Thursday, May 27, 2010

more of Morrow...

Just wanted to thank Dianne, the fiction editor, over at for posting an interview for Courting Morrow Little today. You can take a sneak peek and learn a bit more about the book in a behind the scenes sort of way. I don't think there are any spoilers, though it might tell you a wee bit more than you want to know. So please proceed with readerly caution:)

Also, for those readers who have asked if The Frontiersman's Daughter will appear in large print, I just received word that Thorndike Press will be doing a large print edition this September, 2010. It's been posted on Amazon and will hopefully be available at your local library.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Oh, that was a wonderful interview! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    I really cannot wait for Morrow to release now. In fact I'll likely be thinking about it as I drive through the Red River area on my way to Pike county tomorrow.

    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day.

    BTW, if you want the 90 degree temperatures, please feel free to take them! I don't want them! I was out just earlier and thought it was so hot.

  2. Oh, Laura, what a delightful interview! You are truly an amazing woman and author and God is using you to bless so many people. I'm one of those on the receiving end of your blessings!

    You might be interested in this statement I heard a few years ago when I was extremely busy (like you are now), and heartily agree with it: "To cope with her domestic life, a working woman needs a wife." Oh, wouldn't it be grand to have someone clean and cook for you while you are soooo busy!


  3. What a wonderful interview! I loved this behind-the-scenes look at CML. Now I'm even more excited to read it.

    Interesting that your people originally came from more "genteel" Virginia. Might that be a setting that you use in the future?

    Thanks for linking us to your interview. That's my favorite thing to do on the internet---read about books!

  4. Maybe we could give her about 15 degrees or so? LOL

  5. Lovely interview, Laura. How exciting to be featured on They have good taste!

  6. Regina, that would be perfect! I was shocked by how hot it is when I was out earlier. I mean I knew it was going to be hot, but still, lol.

  7. Fun interview. You made me want to visit the Red River area and I haven't even read the book yet. I just can't wait to get my hands on a copy of CML. CBD keeps assuring me they will send it as soon as they can. I know it's on back order because I preordered it, but bless their hearts for reminding me (though I know it and am established in this truth!). LOL.

  8. Neat! I'm gonna head over there now...congrats!

  9. It wouldnt let me leave a comment since Im not a wordpress member, but it was a great interview! I am really looking forward to reading it....but I will remember to put on sunscreen if I take it outside, lol. What an exciting time for you! You inspired me!~

  10. What a great interview Laura!!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift’s with us! You and your stories are like a breath of fresh country air ;) Reading your work a person can’t help but be blessed, encouraged and inspired. Because of you I appreciate history and love reading just a little bit more :) And the best part is you have used your gift to honor and glorify the Lord. I love your answer to the question, “What is your goal or mission as a writer?” You have accomplished what you set out to do and then some friend!

    “Jesus Christ does not want to be our helper; He wants to be our Life. He does not want us to work for Him. He wants us to let Him do His work through us, using us as we use a pencil to write with.” ~ Charles Trumbull

    Praying the Lord will continue to abundantly bless, divinely inspire and loving guide you on your journey across the endless frontier of His grace :)

    Amanda Stanley

  11. Today in southern OR it's partly cloudy with a forecasted high of 58 with showers! I can recall sun-baked Memorial Day weekends with temps over 100, so this is really weird. But in a nice way. I love cool cloudy weather best. Probably because when summer does sink its teeth in here it's like a bulldog until October.

  12. Fantastic interview, Laura and it didn't reveal too much...just hints of tantalizing tidbits that have me drooling. Can't wait to dig in and devour it when I get my copy.

  13. Thank you all so much for taking time to read the interview and comment here. That means so much! I'll be thinking of each of you and all that wonderful, sweltering weather you're having that is nowhere near here! Can't wait to see you again next week:) Till then, many blessings for a wonderful three day weekend!

  14. I really enjoyed your interview! Thanks so much for sharing that! :) Your goals for writing and your love for God are very inspiring, and I can't wait to read this book!

    Thank you again!


  15. Regina, Thanks so much for reading and resposting on FB:) You are such a dear!

    Michelle, Wish I could ride with you through the Red River area to Pike Co. That heat sounds so wonderful - 90 degrees is just about the temp I keep my house with the woodstove:) Praying for safe travels for you!

    Linda, I love the quote. I do need a wife!! You are such a blessing yourself. I'm enjoying your book so much. Hard to put down!! Randy is up to read next:)

    Mary, I would so love to do a book or series on genteel Virginia. In fact, I started one last winter and then life got in the way. So glad you want to meet Morrow. Will be interesting to hear your impressions as she is so different than Lael. Bless you this long weekend!

    Keli, Isn't CBD a great place?! The fiction editors are so encouraging. Dianne is the one who prompted me to go to the ACFW conference last year. It was about 2 days before the deadline and I took her advice and made my reservation. Am so glad I did. It's a thrill to think I get to see you there this year!

    Lori, The Red River is so amazing. It really is unlike most of Kentucky as it's so wild and rugged. Sadly, I had to remove much of my description of the area in the book so you have a minimum. I do have one favorite scene where Morrow is on the river there... But no spoilers here:)

    Heather, Glad it inspired you. You inspire me! Glad we 18th-c. lovers can hang together. Hope you get some sun and sunscreen and good reading in this long weekend:)

    Amanda, That Trumbull quote is just AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing that here. And thanks for taking time to read. As a working girl, I know you are beyond busy. Fun to think I have a friend way over on the east coast:)

    Kav, Love the "tantalizing tidbits" part. Glad I've whetted your curiosity:) Wish I could just be a reader and approach it fresh that way instead of a weary writer who can quote it in her sleep. Bless you and hope this weekend is full of blessings!

    Amber, It's always great to hear from you. Glad you found the interview inspiring. You young writers inspire me and bring back memories of me scribbling hard and fast 20 plus years ago. Hoping this weekend holds lots of sun and fun for you!

  16. That was an excellent interview! You can never tell me too much about a story in advance, I just look forward to those parts!!

    Blessings to you Laura!

  17. Thanks so much, Carla, for taking time to read it:) I love behind the scenes looks at books, even my own! The editors at CBD are just great and have a heart for new authors like me.