Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy december

I don't know about you but I can't believe it's December already! This has been the busiest year of my life. Chock full of firsts. First book, first writer's conference, first Kentucky book fair and all the rest. It's been a year of tremendous change personally and otherwise. And here I am about to repeat everything again. Yet authors tell me the second book is no less a thrill. Maybe there's some truth in that as I remember holding my second son and it was just as wonderful as my first. But there's no comparing babies to books:) I'll take a baby anyday.

We're going to have a small Christmas this year. With all the needs around us it's easy to get caught up in the must-haves and we've decided to concentrate on the have-nots. My mom reminded me of my grandfather in turn-of-the-century Kentucky feeling especially blessed when he found an orange, some horehound candy, and nuts on Christmas morning. We've been hearing reports of children going hungry in Seattle. Seattle! One of the most affluent cities in the U.S. Home of Microsoft's Bill Gates and all the Boeing biggies. But I know there are needs everywhere, not just here.

I have done a little decorating but am expecting the galleys soon and then everything will return to the 18th-century in a big way. But I'm not complaining, mind you:) I have a terrible hankering to be in Colonial Williamsburg right now. Every December there's a contest there to determine the best wreath. Here are two. This second one is so charming I'd like to snag it for my front door and replace those flutes with little fiddles. Over Thanksgiving Randy went into the woods and cut down a Noble Fir for the deck. It's twinkling brightly with colored lights just beyond the French door. So that'll have to do.

Have a blessed start of December!


  1. I call a field trip! To Colonial Williamsburg we must go. It's one of my favorite places and I know it must be especially lovely at Christmas. I love how so many of the people in that area leave candles in their windows year-round.

    Laura, 2009 has been incredibly thrilling for you! Of course, babies are better, but I do understand your allegory between babies and books. You're expecting the arrival of your second one in 2010!

    I've made a resolution recently to not buy as many books but I told George that one book I absolutely will buy is "Courting Morrow Little" next summer. Can't wait! If I lived near you I'd host an author's tea for you.

  2. Happy December to you! I can't believe that Christmas is 24 days away. This year has FLOWN by! I am so happy for you in your success..two books! I got my email that F. DAUGHTER is on it's way. I'll let you know what I think. I'm ready for a good read!

  3. Britt, Love that TFD is winging its way to you:) I'd love to know what you think when you're into it or done. I love book talk and hope it is a good read for you!

    Yes, this year has been one of big changes which often pushes me past my comfort zone. But I remember that God loves us too much to leave us as we are and that includes changes we aren't always comfortable with. Only I don't blog about those too much:) Maybe I should?!

    Yes, happy December right back to you! I think Tennessee is a wonderful place to be this time of year. Anytime, actually.

  4. Grrrr. I'm having serious problems with Blogger this morning as some posts won't post no matter how hard I try! Will keep trying...

  5. I'm so glad I got to be part of your year of first by meeting you at conference. I think you second "baby" will be just as loved as the first. Love the wreaths, too.

  6. Oh Mary,
    That author's tea sounds so very nice:) I love things like that! And if we lived closer I'd do the same for you when the time comes which I believe certainly will:)

    I can just imagine that Williamsburg is magical anytime but especially this time of year. I read in a travel brochure that you should allow yourself 4 days there if you're a Colonial lover as I am. The problem would be my not ever wanting to leave! I would seriously consider being a reenactor there if I lived closer.

    It makes me so happy to hear you want to read Morrow's story! It's so very different than Lael's but then no two babies are alike:)

  7. Lorna, I should have included "first writing friends" as I really feel God blessed me meeting you and Sarah there:) And then Ann Gabhart at the KBF last month. You're coming up on a year of firsts yourself. And I can't wait to share in your excitement!

  8. Happy December, Laura! I'm so glad we met at ACFW, and I'm looking forward to watching what God does in your life.

    Many blessings!

  9. Lisa, You're always a ray of sunshine wherever you land:) I know the Lord has some wonderful things in mind for you as well. I need to hop on over to FB and your blog and catch up! Bless you for your kind comments here.

  10. What beautiful wreaths. Makes me want to get mine up. I can just imagine your fiddle wreath.

    A field trip to Williamsburg would be great!!!

    It is so important to remember those who don't have as much, especially at Christmastime. We've never overdone it on Christmas, nor do we buy on credit. Hoping to keep that tradition and focus on the true meaning.

  11. Happy December, Laura!!
    So, why didn't you post a picture of your beautiful tree twinkling on your deck? I'd love to see it, I bet it's beautiful!
    The kids and I spent some time this afternoon putting some lights around our deck railings, and some lit up trees (fake, 2 ft. tall) along our driveway.
    Lindsey was so excited. She has been singing Happy Birthday, Jesus for a week now! It's so cute.

    Some day we should get together and leave the Dad's with the kids and take a jaunt to Colonial Williamsburg.... wouldn't that be fun!!!

  12. Oh Lisa, that road trip south sounds like soooo much fun:) We'd be singing all the way there and back, I bet!
    That's so sweet of Lindsey to sing for Jesus. I can understand why Jesus said unless we become like a little child... Reminds me that we used to celebrate by making a red velvet cake on Christmas eve - my boys always said it was Jesus' birthday cake:) I miss things like that.
    I promise to take a pic of our deck tree and post! Good idea! Enjoy all that decorating! It puts me in the Christmas spirit just hearing about it.

  13. You stay small like we do, Carla. I do think it helps us focus on the real meaning of the season like you said. I've heard some families with children at home give them 3 gifts each as that's what Jesus was brought at his birth. Interesting to hear how different people celebrate.

    Yes, Colonial Williamsburg has been on my mind so much of late. Sad that it's so far away! When I'm next in Kentucky I may have to drive over the mountains to get there as it's so close. Till then I'll just dream about it:)

  14. I guess because we never had children Christmas is pretty simple here. Some years we don't put up a tree. On Brian's birthday, Christmas Eve, we are usually up on the mountain behind our church, heating hot chocolate and cider for those who come to the outdoor amphitheater service. Now that we have some family in the area, maybe we'll have to do a little bit more. But at the risk of sounding Grinchy, I've never been holiday-focused. I cherish the normal days and would take one of those over a holiday (because of the cultural hype and pressures) any day.

  15. Amen to all that, Lori! I was researching Christmas customs in the 18th-c. and found precious few till the Germans introduced the tree in the mid-19th c. and then it caught on. All the hype makes me decidely grinch-like, too. I'll take an 18-c. garland wrapped round a stair rail and a bit of plum pudding anyday:) Your cider and mountainside tradition sounds great!

  16. Hi Laura! I can just imagine how exciting it is with each book you create! It is so true about children. My 3 are so different and we looked forward to each new arrival. I so agree with your words on Christmas. I love the season and the merriment, but I am not so much into the buying and stress. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! Have a happy week! blessings,Kathleen

  17. Beautiful wreaths, I need one of those to put on my door, lol


  18. Edna, I'd give anything to make a wreath like these:) Once I tried and I think I ended up burning it in the woodstove. At least it made good fuel! I wish you wonderful Christmas cheer, wreaths or no:)

  19. Kathleen, Thank you for your gracious comments:) I can just imagine you creating something lovely for the holidays either with your baking or stitching or farm life. Time to visit your wondeful blog again!