesting to me, probably because I can't do it. I had a web designer combine this blog with my website and really like it but, being a woman who likes to reconfigure things like furniture, I'm hankering to change my look, too, at some point in future:)

    Glad to find someone who is interested in the Revolutionary War period. It truly was an amazing time in our nation's history. I just can't seem to get enough of it!

    Bless you in your writing!

  26. Rel,
    It's always a pleasure to include you in any way. Next week when you host Morrow, I'm going to do a spotlight on YOU:) Your blog is one of the best places ever for Christian fiction and what's going on in the CBA! I truly don't know of another site that does more though Family Fiction and Chris W. sure amaze me. You two are quite a team!

  27. Thank you Laura!! I'm blessed and honored, my friend :) The Lord gave me that quote just when I needed it, too, so I'm overjoyed to pass it along and know it was timely. I pray it will bless everyone who reads it!

    OH, and I just can't wait for Monday!! :D

    See you on the next post...

    Amanda Stanley