Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We do not write as we want to but as we can. -Somerset Maugham

I wonder if any writer is every satisfied with the way they write? Since writing consists of so much rewriting, it seems we spend a lot of time being dissatisfied and reaching for the better word. Ernest Hemingway said that "all first drafts are trash." Encouraging, huh? But I've found it to be true. I never dreamed how many times I'd have to rework paragraphs and chapters till they were just right, only to read them the next day and rework them again. I think all good writers must be perfectionists.

I am officially inching past page 82 of book 3 and smiling as I go! The best part of writing is the creating - not the editing. Nothing beats the bliss of having a scene in your head and having it unfold faster than you can write it down. Sometimes you're the director and move those characters around but most often they have a life of their own and will say and do things that delight you. I don't understand the process at all - I'm just a happy participant:)

It's good to be home tonight writing in my chair by the woodstove. Wish I could stay there the rest of the week! I'll have a wedding and church supper to post about soon ... and maybe a book cover too!


  1. And once your book is out, you'll want to edit that, as well. Trust me. That's just the way of a writer. :)

    By the way, your Kentucky hills are turning...not glorious fall colors this year because of the drought, but some trees are better than passable. When are you coming back?

  2. Gin,
    You are so astute! I think I'll be one of those who can't bear to pick up my book once it's out because I'll be in edit mode all over again.
    We just got in from a fiddling lesson and I thought of you. Yesterday I was looking at your website and revisiting your Anglin falls photos - wow! The individual wildflowers are breathtaking! I could stand some of your fall color.
    I wish I could come back to Ky tomorrow just in time for the next jam on the porch in Old Town! I will be back next summer, Lord willing. Bless you!