Saturday, December 20, 2008

polar express

This Saturday morning it's starting to snow again and the sky looks like a big grey bully. Everyone in the northwest is hunkering down for up to 15 more inches of snow and winds gusting to 90 mph. Folks are calling it the polar express as temps dropped to the teens last night and we get some of that cold Canadian air. The boys built a snow cave which collapsed so we walked to the little 100-year old Joyce General Store a couple of miles away yesterday to mail some things. Walking in a foot or more of snow is good exercise! And you can't always have your head in your laptop:)

Wyatt has decided he wouldn't want to be a writer who sits in a chair all day and stares at a computer screen. He just doesn't understand how pleasant it is to park there and do just that, especially when it's a big Lazy Boy chair situated right next to a warm woodstove with a big picture window on the other side overlooking the woods. So I think it's safe to say he's not a writer in the making as I knew by age 12 that this was the path for me. Of course writers can arrive at any age but I'm one of those who think they are born, not made. Paul is still dreaming of being a violinist/fiddler.

Paul is trying to work up the courage to play "Silent Night" at church tomorrow night and "Angeline the Baker" at Old Time Fiddlers come January. This latter tune is so pretty and interesting. I'm so glad I have a fiddler in all my books. There's nothing in the world like the fiddle though banjo is a close second.

As soon as I finish these galleys I return to the Red River in Kentucky, via my chair by the fire, for another edit, though I'm just about dying at this point to get back to book 3. And I've just realized I'd better start thinking about that 4th book!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Wow make all that reading and writing and editing etc. sound like so much fun even when I don't have that talent! Neat you always knew you were born to write......that is truly a gift. I think my Mom could have been a real writer if she had wanted but she enjoyed just novelty writing for fun etc. She was such an avid reader though. I can't believe all your snow!! Unbelievable. We are having just warm rainy weather here. Am headed to Ohio for Christmas so could have snow there! Hello to all and talk soon. :)

  2. I believe your mom was a born writer. I would have loved to talk to her about all this writing business! Bet she's writing books in heaven! I miss her. I still remember her laugh and smile:) Miss you!