Friday, April 23, 2010

fly away

Isn't this warbler sweet? Our apple and plum trees are blooming right now and the fragrance is so fine it should be bottled. When I wake up early, about 5 o'clock in the morning, I hear birdsong everywhere. In Courting Morrow Little, I use this Scripture, a personal favorite:

Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. ~Psalm 55:6

My work schedule is such that I'm going to have to take a brief break from blogging. Hopefully when I sign back in I'll tell you all the exciting things I've been up to. Till then, here's a poem that speaks spring:

I watched in curiosity
A little bird up in a tree
The tune she sang was loud and clear
And never did she seem to fear

The nest she built was strong and firm
I wonder how she ever learned
So peacefully she flew around
Then softly landed on the ground

She did not fuss or fret or stew
about the work she had to do
But joyfully continued on
And all the while, she sang a song

Oh Lord, if I could learn to be
Content and cheerful and so free
I'd fly away and be at rest
Safe in my Saviour's heavenly nest.

~From My Heart, author unknown

He has put a new song in my mouth - Praise to our God. ~Psalm 40:33


  1. I hope your time away from the blogosphere is productive. I'll miss you, but I think you're wise to assess your priorities.

  2. Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem. Oh, if we could offer praise as carefree as the birds do. It is such a joy to awake to their worship.

    I will miss your posts. :( But, I'm really looking forward to reading Courting Morrow Little. I pray God blesses your story & all who read it.

  3. Thanks so much, Keli, for your understanding and encouragement. I am, in Twitterese, over capacity at present. Will miss you and my blog buddies very much in the interim.

  4. Brenda, That is so true - what a joy to wake to their worship. If only I sounded that sweet in song:) So glad you want to meet Morrow. Soon!

  5. aw, we;; I'll miss hearing from you but I know you'll be off doing exciting and fun things! Best of luck with Morrow and all her adventures!

  6. Bless you, Heather:) And happy painting to you! Be back shortly...

  7. Unfortunately our yard has one or more mockingbirds. One of their favorite sounds is to imitate weird things like bullfrogs! The other sweet little bird in the morning is the tiny red-headed woodpecker who likes to go after the gutters (hard vinyl) which sounds like a machine gun. Will miss this lovely column!

  8. Oh, love all that bird talk, Carrie:) We have some noisy jays and woodpeckers here. I miss doves so I put them in Courting Morrow Little. They were cooing to me when I was last home.

    I'll be back soon so don't go far, dear friend...

  9. Love the photo and the poem. Sending song-bird blessings and gentle as dove hugs!

  10. Those jays. They like to crack walnuts on our gutters. Sometimes on the bathroom skylight. Then the dog starts barking and everyone runs around to see who's here. No one, that's who!

    We do have quite a few mourning doves about though.

    Hope you are back to blogging soon, Laura, but more that things that need to get done, do. :)

  11. I woke up veeerrrrryyyy early this morning thanks to my new feathered neighbours! I don't mind though -- I love their twittering and they kept me company while I walked my dog. I love that poem and the sentiment behind it. I'll have to try to try to put it in practise more. Happy writing, Laura!

  12. What a beautiful and cheerful post. It blessed me more than you can imagine! We'll miss you. I hope you have a very productive time. Love ya!

  13. Oh, I almost forgot . . . my Mom just finished TFD and loved it!! I knew she would. She usually picks up one book after the other, but said this she just wants to think about for a while she enjoyed it so much.

  14. Carla, I'm so thrilled! What a JOY to hear she even wants to pause and think about it before going to that next book. Another reader said the same thing to me this week. I guess I never realized that I do the same with my best loved books. Thanks so much for telling me. It sure ministers to me in ways you don't know, dear friend.

  15. So glad you like the poem/post, Carla. I used to write poetry but it's been a long time. The poem really spoke to me, too.

  16. I pray you get lots done! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Happy Writing, my friend:)

  17. Thanks, Kristen! I'm getting a lot done, now that I've immersed myself. Can't wait to tell you about it!

  18. Lisa, Lori, and Kav, Blogger snuck your comments in and I wasn't even aware. BAD blogger:) It's great to get them even late. I'm having blog withdrawal... Bless you all!

  19. You will be missed! May this time off be a blessing to you and your family.


  20. Stacey, I miss you and my blog buddies, too! It is a productive time but I really do love my blog and readers and find myself thinking of and praying for you all. Hope to get back soon. Your words here sure bless me.

  21. Laura, your writing is incredible!!! I just found you actually through Julie Lessman, she wrote such an amazing review about you and your book “The Frontiersman’s Daughter” that I went straight to Amazon and bought it. It was AMAZING!! I devoured it in a day! I also just started reading your blogs and those are wonderful too and the pictures are beautiful! Going through the archives, I love the one you did in February “A Most Beautiful Letter” because not only was it, in fact, BEAUTIFUL (boy did I cry) but you gave me a piece of my states history (RI) I had no idea existed! Thank you so much and I look forward to your future blogs and of course your future books! I am dying to read “Courting Morrow Little!” May the Lord richly bless you and all you do… and write ;)

    In Christ,
    Amanda Stanley

  22. Hi Amanda,
    It's early here - 6 am - but I feel so blessed and encouraged by your wonderful comments this morning!! I'm so thrilled you loved Lael's story and want to read about Morrow. THANK YOU for taking time to tell me. And bless Julie Lessman for bringing us together:) She is an exceptional person!
    I'm also touched that the Civil War love letter meant something to you. It really is so very beautiful and contains all the things in history - chivalry, honor, love, and gentlemanliness - I treasure. He was so young when he wrote it - and she was even younger! I find it so interesting she never remarried after his death. That says volumes.
    Now that you've found your way to my ramblings here I sure hope you'll stay in touch! I will resume blogging soon, Lord willing, and my schedule calms down.
    Thanks so much for your very kind words, Amanda. They really have ministered to me this morning. Till we meet again, happy reading to you!

  23. Oh, Laura, I'm the one who feels blessed that you would respond to my comment at 6am! THANK YOU soooo much! Lael's story was amazing! I could feel everything she was going through, I was being refined right along with her. You do a magnificent job of weaving the message of Christ throughout your story. That, combined with your ridiculous natural talent for capturing emotion and transporting us into every scene with the written word- well, no wonder I’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on Morrow’s story (beautiful cover by the way)! Kentucky sounds breathtaking, especially through your eyes... and pen :)
    And, I agree, Sarah Ballou never remarrying after Sullivan's death does speak volumes! I mean, how could a girl remarry after a letter like that?! Theirs was a true, abiding love. Thank you again for sharing it with us. And, I think YOU spoke volumes when you said that the letter contained “all the things in history- chivalry, honor, love, and gentlemanliness- I treasure.” It’s sad that it can't be so in the present (if it is, it's few and far between) and all the things a girls heart longs for are from a different time. That;s probably why I LOVE historical inspirational fiction and why it’s so important to let God script our love story. I think your Doc Justus embodied your list of histories treasures- I know he did for me ;)
    Thank you again, Laura! I will most definitely stay in touch. But, you're the one with the “ministering words” and you deserve every bit of praise that comes your way!! God bless you friend :)

  24. Amanda, Couldn't let that comment about Ian go by. Dear Doc Justus:) Just hearing his name again had my heart beating a little faster. After living with him in manuscript form for so many years and having moved on (reluctantly) to new heroes, he is a hard act to follow. So thanks so much for mentioning him here. Your comments and insights are delightful:)