Wednesday, October 14, 2009

kentucky countdown...

Next month I'll be at the Kentucky Book Fair. As part of the invite, I promised I'd post about it and invite any of you bibliophiles to come to Frankfort. Two hundred or so authors will be there signing books and the profits benefit schools, libraries, and literacy in Kentucky.

I really like Frankfort, Kentucky's capital. It's a small town and has a wonderful little inn called The Meeting House where I'll be staying. Lots of fascinating literary things went on in this house two hundred years ago:) I spent time there last fall while researching at the history center down the street. Right up the hill is Daniel Boone's gravesite and then the famous (or infamous) Rebecca Ruth and her bourbon candy downtown.

Here's the schedule:
Friday, November 6th, Author Reception, Frankfort Country Club
Saturday, November 7th, Book Fair, Frankfort Convention Center, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

I was sent the program recently and found that I'm on it. Yep, I'm one of 12 doing a "reading" at day's end. I'm thinking everyone will have cleared out by then:) No idea how I got on the schedule but there it is. I consider it one of those God-given opportunities to make me grow, like it or not:)

I'm thrilled one of my very favorite authors will be there - Allan Eckert. He writes incredible frontier fiction such as The Frontiersmen, among other amazing stories. He and my hero, James Alexander Thom, are in a class by themselves. Hope to see you there! Or here:)


  1. You can bet that I will not be one to leave before the reading if I can at all help it!!! =D

    Sounds like I will like Kentucky's capital too. . .this will be a first trip for me.

  2. Oh, Laura, how I wish I could be there!

    Kentucky is such a huge state that there's so much we had to skip seeing on our vacation. Hmm...if only we were not limited by time and money!

    How will you decide which passage from TFD to read?

  3. Bless you, Mary! I wish you could be there, too! I think you and Peter would find lots of books to love:)
    You asked the very question I've been puzzling over - what part of TFD to read. I'd love to hear your suggestions. Are there any scenes that stand out to you? I'm thinking of just starting at the beginning as it's dramatic but am not sure how far to read. Ah, new experiences. Gotta love them and not dread them...

  4. Ashli,
    I can't wait to meet you there! Though I would understand completely if your busy schedule sidelined you. Let's pray for great weather, healthy kids (mine included as I have to leave them home), and lots of good books:)

    Can't wait to hear about the encampment this weekend! What are you wearing? Will have to run over to FB to see...

  5. That sounds wonderful! I am sure I would be heaven. Unfortunately, Kentucky is a little too far from Houston. I don't think my sweet husband would understand my need to leave him with the kids! Hopefully, one day you will be closer to Houston. :-)

  6. Stacey, Bless you for even thinking you'd like to come to KY:) I'd sure love to take a trip to Houston. I fly in there occasionally and always want to overstay my welcome:)

    And bless you bunches for your very very thoughtful email. It absolutely made my day!