Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The galleys for The Frontiersman's Daughter came in this morning which means my December just got a little more interesting. In my pre-publishing days, the thought of galleys sounded sort of glamorous to me. Now that I'm sitting on the other side of the desk, so to speak, they simply mean more work:) But I'm not complaining. Galleys are simply the "typeset manuscript that has not yet been designed in pages."

I haven't seen TFD in several months as it's made the rounds of several editorial departments back in Michigan. Last week I was thinking, "Hmmm. I really don't want those galleys right now as I'm so involved in this third book." But over the weekend I started missing Lael and wondered just what they'd done with her since we last met. Now I know. These editors work very hard, by the way, and suggest some interesting things! This is almost my last chance to make any changes to the book before it enters the final stages of production.

So now I have to step into Lael's shoes again and see things from her perspective which means setting other things aside, even homeschooling, (can you hear the boys in the background cheering?!) and try to polish those pages to a glossy finish.

So now instead of writing about galleys, I'd better start working on them. Prayers appreciated!


  1. We did galleys just before Thanksgiving, and even with all the careful eyes (including a professional proofreader) that had read it before, we caught several errors. And even with our careful reading, two more were questions were raised after JimT sent it back. Take your time, read every word...twice. I'll be waiting impatiently for the book to come out.

  2. Yes, Gin, I caught one typo on my first quick read-through. Now for several more. Whew! After the galleys I get to go through "the pages" which is my last chance to correct anything. Interesting process prone to error! I need the reminder to slow down! Glad the work in progress there is going well. I will order a copy!